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Live A Life With No Regrets!

Jenna012313We love to think about the past and dissect it down to every last detail in the vein of shoulda/coulda/woulda. If you’re a human being, you’re gonna do it at some point. No getting around it, because our Egos will always be a part of us and they T H R I V E on living in the past. When we get stuck in that pattern, it’s really hard to focus on moving forward. We just aren’t meant to live that way. The Uni-verse won’t allow us to grow while we keep glancing at what we have behind us.

There’s a reason why the rear-view mirror is small and the windshield is so massive!

So this Ego of ours will always be tapping on our shoulder. It loves to distract the driver and pull us away from the present moment. Is the past entirely useless? No, because we’ve learned a great deal about ourselves and “back then” it WAS the present moment. What we chose for ourselves in that time has brought us to THIS present moment. And what we choose for ourselves NOW is setting us up for the next present moment. All we have is the NOW. We cannot live in the past and we cannot live in the future.

We all have the capacity to choose when to glance in that rear-view mirror (I suggest to not do it while driving full speed ahead) and, furthermore, we also have the ability to decide how we’re going to feel about our past experiences. When we change the way we look at something, said “thing” or experience takes on a whole new meaning.

I often say: “I don’t regret anything I’ve done, but I do regret the things I have NOT done.” At least not YET! I am so grateful for all of my mistakes, failures, and fallings-apart because I’ve turned them all into lessons. We acquire invaluable wisdom from every present moment in our lives. To be grateful for all that we have encountered, experienced, and discovered is to set ourselves F R E E from the past. It wipes out regret, disappointment, and shame.

In this moment, if there is something that you haven’t done, attempted, or accomplished because your Ego decided that you aren’t ready, prepared, or experienced enough – you get to tell your Ego, “Hey! Thanks for sharing, but you’re a LIAR and I’m on a mission to supercharge my life today. Byyyyyye!!!”

The O N LY reason why our dreams get halted is because a tiny limiting belief sneaks its way into our head space. These limiting beliefs also come from our past experiences, so the BEST way to handle them is to decide that every event is neutral and it’s up to us to shake off the yuckiness of once-upon-a-time.

It’s never too late to course-correct and make up for what could be considered lost time!

My biggest regret used to be that I didn’t study dance at a young age. I would watch dance competitions and my eyes would glaze over while I lived vicariously through their impeccable moves. I went to a few dance classes but couldn’t lock down the choreography like all of the other pros in the class.

It would frustrate me so much that I chose to stop going to classes. I’d see the instructor in passing and he’d always ask when I was coming back. Eventually, I opened up and got vulnerable as I said, “It honestly terrifies me to go back. I can’t keep up with that level of choreography.” Because I decided to be authentic with him, we created a win/win and he began instructing me privately! It supported me in letting go of my fear of “not doing it right.”

Letting go of my fear and limiting beliefs allowed me to move freely and have FUN! I got to abandon my regret of not studying dance, and now I dance whenever I hear music. I cannot be stopped. HAHA!

What are you ready to FINALLY let go of so you can live a life of no regrets?! I love hearing from my amazing readers in the comments section below. Dream and think BIG, because nothing is off limits!

Love all that is you,

Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is a Total Wellness Philosopher, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & the founder of her lifestyle brand I’m On A Mission. Follow her on Twitter and be inspired.

  • Jill_Hallgren

    Hi Jenna!

    I have recently starting dancing again too! at the ripe age of 34, what better time to pick up where you left off at the age of 10! I have been taking ballet and modern classes and honestly, there are times I see myself in the mirror and can’t believe that it’s me!

    • Jenna Phillips

      Thanks for telling me that! Your comment has inspired ME to keep going! :)

  • Mama B

    I was so happy to begin cycling on a road bike. Have met an incredible group of people but in particular, six women who love to ride and to laugh! So much fun. We have achieved 50 mile races this season and supported each other all the way.

    • Jenna Phillips

      WOW! That is beyond amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  • KQuad98

    This article brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenna Phillips

      Thanks for reading! xo