Lust or Love?? - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

Lust or Love??

“Love warms but lust burns!”

It’s been said that a relationship built on lust is like a mansion built on sand; it won’t stand! We often confuse love with lust because lust feels like love and actually is apart of love most often. If there is a physical attraction then that is lust, but sometimes we fail to let that lust mature into love because we act on the lust too fast.

Making love, contrary to popular belief has nothing to do with lust. Making love is bonding as friends through quality time and quality conversation. Having sex on the other hand is really fulfilling lust, not making love. Once a relationship matures to the point where love is the foundation then sex would be considered an expression of love. When you find real love you will realize that sex becomes a plus, not a priority. But when in lust, sex is the priority and love would be a plus and that is when relationships fail.

So remember lust can’t be apart of love, but make sure you have built on real love before you fulfill lust. Anything other than that would be a disaster waiting to happen. When you can be with that person and their company and conversation is all you need, that’s when you know it’s deeper than lust! On the other hand, when lust is your foundation you’ll find that the only time you feel good is when intimacy is involved.

How to know your relationship is built on lust instead of love:

– When you argue more than you laugh

– When sex is the only real quality time you have

– When sex is the answer to your problems

– When all you can think about is how good they look to you instead of how good they make you feel

The difference between love and lust is the difference between forever and right now.

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Life/Relationship Coach