Mastering Your Dream Body & Life!

So, you know how you’ll never forget that 1st real kiss? Or your 1st love? Or your 1st …well…you know…your 1st time?

Recently, in front of a huge audience, I gave my 1st public speech ever. I also just got my 1st book contract to write my very 1st book. And this is my 1st blog post ever.

So I hope you’ll bear with me if I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m going to do this because I’m so excited about sharing my message with you—my message about how to attract your dream body, skinny, tone, voluptuous, or whatever suits you while being healthy at the same time. And my message about models.

Because you probably have some misconceptions about us.

But in this first blog post, I just want to start by telling you the truth: It wasn’t until I stopped killing myself at the gym and started eating more that I lost more than 20 pounds, was able to attain the ideal body for my frame, and go on to become a successful international fashion model and, more recently, author.

I know it sounds crazy. I know. It’s even crazier that a model who isn’t a doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist can teach you how to get your ideal body. But it’s true. If a ditzy model can figure it out, then anyone can.

The place to begin is where—and who–you are. Obviously, you can’t grow six inches, or go from a double A to a double D (well, not unless you see a plastic surgeon). But you can have the body of your dreams and still be healthy. You are gorgeous, and you don’t need a magazine cover or a modeling contract to feel that way.

But maybe the body of your dreams haunts you and you haven’t been able to get there. So you may be curious about me. As a model, the million-dollar questions I get asked all day long are:

1. “How do you stay so thin?”

2. “What do you eat?”

3. “What exercises do you do?”

4. “Do models really starve themselves and live off gum and cigarettes?”

Surprisingly, most skinny models don’t really workout, don’t diet, don’t starve themselves, don’t have poor self-images and are not anymore blessed than the rest of the world. Me included! They eat what they want to eat, they move the way they feel like moving and they don’t starve themselves.

It’s a lot easier than you might think.  What I discovered is that there are basically only five key elements that determine body weight. This applies to everyone. I call them the Five Keys to Model Skinny, but they are ultimately the keys to your dream body, whatever that is: skinny, toned, voluptuous, athletic…the healthiest version of you. Life is about realizing your dreams and this is about finding your dream body, not the one the media has brainwashed you into thinking is ideal.

But by adopting a model’s mentality and by “modeling” a healthy model’s behavior, you will not only be able to attract the body you want, but you will feel better, look better and you’ll be more confident, healthier, happier and boost your self-esteem.

Each week I will show you how to master these keys like a supermodel. From the makeup chair to the runway, it is my honor to share with you the secrets to unlocking not just your dream body, but your dream life!

But I won’t leave you hanging. Here is a sneak preview to the five keys, which I’ll explain in more detail in subsequent blogs (and in my upcoming book, Model Skinny):

1. Self-Awareness

2. Sleep

3. Stress

4. Eating

5. Moving

Those are the five keys and I have so much to tell you about them, but I’ll keep it short and sweet for now. I’m really looking forward to sharing more secrets, tips, techniques and stories about the healthy habits of models, and how you can live the life and have the body of your dreams. So stay tuned, but until then, sit up tall, take a deep breath, roll your shoulders back, hold your core in and notice how much better you feel…. (Do IT! You cannot read on until you do it.) 🙂

Research shows that good posture improves your circulation, makes you feel better, makes you look better, makes you appear more confident and actually burns calories! Plus, it automatically makes you look 10 pounds lighter! Posture is the 1st thing a model learns and is essential to creating the body awareness, Key 1, that you need.

So for the rest of the day, assume your Supermodel Posture and notice how much better you feel and look!

Stay Healthy, LoVe YOURSELF, and Shine!

XoXo, <3’s, Sarah DeAnna

# # #

Sarah DeAnna is an international high fashion model working for some of the biggest names in fashion. She is the author of “Model Skinny”, a how-to book on finding your dream body, skinny, tone, voluptuous or whatever you desire and doing it healthy.

You can find her at

and on twitter @ModelSkinny.

  • loz

    In recent times – all magazines are coming under fire for promoting an unhealthy look of ‘skinny’ models. Even the word skinny today has negative connotations –  fit , healthy toned are words more associated with healthy women / people in general.  This post being on the DAILY LOVE really surprises me – doesn’t seem to be keeping with this blog at all. I’m disappointed.

