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Make Everything An Act Of Love!

Patricia Moreno_050913-1699I was picking up my 2-year-old from day care last week and we hit traffic on our way home. As we sat through another round of green lights without moving, I heard her shout from her car seat, “Move it people!” When I asked her why she said that, she answered, “Because Mommy, we are stuck and they have to move.” I don’t remember saying that before but obviously it’s something she learned from either me or my wife, so in that moment I decided that instead of teaching her how to have road rage I had better teach her a better way to handle traffic.

The next time we were together in the car and hit some traffic, she again yelled, “Move it people!” This time, I said, “Olivia we have to learn to be patient and instead of getting upset let’s say a prayer that the traffic moves quickly and easily.” I said, just repeat after me, “May the traffic move quickly and easily” and she added “and safely.” I said good idea, lets say our traffic prayer, “May the traffic move quickly, easily and safely.” After we said our prayer, the light turned green and the traffic began to move. She was so excited and giggled at the result. Now every time we are in traffic she shouts, “Let’s say the traffic prayer, Mommy!” and we do.

This situation with my daughter made me realize just how early on in life we learn how to deal with our life stresses, and that we learn everything from our parents, siblings and teachers. As we grow older, we rarely take the time to reprogram ourselves or upgrade how we can deal with stressful situations. When I look back and think about how I deal with my stress, it is exactly how my parents did. Sometimes I am more like my dad, easy going and avoiding things, hoping someone else will take care of it first. Other times, I am like my mom, dealing with things head on and getting whatever needs to happen done no matter what. Both ways are extreme ways of dealing and recently I realized that there are more ways to deal with my stress than the two extreme ways my parents did. I realized that I could actually deal with my stress through acts of love.

In every moment of our lives, we are creating either from love or mis-creating with fear. Sometimes we forget that we are always causing some effect with how we think, what we say, or what we do, and the effect goes farther and wider than most of us realize. It is not simply a matter of our own quality of life, we are always adding to the collective consciousness and always affecting the ones that are closest to us and love the most. When we react and create from love, when we make love our primary action, we challenge our old habits and we can mindfully upgrade our thinking and our life.

How I choose to deal with stress now is through affirmative prayer, setting intentions, noticing I am stressed and simply taking a few deep breaths so that I can make a conscious choice on how to proceed, quickly, easily and safely. Notice how you deal with stress and ask yourself if it’s time for an upgrade. Be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. The greatest gift we have is free will. Practice taking advantage of that gift and practice choosing Love.

May today you move quickly, easily, safely and most importantly, may you move with love.




Patricia Moreno is a soul activator and the creator of intenSati, a transformational workout that combines empowering affirmations with interval training, martial arts, dance and yoga. Check out her website, Facebook, and Twitter for more information!