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Loving Your Beautiful Home – Your Body!

Robin Lee burgandy102411I have been having a lot of fun creating recipes for the upcoming fall detox that will begin the weekend of Sept 21st. So many times when I say the word “detox”, people begin to cringe and squirm saying it’s not for them. I hear horror stories of awful experience of deprivation, headaches, and just an overall crappy experience.

Being that it is very common for people to offer Detoxes/Cleanses at the beginning of each season, if you feel even a slight interest or pull to participate in one — I have a couple of recommendations that I really feel are important to share to make your detox a supportive and pain-free experience.

1. At least two weeks before your Detox/Cleanse begins, get used to drinking a lot of water. Water is perhaps one of the most simple detoxifiers that exists. Try sipping on water throughout the day — making 80 ounces of water your goal. Do your best not to chug water. Your body can only absorb so much at one time.

2. Start cutting back on caffeine. Most Detoxes/Cleanses are going to ask you to completely eliminate caffeine. Your body cannot reboot itself to its natural energy source unless you do this. I can hear a ton of you saying, “yeah — no thank you.” Interestingly enough — when you start hydrating more with water you won’t really need the kick that caffeine gives to you so much. I love a cup of good coffee and I can tell you from personal experience that a lot of fatigue comes from lack of proper hydration. You don’t believe me? Try it! The next time you are feeling tired, have a glass of water and watch your energy start to appear again. It’s like watching a wilted flower come back to life. To cut back on caffeine consider cutting back from 3 shots of espresso to 2 in your Americano or order half caffeinated/half decaf. The idea is to let go of the all or nothing attitude when caring for your body. Slow consistent changes will create great long term results.

3. Begin cutting back on flour products to a maximum of once or twice daily. Consuming more flour products than this in a day is way too much for your body to be able to process. Processed foods really affect the physical energy that you feel — and can make you feel drained and depleted. It’s good to remember that you body is looking for nutrition and fuel when you eat. Before you pick what you are going to eat, try to consider how much processing it has gone through to get on your plate. The more processing, the less nutrition. Whenever possible switch your flour products to fresh, whole grains (like brown rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, and quinoa).

4. Sugar is a huge addiction a lot of us have. Limit sugar as much as possible to properly prepare for a detox. I recommend cutting it completely out before the detox. Doing this will help you in so many ways — mainly in supporting to create a positive energy when you detox — helping you avoid nausea and one incredible hefty headache.

5. Make a commitment to slow down when you eat. Allow yourself to become conscious of eating and use the time to rejuvenate yourself. Turn off the computer and phone — put some nice music on or sit outside. Make meal time a time for you. The world always seems to call. Allow your meal times to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. When we detox we need to chisel out time for ourselves. We might as well make it a habit before a detox starts so we don’t go into shock . 🙂

I hope this list hasn’t scared you all away from the idea of cleaning and detoxifying your body. I hope, in fact, that you have confidence in knowing that by following the above you will have a very empowering detox ahead. For those of you who don’t feel ready yet for a full blown detox, I have to tell you a little secret. If you do one of these things with true commitment for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, you will notice the other things on the list begin to happen on their own. When you make one positive change with consistent effort you will notice that your cravings change .For example, when you are properly hydrated, your physical energy will be better — which will mean you won’t be running to the caffeine and sugar to kick up your gears and get you going.

Our life is simply a series of habits. Be patient as you create new, positive habits for yourself.

Every house needs to be cleaned on occasion and our bodies are beautiful houses that we live in. Let’s commit to caring for our bodies a bit better from this day forward . For those of you moving toward doing a detox, you can make it a nurturing and loving experience.

Be gentle with yourselves.

In health and love,

Robin Lee


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.