    • Nope

      I feel like TDL is getting very scattered- too many contributors, many who contradict one another, Mastin too busy to oversee the site. It makes me sad 🙁

      • We are actually expanding and I’ve hired people for content editing, etc. It’s all a part of the growth, which I’m SUPER grateful for! :o) 

      • Hi! I’m sorry you feel this way. I hope you give me a chance. I believe everyone on The Daily Love has the same underlying message, just given from a different perspectives. LoVe, SarahDeAnna

    • mastin

      you for sharing and commenting. What I love about Sarah is that she is
      totally redefining what beauty is, from someone who is inside one of the
      most destructive industries towards women. I’m not sure you read her
      blog, but my request would be to read it with an open mind and heart and
      really hear what she is saying because it’s setting a tone for a
      revolution! which is why she has been invited as a blogger on our

      Much love, Mastin


    • Hi Loz! Thanks for your comment. I understand your doubt about my message and respect your opinion. I assure you that my message is rooted in Health, Happiness, Self-Love and all the things The Daily Love stands for. The word “skinny” is certainly one that can invoke negativity, this is not my message, but rather a way I wish to reach people. I hope you will give me a chance and that you keep commenting and reading. Nevertheless, your opinion matters and I thank you for sharing. Best, <3, SarahDeAnna

  • Former model

    Sarah, I was in the industry for a long time, and telling people that models do whatever they want is very dangerous and simply a falsehood. The industry is ripe with very dangerous behavior around weight, and it is misleading to say otherwise. While I applaud a healthy view, what you are suggesting works for you, but could be ver dangerous for those without a model type body. And it is a type, and you either have it or you don,t. You can,t diet your way to it. Many models who have long careers do take very good care, but most are hungry most of the time, and most do work out. Be careful what you are pedaling.

    • VG

      Generalizing with the term “most are hungry most of the time” makes you just sound foolish.    If you can’t support someone than keep your mouth shut.  

      • Former model

        You may want to reread the post, it claims that most models have an easy time maintaining their weight, which is not true. Perhaps for her, but not for many. Have you met many models? I have, and most have a very unhealthy relationship with food, and indeed, they are hungry. Often it starts with being very young entering the industry, and then simply aging. I think what I am reacting to is the draw of being a model, and the thiness. She could just be like many others who are selling health without mentioning the model piece. I am interested to read her material, but it is fair to respond to the marketing tactics which are about drawing people in because of the thiness of being a model. Which has been proven to be very detrimental as an industry.

        • I really love your comments and perspective. Thank YOU! If you look for bad apples and negativity you will find it. You are right on a lot of what you are saying. My research and studies comes from the healthy models and healthy people in this world who are happy and love themselves and their bodies. There is more good in the modeling world and healthy models than what is exposed. I hope you can help me to highlight the positive and as Chris said above be a leader with me by our action and our words. Xx, SarahDeAnna

      • Chris Phillips

        VG – Do you over eat? What is the obesity rate in America? Do most Americans over eat?

        Now that you have answered the above questions is her comment really foolish? Should she really keep her mouth shut or should you be more open, kinder, and keep your mouth shut when you decide to personally attack someone instead of addressing an issue that may help this person which in turn could help others. Choose to be a leader and not merely the person who wants to point out a problem, not provide a solution, and on top of that be incorrect to begin with. Please note that you said, “someone” instead of “something” in the future taking an extra minute could really help.

        Chris Phillips

        • Chris, VG was supporting Sarah by commenting about how foolish the commenter “Former Model” sounds. 🙂

      • Thank you for the support! <3

    • Rawceo

      Hi, i had the pleasure of meeting sarah several times. She had her own loving reality and wants to share that with everyone.

      I am far from a model and not skinny and i think this is the first time i have ever written tbat word.

      What i do know, is that i dont exercise except talking and eating and what i say and what i eat determines the weight.

      If i speak love and eat and drink organic greens, i am set. Anything else is a roller coaster.

      • Speak LoVe, Drink LoVe… LOVE! <3 Thanks for commenting!

