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LGBT Supporters- It’s Time to Tell Our New Story!

Riley and I are committed to using our voices to tell a new story about the state of equality in the U.S. The story we choose to tell is one is which equality is the status quo. One in which all can marry, start a family and live in peace. A story about a healed world led by lovers, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race.

We see clearly, however, that there is work to be done here for the LGBT community, and want to be powerful leaders to facilitate massive change. Yet, our tendency is to tell a story about those who are keeping us from what we want. We speak about how the religious right or the conservative republicans are out of line, with an unloving point of view. We tend to focus on the unjust. It’s like children on a playground. There are the “bullies” and the “good kids.” If the good kids are spending time viewing the bullies as bad or wrong, they might as well be the bullies, and their power to create a positive change is diminished.

When you start to tell your new story, people and opportunities come into your experience that are in alignment with your story. Suddenly, you have more support for your vision. You notice that you are beginning to affect change. You share your story whenever possible, via facebook, conversations with friends, blogs, etc.

So, if you are a supporter of LGBT rights, start telling the story of a world in which all are already equal. Write your own “I have a dream” speech. Become aware of the places in conversation when you are focused on the “wrong doers.” Perhaps you’ll find more power in shifting to solution consciousness. We can do the same with our economic story. Instead of fixating on our crumbling economic system, we can tell a story about our new organizing economic principle with LOVE as the bottom line. This kind of conversation will attract to you those people who are in agreement and are wanting to stand with you powerfully to change the world.

The simple point is, if you continue to tell the story of what is wrong, you will continue to experience what is wrong. You will also surround yourself with people who agree with you!

It is easy to talk about the guilty ones because our egoic mind loves to tempt our thinking down the drain. Jean Houston calls this the “negative trance.” If we want to change something, we must lift our thinking above the negative trance we are tempted into. It is so seductive. It is when we collectively decide to break that cycle and tell a new story that is tuned in with Love that Love’s presence is realized.

As you tell your new story, you will ignite my new story, hers, and then his, and now we have a collective community in agreement on how we may unify our voices to become one, large powerful voice. This is the way to unite the Children of the Uni-verse. We stand united with one voice, singing one verse, the Uni-Verse.

It’s easy to see what’s wrong; it’s powerful to create what’s right.

Ryan and Riley

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