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Love Your Body’s Core

I was at dinner with a friend last week (shout-out to celeb trainer Kit Rich) and we were talking about my upcoming Body Heart photoshoot, where in which I would be asked to place a heart on my favorite body part in an un-retouched picture. And while you’ll have to wait to see my chosen body part – and the reason behind it – until it’s released, at dinner I was still undecided. In fact, until just this morning, moments before the camera started snapping, I was still undecided.

While there are a lot of things I can talk about with regard to this process – how it was the first time I’ve done a photoshoot (an un-retouched one no less) since on my Real Beauty mission (post-eating disorder) where I didn’t even think about (let alone act on the idea of) crash dieting or obsessively exercising to prep; or about how empowering the experience was; or about how and why picking a body part I loved was so difficult – it was a question Kit asked me and the conversation it subsequently provoked that has had me thinking for the last week or so… incessantly.

In struggling to pick a “favorite” body part, I mentioned how easy it was for me to rattle off a list of ones I disliked. So, Kit asked, “What’s you’re least favorite body part?” My immediate – no need to think this answer through answer: my stomach.

The fact is, no matter how thin I’ve been, I’ve always hated my stomach. It’s never been skinny enough, toned enough, flat enough… (enough for what or for whom I’ll never know, but for all of you for whom your bodies are or have been your enemy, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) But then Kit said something to me that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about: she said, something to the effect of, “but your stomach is your core.”


Your stomach/core supports your body and houses your reproductive organs but more than that, in being called “core” carries even more weight than that measured by a scale – and what does it mean to “hate your core”? What does it means to “hate” your center? To “hate” that which holds you up. To “hate” that which allows you to reproduce? Does hating your physical (stomach) core mean that you also hate your essence (soul) core?

Heavy (pun intended), I know… but it shook me (to the core, if you will) about how I think about my body and how I relate to it, care for it, love it and treat it. I’ve come a long way in the actions I take towards my body. I treat my body (yes, even my stomach) with a high level of respect. But do I always treat it with love? No. Do you? Can you? Will you?

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Alexis Wolfer is a real beauty ambassador and the founder of The Beauty Bean, an online magazine that promotes self-confidence through beauty, fashion, fitness, nutrition and more. She is also the creator of the international and viral Makeup Free Mondays movement and can be found tweeting about all things real and realistic beauty at@AlexisWolfer.