    • Thank you for your comment! I understand your concern. I am not highlighting or applauding the unhealthy or negative behaviors or tactics that occur not only in the fashion industry, but in all industries (and in the world). I assure you that I promote health, happiness, and self-love. I hope you will be open to what I say… Sending LoVe, SarahDeAnna

    • Hi Former Model, thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate your opinion. I assure you that what I highlight and emphasize are the positives and not the negatives. We will find negativity if look for it and on the contrary, positivity if we look for it! I hope you stay open to my words and continue to comment and read, as your opinion matters! Thanks again! Xx, SarahDeAnna

  • Kacie

    I am excited to read your future posts! 🙂

  • Kelly

    I’m really looking forward to your upcoming blogs. Those who aren’t interested in this subject don’t have to read it. I am someone who values my spiritual side enormously but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also care about my figure. For me it is a package deal. I want to look and feel good – inside and out.

    • Thanks Kelly! We are all interested in feeling good and when we feel good on the inside, we look good on the outside. Thanks for reading! Xx, SarahDeAnna

  • Jade

    Is that y we see so many models in ‘behind the scenes’ shots that were leaked, cigies in hand and fagging away, or coke sessions because this is a healthy industry? How about how heavily edited your profile pic is, and how many images are heavily edited and photo shopped even after models go to extremes to constantly look good – it is a lot of very hard work and energy and it is definitely not easy. Full of illusions. I’m all for empowering people to look and feel their best, and tips and tricks on how to look great, but I would say that the modelling industry is very tainted and I’m not so sure what you are saying is 100% exposure and in truth.

    • Hi Jade! Thanks so much for commenting! I assure you that my message is about Health, Happiness, and Self-Love… given from a perspective and point of view where you might least expect it. I hope you keep reading and keep commenting! Xx, SarahDeAnna

    • Hi Jade! Thanks for commenting. I hope you keep reading and commenting! I assure you that my message is rooted in Health, Happiness, and Self-Love! Xx, SarahDeAnna

  • I’d say you’re off to a great start…

  • Barbara

    Congrats on your first TDL blog! I look forward to more 🙂 and love your encouragement on becoming the best ME! 

    • Yay! The Healthiest, Happiest YOU, will always be the BEST you! XoXo, LoVe, SarahDeAnna

  • Tess

    Be encouraged girl, criticism comes with the territory. Many blessings and much success to you. Looking forward to the future blogs:)

    • That you Tess! Blessing back! Xx, SarahDeAnna

  • TC

    Dear Sarah,

    Im looking forward to reading your posts. Lately I have been feeling really low about myself and my appearance and yet I have been focussing so much on it. Its like the more i do, the worse i feel. I have put way too much emphasis on my outside that when I see magazines I get this nervous jolt where I feel like I have to keep improving and aim for perfection before I am accepted or worthy. It’s a horrible feeling and I’m hoping your posts can help me overcome this and perhaps for others too who may be feeling the same way.

    I’ve forgotten what it is like to feel beautiful, and every woman is beautiful, no matter what shape or size. I like that you mention that it is an individual thing, not a mould of one shape we all have to fit into. I look forward to reading your posts so that I can develop a healthier self image for myself.

    • You are beautiful just as you are TC. I have struggled with this my whole life and I’ve recently tried my best to Love myself right where I am at! Start w/ a little mirror work, wake up every AM and look yourself in the eyes for a few moments and just say “TC, I love you, I REALLY love you!”

      • Mirror, Mirror on the wall… It’s YOU TC! YOU are the FAIREST, most Amazing, most Beautiful, YOU!  Let your B-YOU-T-FULL self shine! <3

      • Gin

        I’m a bit behind with my tdl postings but all I can say is, ‘wow and whyey, and hooorah, how humble and kind are you, Model Skinny, for standing up and saying what you feel and accepting and appreciating what other peoples’ think, and embracing that.

        You are a woman to be admired and treasured, and thanked. Good for you for having the courage to say what you feel and what your intentions are. It’s a pleasure to hear what you say. Beautiful!

    • TC, I hope you’re OK 🙂 We all feel like this from time to time…
      It’s important when you are having these feelings that for every bad thing you can point out on your body, that you can name a thing you like. For example, you might have narrow shoulders (like me!) but you also have a great, toned stomach or short powerful legs or a beautiful smile 🙂 Sometimes its about saying OK I’m not perfect but here are my best qualities!!
      Keep on reading Sarah’s blog, I’m sure she has some great tips for you

      • OMG! Yes, with every negative thing you dislike, find something you do like! Find as many things you like and don’t give a second thought to something or even someone that makes you feel bad. 🙂

