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Love Will Heal This Nation!

I watched, with millions of other Americans, as the horror of December 14th unfolded. My partner Kathleen and I sat in front of the television in disbelief as image after terrible image flashed before our eyes. I sat and cried for some time. I am crying still.

As sad as the events in Newtown made me, I am equally distraught at the violence that occurs unheard of. I have a friend, Elizabeth, who is a New York City school teacher. She was the first person I called when I heard the news. She shared her tears, pain and fears with me, but these are unfortunately emotions she lives with every day. You see, she works at a high school to which knives and guns are frequent visitors. She complained that the school has been talking about safety measures for four years and has not done anything about it. I assured her that now they will. I pray they will.

Elizabeth has been telling me to “stay safe” since I was a little girl. Whenever I leave her, she says, I love you and stay safe. I say the same thing back to her every time I see her. And there is only so much we can do to protect our loved ones. As President Obama said about being a parent in his speech, loving another person is like having your heart walking around outside your body, always in danger of the unknown.

So what can we do?

We can love. Peace and love are here and ready. They never leave us even during the worst nightmares. Especially during the worst nightmares.

In my work helping people cope with trauma, I have seen how powerfully love heals. I healed from my own years of domestic and self-inflicted abuse through practicing self-love. Reading the eulogy given by the mother of one of the victims shows us that love is possible even now.

I will continue to pray for those who grieve the loss, for the families, my friend, myself alike. And as we as a country heal, let us remember: selfless love is out there in every moment of every day. It is.

How is Love healing your heart today around this issue or any other you may want to share about? In isolation we wilt and in communion we thrive, so please feel free to come out and share.

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