Life Only Sucks If You Do (Bring The Radness)

Life only sucks if you do.

I know, that is a strong statement. But you see, here’s the hard truth – life isn’t how we see it; how we see life is how WE ARE.

If you’re having a stressful day, you are actually bringing stress to the day.

If people are mean, you are bringing the judgment of mean to everyone you see.

If you can’t seem to get a break, it’s because you are choosing to see failure as permanent instead of a sign showing you where to go.

If life isn’t fair, then the rules you have made up about life are holding you back.

The Truth is that The Uni-verse wants us to be happy. The Uni-verse is an abundant place, but it is also literal.

What we think into The Uni-verse will be reflected back to us. If we think judgment, we bring and initiate the judgment. If we think Love, we will bring Love and see Love.

This isn’t to suggest some Pollyanna point of view of always being fakely optimistic, no. I’m saying this to help bring awareness to how powerful our interpretations are in determining the quality of our life.

We get from life what we bring to it. Plain and simple.

This doesn’t mean things will always go our way; this doesn’t meant that tragedy won’t strike; this doesn’t mean that life won’t be challenging.

But, what this does mean is that we have the power to apply an empowering meaning to what happens and we can choose to learn and grow. Anyone who is successful has overcome challenges, personally, professionally and spiritually.

Our aim should be to train our minds to be strong like strong muscles, so that we can apply an empowering meaning to tough times. As we walk The Path we must become the person it takes to manifest our dreams, otherwise we are simply wishing, hoping and dreaming. We must act.

Going to the gym with weak muscles and just positive thinking your way through to being able to curl 100lbs won’t do it. We have to work. And we have to be willing to go through the pain, but instead of being held captive by the pain of growth, love it and be grateful for it.

We have two choices: the pain of staying the same, or the pain of growth. If we stay the same, we will have subtle pain our whole lives until we die wondering “what if?” Or we can choose the pain of growth, which can be intense, but it is temporary. On the other side is the goal, result and life we desire.

So, what empowering meaning can you give to the challenges of your life? Let me know [email protected]



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Well Pollyanna,
    If we think that the other side will bring us the results (goal, desire) than we haven’t realized that there is no other side… The path is the goal.

    I believe that there is always an exchange between who we are and our environment (the people around us and the place we live in). If you put a plant in the wrong soil it will not grow, regardless of its potential. Likewise, if you have great soil but only weeds, nothing else will come up. My point is, people need to take responsibility for their part of affecting other people’s lives.

    What I meant when I tweeted about interpretations and empowerment today, it was to refer to the often premature conclusions and assumptions we tend to make when we listen to or read other people’s statements or records of what they are going through.

    There is a difference between trying to be right (Ego) and trying to do the right thing, which in Hawaiian is called Pono.

  • Shay

    Love you, Mastin!
    Keep up the good work! : )

  • That was an awesome post!

  • We are our own reflection, and life continually shows us that. I’ll admit, sometimes it can suck a bit to look..and yet I agree it is more painful to stay the same and live with ‘what if” I dont want to live that way!

    I like what you say about not being ‘fakely optimistic” and really once you are willing to see life this way, and REALLY look in that mirror it’s as real as it can get. ūüôā

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  • Amy

    This might be my favorite TDL ever. <3

  • mestique

    Thank you for this!

  • This really hit home with me today, Mastin. So often we get caught up in the negativity of life that we would rather just give up than continue to keep going and grow from our hardships. The saying “Get bitter or get better” is what keeps me going through the tough times. I remember that every day I am learning and growing through my experiences, even the painful ones. Putting this one on my blog.

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  • Jennifer Reardon

    I really like this. ¬†I’m going to hold onto it.¬†

  • Great post, Mastin!¬† I love your positive energy & I especially love the title of this post!!


  • The pain of staying the same, or the pain of growth……I’m choosing growth! ¬†Thanks for the reminder Mastin!¬†

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  • Debbiek

    This really spoke to me and reinforced what I have been going through for about a week, have been having allot of personal issues come up to heal.  And that is just it, i can look at those as opportunities to better myself and the world i inhabit.  thank you so much for this post.  all the best to you!

  • Owlandwren

    I agree with this on some level but there are limits to this. ¬†What about people in uncontrollable circumstances-prisoners of war, abused children, those who live in slavery which is a reality even in this day and age? ¬†Does this only apply to those in first world countries, what about kids starving in Africa? ¬†I don’t think the Universe wants us to be happy. ¬†It just is. ¬†Life is unjust and often difficult but we must hold our heads up and make the best of it, not be destroyed by¬†difficulty¬†because there is always a small hope if we are still breathing.

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  • Fanny

    Thank you for this post. So true.

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  • jnbstraight

    Oh my god….what an incredible bunch of crap. I love people that wrongly believe that external forces exert no control over a person, their situation, or how they feel and it’s all in your head. It’s not true. In other words all the people starving in the world or sick are the victims of negative thought patterns?¬†

    Only a privileged twit would think such a thing. 

  • really good point on the post