    • “Every woman is beautiful, no matter what shape or size.” Amen! Beauty is so much more than appearance. When someone is happy, healthy, and confident on the inside, they project that on the outside. Focus only on the good and the positive things you like/love about yourself and I promise you will find more! If you need to hear that you are amazing and beautiful and awesome, keep reading The Daily Love! It’s my daily dose of Self-LoVe and the first thing I read in the morning. And if you need some help feeling good, let me know! XoXo, LoVe, SarahDeAnna

  • Nope

    “Model Skinny”? There are so many wrong things with this whole thing, I can’t even begin…

    • mastin

      Thank you for sharing and commenting. What I love about Sarah is that she is totally redefining what beauty is, from someone who is inside one of the most destructive industries towards women. I’m not sure you read her blog, but my request would be to read it with an open mind and heart and really hear what she is saying because it’s setting a tone for a revolution! which is why she has been invited as a blogger on our platform!

      Much love, Mastin

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting! My message is not about being a “model” or being “skinny”, it’s about being YOU!  LoVing YOU! And living in the body that makes you the happiest and healthiest. I hope you keep reading, commenting, and stay open to my point of view. I am open to yours and appreciate your remarks! Thanks again, Xx, SarahDeAnna

  • Myya Saad

    Can’t wait to hear more from you!  Someone who recognizes that wanting to love yourself i the first step in getting healthy & in turn the first step into having  a healthy body.  YAY you!  I wish you much success in your upcoming book and welcome to blogland 🙂

  • guest

    keep up the good work sarah!  its nice to know that models are people too and we dont need to be intimidated by them or strive to be like them.  we just need to be the best of oursleves. 

    i know your a sweet, sincere, truthful, down to earth person!…i went to high school w/you:)

    stay strong!  dont worry about the haters:)  xoxo

    • Thanks for commenting! We all know want to look good and feel good and we all can and should! We are all incredible amazing beings! <3

  • guest

    I am looking forward to your other blogs, you have an awesome way of writing and would love to hear how you got your dream body 🙂

    • Yay! Thanks! It’s meant to be fun and playful! If nothing else, if someone laughs or smiles while reading, even if they disagree with the message, that laugh, that smile… is PRICELESS! <3

  • Beks

    It is great to see such a positive light coming from an industry that many see an unhealthy and unrealistic. Your great attitude shines through this post and I wish you the best of luck!

    • Thanks so much Beks! If we look for negativity or give our attention to it, we are sure to find it. Anywhere! If we look for the good, we will find more good: in ourselves, in our life, and in everything! <3, SarahDeAnna

  • Chad

    Great article!

  • Sarahtyer

    We love you Sarah DeAnna!! Keep up the great work!
    Sarah T

    • Thank You Sara @healthymodel! I love your passion for health! Keep it up girl! Xo, <3

  • Awesome.  Just awesome.  Looking forward to reading your blogs and so very happy you’ve found this platform to share your beautiful voice – Much love to you 🙂  – Jona

  • Kesler

    Drug abuse isn’t only limited to the modeling industry, its pretty much across the board.  Hell, even the homeless industry suffers from drug abuse LOL.

    Regarding eating habits; IMO this is hard, I’m not a model and I’m trying to tone up and loose some excess weight, not easy!  Late night at the computer I can’t help but reach over and grab some chocolate or munch on some beef sticks.  Put yourself within reach of temptation and don’t be surprised if you’re fat. 

    A lot of models I work with definitely need to tone up, and the ones that are tone put in a lot of work and effort in taking care of their bodies.  If you ask them both the same question about eating you get two completely different answers. 

    So yeah, in the end its not about taking drugs, or starving yourself to look and feel great.  Hell, I slept 9 hrs last night and haven’t had anything to eat and I feel great!  Its about proper diet and excercise, its that easy.  Look in the mirror and stop making excuses.  If you’re fat don’t try to sugar coat it because you’ll eat that to!

    • “If you’re fat don’t try to sugar coat it because you’ll eat that too!” You’re funny Kesler! Thank you for commenting and reading! Xx, SarahDeAnna

  • Brandie

    I’d have to agree with Sara. I’ve been in the modeling industry for almost ten years now and people always have some sort of comment about how u look coming from either end. People always ask my well how come u’ve stayed so ” young looking” …. “o you must diet all the time.” bla bla bla. Models are just people many wouldn’t probably even notice from across the street. They don’t levitate, or wake up looking like what you see in advertisements/magazines etc…. Most of the models who have had long careers are those with a really positive energy when you meet them. I. E. Molly sims or Petra nemcova…. Some if the nicest people I’ve ever met. I can tell you they are very patient, (except a few divas) , very thankful, and are always on the move. I don’t strict diet, I exercise in a balanced way and well…..posture is another subject….. But yes an optical illusion (like many in the industry). “model skinny” is catchy but I think what she’s getting at is having a balance, not being so hard on yourself, rest, peace of mind and that will = weight loss. I meet a lot of girls who are really hard on themselves and never make it anywhere.

