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Love And Encourage… Always!

Robin Lee burgandy102411In our home, we choose to not get caught up in drama. There are so many things that happen in our lives. Some things we love, some things we don’t, but regardless, these things are what make up our days in this life. The things that happen in our lives that we love, we simply express gratitude for. The things that happen in our lives that we don’t prefer and like, instead of moaning, bitching, and groaning, we choose to see the lessons that perhaps these things can be teaching to us.

In our home, we choose to believe that everything in our life happens to support us. If something goes a way that we don’t want it to, we remind each other that everything is perfect and there must be something better waiting to happen and come our way. We remind each other that with disappointment comes the opportunity to strengthen our patience and humility muscles.

In our home, we choose to remind each other that we are very powerful creators in our lives and never victims. Life doesn’t happen TO us, it happens FOR us. We stand behind each other endlessly offering our strength to each other, so that defeat is never an option. We are here to be wings for each other when we seem to have lost the wind beneath our own.

In our home, we choose to believe that our Hearts hold dreams, and that it is our destiny to create and make these dreams come to life. We remind each other that if we take one step in the direction of our dreams, life gives us a thousand times the energy behind that one simple step we took.

In our home, we choose to believe that living our dreams is the way of life. Living our dreams is our spiritual practice.

Together we focus our energy on solutions, instead of problems. We create goals and courageously write out the plan of how to run toward them no matter how afraid we may feel. We remind each other that if we feel fear, we can take a deep breath and feel excitement in the next moment. Fear and excitement hold hands. When we breathe through fear, excitement sits on the other side.

In our home, we choose to believe that anything is possible. We believe in our dreams. We believe in each other. We believe in life. We believe in ourselves . In our home, we choose to take time for each other. No matter how busy we are, we remember to look into each other’s eyes when we speak to each other. If in a moment we forget, we gently remind each other that we are worthy of focused, loving attention — that we are important — that we matter.

In our home, we always say good morning and kiss each other goodnight. Remembering to do this in the morning and night reminds us that we are together in this life and not alone.

Of all of the things that we choose to do in our home, we choose to believe in the power of love.

So much love to you on this incredibly beautiful day!



Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.

  • moo

    Can I move in? Lol. Your home of support, courage, love, dedication, togetherness and respect is beautiful and inspiring. We all can learn lessons here and apply them to our lives. Particularly like “no drama” and “no defeat” and the feelings of wholeness in your family. Thank you.

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Moo :) Love to you! Thank you for saying hi! The no drama policy is most helpful raising a teen :)

  • Adele

    That is how we live in our home . So many blessing to be had in that way of living!

    • Robin Lee

      xoxo Blessings to you and your sweet family Adele :)

  • Bernadette @

    Your home sounds like a breeding ground for love! So enjoyed reading this to start my day. Blessings to you!
    B :)

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Bernadette! Blessings to you and your loves as well! :) xox Have a wonderful day!