Life Is Your Spiritual Practice: Live It!

Many of us go to church or temple. We pray, sing and feel spiritual for an hour on Friday or Sunday.

But what about the rest of the week?

Every moment is an opportunity to love. Every moment is your spiritual practice.

I grew up going to church every week for 18 years. To this date my father has 300 of them. I remember going to church as a young boy and seeing everyone praying and worshiping Jesus, but as soon as church was over, they were being mean or gossiping about each other.

Wait a minute- where did Jesus go? What happened to living Love?

Anyone can meditate in exotic lands, burn incense, and chant “OM” in the solitude of the Himalyas, but what about holding your center in the hustle and bustle of the marketplace?

Anyone can be spiritual in an ashram where everyone is loving, but what about in an environment of ego, greed and selfishness?

Anyone can be kind with an agenda, but what about when there’s no guarantee of anything coming back in return?

Anyone can be loving when all is well, but what about when you’re at your wits end, with nothing left to give?

Anyone can do the right thing when people are watching, but what about when you’re all alone? What then?

Those that most challenge you are giving you the opportunity to love the most; they are your greatest teachers.

Those that cause you to judge provide you with your greatest opportunity to practice the Yoga of compassion, beyond the theory.

Thank them. Bless them. And rise to the challenge.

Let’s take our spirituality off the mat, out of the temple and off of the mountain top.

Let’s take it to the streets.

From now on, when you are around someone that tends to piss you off… get excited! They are here to help you evolve and grow into your highest self!

Your Life is your spiritual practice: Live it!



P.S. Tell me about ways your living spirituality in your life.


Kute Blackson is a speaker and life coach. To learn more about him, check out his website.

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  • Trent


    I love how you can bring up the teachings of Christ without condemning or judging others.  His message was all about loving others through their faults and I think so many Christians forget that and instead impose standards on others.  

    We are called to love and accept our enemies.  It’s the best advice the world has ever received.  

    I love Abraham Lincoln’s spin on this subject: “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.


    P.S.  My spiritual places: 1) the energy given and received during Sunday Morning Worship 2) An hour sitting in a quiet forest area or near the sea.  I feel close to God in these two environments, though I know He is always with me.

  • guest

    A wonderful post and so important to remember every minute of the day!!!

  • Tishabud1

    The message is beautiful.  Filming while driving a car through L.A. is stupid and dangerous to other innocent people, no different than drunk driving.  I suppose if he’d caused and accident, it would have be re-shot.

  • Anila

    You are great! I enjoy your article.I strongly agree  with you. Send you mega love. Thanks!!!

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • Angeleyesume

    wow! My Heart is Floating with Gratitude and contentment, who we really are is truly the root to all beauty!  Love to be me…Like me on Facebook…(.HikerActive Ha )

  • Moren

    Thank you

  • Caramel_sundae_29

    This is great Kute! I’m experiencing someone who is causing drama in my life. Before, I would get really angry and flip out. Now I’m able to smile and laugh it off and just recognize that this person doesn’t hate me. Beneath their anger they love me and desire my attention even if it’s negative but I refuse to engage. I’ve distanced myself from them yet I still send love their way. U refuse to argue and be nasty toward then but I think that angers them even more. How do I deal with that?

  • Heather

    Kute just love reading your stuff, always!! THANKS!!

  • I’m striving to live my life authentically and working to overcome fears about being in the spiritual closet so to speak.  If your life is not your spiritual practice, it’s my belief you don’t even need to bother to go to church or temple.  In the moments of life, it is the toughest and it’s the true testament.

  • Creedreed

    Thanks for helping me put my attention back where it needs to be……:)  I love listening to you, and reading your messages…..they are right on!  I strive to make every moment of every hour of every day spiritual…that is my goal. Not religious, not dogmatic, not “ruled” by any one or any thing…..just filled with spirit!  Peace love and light be yours, Kute!

  • Sussie

    Hi Kute, My highest spiritual practice is my husband, i have never met a person who can Pee me off so much and so quickly, push my hot/sensitive buttons, get me angered so quickly, get under my skin and be the person who can manipulate me so easily – all because i was a great People pleaser and afraid to stand up to him and tell him to STOP AND PISS OFF and tell him; I AM STILL GOING TO DO IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT….while all this time i was secretly hating him, despising him, angry at him, wishing him unwellness, I thought he also secretly hated me or something, but it is turning out that he is the teacher I have been waiting for to teach me and show me how other people can be manipulative and take advantage of my good nature… (P.S: as well as himself)…. . Thou he showed me (or more to the fact forced me, pushed me into it, on) how to stand up for myself despite feeling the fear (and I mean FEAR – the fear that makes you weak and sick to the stomach, thinking that all evil/no good things will be attracted to me now), and how to keep calm in a storm of chaos, how to wear IT, (discomfort/guilt) (and swallow it) – when I bring it onto myself…..You are right what we fear we should go TOWARDS IT not AWAY from it…let it be the challenge, the fight we need to overcome…where it will bothers us NO MORE.!…because you have found a way to fight it instead of turn your back on it and running away from it!It’s the fear I had to get OVER or FACE…. it’s the mountain I had to climb…. it’s the anger/upheaval I had to stay calm around….and realise nothing terrible happened.Loving him was getting harder and harder – I started to think he had more evil than good in him…but it turned out he was my greatest teacher to learn from….He helped me be the ‘A’ better person….. The better ME….. (like you said) …”From now on, when you are around someone that tends to piss you off… get excited! They are here to help you evolve and grow into your highest self!” (Not hinder you)

    • terya

      I am in shock! I’m stunned! you wrote my story for me. I’m looking at this in a new way. All the fear and discomfort as a pathway to something new. Pray for me as I will be praying for you!

  • Krystee

    Thank you for posting this!! Coming at such a perfect time after a trying dry with clients – refreshing outlook & perspective on how to handle things and use spirituality to guide reactions. 

  • Lizlaw217

    Let’s take it to the streets!  Love that!  

  • Kute, you always have great thoughts and posts. Thank you!

  • Great thoughts. I always appreciate the love you share with us through your writing and videos. Thank you!