    • I LoVe you comment Brandie! “Balance” is the key to the keys and really to life! I love that you said that! Xo, SarahDeAnna

  • Porsche T

    Can’t wait to read more from you. It’s always great to get a different perspective!!

  • Jennifer pastiloff

    Bravo on writing your first TDL blog.I know firsthand how scary it can be and how sometimes, when met w criticism
    It makes us want to SHUT DOWN.
    don’t let it!
    Your message is loud and clear to me.
    It’s simple yet profound and I look forward to more blogs and your book, which, is no small feat dear girl!
    Keep shining your light.
    Jennifer Pastiloff, a big fan

    • Jennifer, @ManifestYogaJen, I love YOU! Having you open to my message and to me means the world! <3

  • Steve

    It’s easy to be critical of quickly dismiss ideas that may seem counter to ingrained beliefs we may have.  But we would do ourselves a great service to stay open to new ideas, perspectives and approaches to life. 

    As Sarah astutely points out, health and weight is about much more than hours in the gym.  It’s about a whole balanced life that puts ourselves and our lives in harmony, which she alludes to with her 5 keys. 

    She’s sharing a new perspective on the old paradigm of simply calories in calories out – burn it off at the gym – but it’s a revolutionary idea shared not just by Sarah but by a growing number of people on the forefront of the new health movement. 

    Sarah should be applauded for working to help dispel myths and encourage a healthier lifestyle.  

    I look forward to many more posts!

    • Yay! Thank you for stating that we should “stay open to new ideas, perspectives, and approaches to life.” I hope others will resonate with your words. Xx, SarahDeAnna 

  • IveLanded

    As Mastin has been so supportive of women in his past writing, I am disappointed that this blog is being featured on TDL with a website called “modelskinny” and advice that just isn’t real for many women. 🙁 

    • Hi – I have to say I disagree with your comments. I know that when we hear the words “modelskinny” we tend to automatically interpret that to mean a certain unhealthy way we are meant to look according to fashion magazines. But I think Sarah has expressed during the post that, in her opinion, most models don’t endorse this ideal of not eating, starving themselves and wanting to project unrealistic expectations onto other women.Certainly, this doesn’t seem what Sarah is about anyway.  It sounds like she’s trying to redefine the term “model skinny”.  She talks about embracing what works for each person’s body and yes, she is lucky enough to have  a body that we often think of as the ‘ideal’ in this day and age, but that may come relatively naturally to her as well. We have to remember that although we don’t like anyone to be judged for carrying a bit more weight, some people are naturally ‘skinny’ and don’t like to be judged for that either (I know some skinny friends who would kill to be able to put on a few curves!)

      At the crux of it, it sounds like Sarah is promoting self awareness and self love. And that should be just as acceptable whether it comes from someone slightly overweight or someone who just happens to be a model.

      • Liz, I love your comments! Thank you! “Self-Awareness and Self-Love”. Exactly! XoXo

    • IveLanded, Hi! Thanks for commenting! “Model Skinny” is just a name. I hope you keep reading and commenting. I promise you that my message is about Health, Happiness, Self-Love, and all the things The Daily Love is here for. Sending LoVe, SarahDeAnna

  • Sarah, Keep up the great work!  As people get to know your story and vision better they will become inspired to help you spread the message of self-love, impact, and authenticity.

