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Make Choices That Reveal Your Deepest Dreams!

I carried this notion for most of my life that enlightenment would be this place of incense and bells where serenity and bliss was the order of the day.

More and more I am accepting this notion as a fantasy.

The spiritual path is a worthy pursuit, but there is a reason why it is called “the road less traveled.”

And the notion that finding some peaceful state or place outside of ourselves only keeps us on an endless search to nowhere.

I was an expert for most of my life at searching for something outside of myself to make sense of all the confusion. It drove me to the four corners of the earth as a younger man as I attempted to escape from me and find some external fix.

However, my attempts at escape never filled the emptiness inside and the people I looked up to, to lead me out of bondage, always failed me.

I am finally grappling with the wonderful truth that I alone am responsible for my spiritual well-being and there is no place far enough away on earth to escape from me and my unique responsibility to make that Journey Home.

There is no guru I can turn to, to expedite my journey or eliminate the uncertainty and the feelings I must feel along the way. I alone am called to do the work, walk the hard yards, and stay committed when the hand of uncertainty urges me back to the comfort of nowhere.

Taking this journey will not eradicate all fear and negative feelings from my life and lead me to the Nirvana I have always longed for. By stretching the limits of our comfort zones and taking risks outside of the known, we are likely to push up against even more fear and emotion than ever.

The good news is we can never be separated from Source anymore than we can be separated from the pull of earth’s gravity which stops us from spiraling off into space.

Each one of us is a unique expression of Source. It follows therefore that each one of us is Source expressing itself as us. And this is why we are called to let Source have Its way in our lives.

The great realization is that we are the expression of Source right where we are at this moment in time, along with all our feelings and emotions.

Although it may be a stretch to embrace “Source as us,” that is exactly the truth we need to embody as we Journey Home to Self and Inner Divinity.

“Source in you,” is the higher level of consciousness we are called to so that we can live self-actualized lives.

There is a larger purpose for our existence than we are currently aware of. There is a reason and meaning for our lives that is greater than ourselves.

The “road less traveled” requires us to accept our Inner Divinity. (Click to tweet) It is then that Source can flow in our lives to support our dreams and goals.

Each one of us has unimaginable potential for change and the ability to make choices that reveal our deepest dreams.

Much Love & Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.