    • Thanks Chris! “Self-Love, Impact, and Authenticity”. LoVe <3

  • Allyson

    Love your blog post!! Can’t wait to read more Sarah 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow I am very disappointed to see such a post on this site.   Is she for real when mentions adopting a model’s mentality?  No one I know would be interested in a models mentality nor cares to hear about such stuff from someone like her.  I’ve worked in the industry and almost every model I’ve come across is on some unhealthy, stupid diet.  Except for the rare genetically born thin model.  This topic and her writing style just don’t fit with the TDL I’ve come to love.  Mastin if you want to include such serious topics as dieting,weight loss and nutrition please bring in an expert like Oprah’s Bob Green or a nutritionist who holds a degree in the subject.  As I think it’s very dangerous to let Sarah write such an uneducated post.  “Each week I will show you how to master these keys like a supermodel.
    From the makeup chair to the runway, it is my honor to share with you
    the secrets to unlocking not just your dream body, but your dream life”  Seriously I find the statement she made above offensive.  This model is going to show us how to unlock our dream life from the makeup chair to runway??????  Wow this doesn’t sound like the TDL I’m used to reading.  and I’m very disappointed that this would even be allowed on such an inspirational site.

    • Janiceheagy

       You need to find new friends if adopting  a model’s mentality and not caring about what this (someone like her) has to say, she is educated, happy and healthy…not scornful and jealous. Bringing in an expert like Bob Green obviously did not work for Oprah…even with a degree. Lighten up..if a dream body and dream life is offensive to you and not in your future then blog somewhere else. I want to know what happens from the make-up chair to the runway…i find it very inspirational!!! I love positive people!!!

    • Hi Anonymous! 🙂 Thank you for your comment! I understand that you have doubt and skepticism especially if you’ve worked in the industry. I assure you that my message is about Health, Happiness, Self-Love, and the very things that The Daily Love stands for. I do not highlight the negativity in my industry, in the world, or in my life. There is goodness and positivity in everything if we are open to it. I hope you will keep reading and commenting. You help me! Really! Lastly, many experts, doctors, scientists, and other health professionals have contributed to my book, even The National Eating Disorder Association, as I would never wish to mislead someone or offer poor uneducated advice. Thanks Again! Xx, LoVe, SarahDeAnna

  • AdamG

    I love your holistic approach to mental/spiritual/physical fitness.  Your perspective is fresh and I applaud you for that!  Also, that was quite an impressive presentation at the “Ignite” Hay House event.  You seemed like a seasoned vet up there on stage; interesting, informative, funny, engaging, etc.  The journey has only just begun!  Keep at it!

  • Steffysdf

    This is what you have been preaching since you were young. I remember being a skinny freshman in high school and the start of sophomore year I had gained weight… muscle from running and filled out. You told me how amazing I look and healthy. This still stands out to me as a mother of a teen. Because of encouragement. From you, I have been able to have a mind set of loving myself which I have passed on to my children. As for ritzy, most of these hayer don’t realize how amazingly intelligent you are. Keep up the good work Sarah!!!

  • Jennifer

    I agree with the reader who felt the blog has become to scattered.  Too many contributors, and the writing seems to be all over the place.  This is by far the worst post I have read on here.  There are many, many men and women who have tried to eat whatever they want, not diet, exercise,etc but still remain overweight.   Oprah is a great example of this that woman has tried everything, including everything that Sarah mentions above but admits she will never be model skinny.  Sarah not only comes across very uneducated on the topic but rater superficial something I’m not used to seeing on such a wonderful site as this.  Sarah isn’t redefining beauty in my opinion she is setting it back.  In fact her post contradicts all the great posts on here about just loving oneself for who they are.  Model skinny?  Secrets to unlocking ones dream life by learning make up and runway tips?  Sorry sweetie but that doesn’t exactly seem the path to bringing someone their dream life.  And most of us have bigger issues and problems to deal with then that crap.  She admitted to being a ditzy model and I hate to say it but that is exactly how she comes across.   Like many of the other readers I am disappointed that she would be featured on this blog.

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for commenting! I love your perspective & appreciate your words. I know I will be met with skepticism and doubt, I hope you give me a shot. I assure you that my message is about Health, Happiness, Self-Love, and all the things that The Daily Love stands for. You might be surprised… I hope you keep reading and commenting. Your opinion matters! LoVe, SarahDeAnna

    • Jewels

      Oh Jennifer. Don’t give up! Being “who you are” without striving for more is absurd! We’re human beings! We have the ability to push ourselves beyond even our highest dreams and expectations. Don’t sit there on the couch reaching for another potato chip singing “love me as I am”… regardless of the rest of the world YOU won’t love yourself if you don’t grow. The opposite of growth is to die. So stop dying, stop complaining and read the “book” before you judge the “cover”. You’re also incorrect about Oprah. She (with the help of Tony Robbins) had an amazing body for a short period of time. She worked hard, fought her bad habits of overeating, and achieved greatness. The problem is, you can’t “try everything” once and expect that you’ve changed your life. You must discipline yourself! Here’s to hoping you find yourself more open-minded.

      With Concern,


  • Hi Sarah, congrats on your first post and I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas that will give a fresh perspective to what we think of models. If anyone can change the industry and the image it projects, it’s a person within it.

  • Sehermansoor

    oh god! em so looking foward to this, thats coming from a model…just because its different i totally think we should give her a chance @facebook-3413489:disqus 🙂

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! X’s and O’s, SarahDeAnna

  • EyeAmLisa

    I’ve been following Sarah’s journey to writing this book for quite sometime.
    We all run into body and self esteem issues. As models, it’s thrown in front of us daily and I’m so glad to see someone reaching out to women like she is. Xoxo

    • Thanks for commenting @EyeAmLisa! I appreciate your insight and perspective. XoXo

  • S Davenport99

    When I first read the title of your book “Model Skinny”, I too was put off.  I’m sorry but I will NEVER be able to look like a model.  But after seeing you speak at the conference in Northern Cali and then reading this blog, I have come to understand that you are not telling anyone to look “like a model”.  It’s about finding the best in YOU.  I love that idea!  I want to be the best me I can possibly be!!!  I don’t want to try to look like someone else or try to be something I’m not and can never be.  I’m excited to read more from you and to see where this journey of self discovery and self love takes us.  My eyes, ears, mind and heart are open!!!  XO Sara 

    • “My eyes, ears, mind and heart are open!!!” That means the world to me Sara! You are Beautiful! We are all beautiful! I love you! Xo, SarahDeAnna

  • Mandihb

    Love you Sarah! You are such an amazing and inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing your article with the public, you are helping people be more aware.

    • Thanks for commenting! X <3 X <3, SarahDeAnna

  • Ginger Lewis

    I love what you are saying Sarah. I believe you are what you think, think it today and become it tomorrow, nothing can help you or harm you more than the thoughts you carry in your head. Thank you for reminding me and thanks so much for your helpful tips. 

    • “You are what you think, think it today and become it tomorrow, nothing can help you or harm you more than the thoughts you carry in your head.” Thank you for that Ginger! <3

  • Janiceheagy

    Here’s hoping that all of you are LUCKY enough to meet this beautiful woman one day!!! I have… and the true warmth of her presence, her vast knowledge of her passion and her drive to be the best is exceptional.  She speaks from the heart, intimidating at first glance with her towering height and those extraordinary eyes, she is soft spoken, real and all natural. To see her is to believe her and realize that she practices what she preaches. She is an inspiration to anyone looking to make a slight change in the way they see themselves or a full 360. At 53 i am comfortable with who i am but always look forward to any well kept secrets, advice or just a few great tips. I look forward to reading Model Skinny and i would think that anyone one who needs just a little boost of self image would do the same. As always, i applaud you Sarah D., for your confidence, self esteem, drive and most of all for the Wonderful person you are!!! OOXX

    • Janice, you are truly the sweetest! I’ve learned a lot from you! And feel just as LUCKY and GRATEFUL to have met you and to know you! Thank you for your continued support and love! X <3 X <3, Sarah DeAnna

    • Janice… Thank you so much! I am the LUCKY one to know you! I’ve learned a lot from you and have always appreciated your view on life, health, and happiness. I love you! Thank you for your comments, your words, and for your continued support. You have mine! L <3 V E

  • Gary

    Congratulations Sarah! Look forward to more posts. This can really help allot of people already in the industry or just looking for insight on how the industry functions. Keep it up and I already have a few people I know would love your blog!   

  • brooke

    I agree with the comments below that suggest Sarah is trying to redefine ‘modelskinny’. She supports varied body types and sizes that all deserve to be praised! She’s succeeded in her career by embracing the body she’s been given but she doesn’t lie to you… you can’t be taller, you may never be a size zero, but to treat your body well- to KNOW your body- is a practice she is trying to further. Her view applies to all bodies, we deserve to be our best healthy selves but not take it to the extreme. I for one am happy she’s sharing the ways in which she LOVES her body. Because don’t you care about the things you love?

    • Thanks Brooke! “We deserve to be our best healthy selves!” Amen. Happy, Healthy, Beautiful Selves! <3, SarahDeAnna

  • Adria

    Great job Sarah- I can’t wait for more posts and inspiration!

  • Stephanie

    Sarah – I am so thrilled that  you are doing this, and excited to hear what you have to share! I hope that those who follow your blog will come to discover your beautiful spirit, wisdom, and loving heart that so many of us have already come to love! I will keenly be watching and listening to what you have to share, and I’m certain that as in the past, I will grow in the process.
    As Janice so eloquently put it below- if you are so lucky to know Sarah – you will truly be blessed. Sarah’s intentions come from a place full of love and hope that each of us can be our happiest and most fulfilled self in this life.
    Namaste Sweet Sarah!

    • “Sarah’s intentions come from a place full of love and hope that each of us can be our happiest and most fulfilled self in this life.” Thank you Stephanie! I am incredibly blessed and a better person for having known you! Hearts, LoVe, SarahDeAnna

    • “Sarah’s intentions come from a place full of love and hope that each of us can be our happiest and most fulfilled self in this life.” Thank you so much for your support Stephanie! I am so grateful to know you and have you in my life, even from afar… Sending you LoVe, Happiness, and Beautiful Amazing Things, SarahDeAnna <3

  • Jenna

    Sarah!  You are awesome!  I wish you were here all the time to remind you of my posture:)  

  • Jenna

    Sarah!  You are awesome!  I wish you were here all the time to remind you of my posture:)  

    • Thanks Jenna! You need posture triggers… like every time you walk into a room. Turn it on and turn heads! XoXo, SarahDeAnna <3

  • Crista

    You give hope and love to all!  You make it abundantly clear that perfection is boring and the only thing that matters is being the best that you can be each and everyday!   You are an inspiration to many and someone I have grown to love dearly.  WELL DONE SARAH, WELL DONE!  xo  Crista

    • Thank you for commenting Crista! Your support and love mean the World to me! I Heart YOU! 

  • April B:-)

    I have had a similar experience where I would eat very little and work out like crazy and no matter how much I starved myself I wouldn’t lose a pound.  It was like my body was resisting me.  And I’ve had times in my life where I eat more than usual and lose weight.  I am at a point now where I just want to find a nice balance.  I’m excited to hear more Sarah!! Can’t wait!  Much Love, April

    • I love you April! Balance is the key to the keys and the key to life! L <3 V E 

  • Wskreder23

    Great start on your blog! Can’t wait for what’s to come 🙂

  • Kristine Strong

    I know Sarah is one of the kindest people on the earth. In response to other comments below that state Sarah emphisizes the superficial beauty, I have to say Nooooooo! Sarah is the first person who actually tought me not to judge people based on their looks! She has been inspiring me for the past 10 years. She is an amazing person who looks only for good in people. I’m so happy she is blogging now as she has so much knowledge and positivism to share. She is that person that makes this world a better place. Let her inspire you! Can’t wait for your other posts Sarah!!!!!!!

    • I love you Kristine! I am proud and happy to call you a friend! X <3 X <3

  • SaraBrew

    I can NOT wait to hear more.   You amaze me Sarah.  If you were told back in college you would be where you are now would you have believed it? I must admit I wouldn’t have….Not that I didn’t think you could just that coming from a small town I had a hard time thinking I would ever know anyone who became a model.   I am so proud of you and so sad at some of the haters here.  You are tall, slender, and beautiful and that intimidates most but if anyone has had the pleasure to get to know you they know you are sweet, caring, and genuinely kind like I do.  You have always been a great friend in a time of need and I am so glad to be your friend.  You could have left this “old” friend of yours behind when you became a model but you remained true to who you are and have kept your friends from before becoming a model.  I love you my dear.  I can not wait to read your book and think the model skinny way may help lose this weight from having a baby.  I hope to see you next time you’re in my neck of the woods and maybe at my wedding???  Love ya girl don’t listen to the haters they just have not had the pleasure to know you yet. I think this is going to be a great blog and some of you posting negative stuff need to re-read the blog.  Did we even read the same thing?  What you did is take what she said completely wrong because how could someone so beautiful be sweet and caring……well, she is and genuinely cares about people and being healthy.  So take what she says as something positive.  She is telling us we can achieve the body RIGHT FOR US and OUR FRAME if we follow what she has found successful for herself.  Not everything works for everybody but I am sure this will for alot.  Keep that smile and beautiful heart as you always have.

    • I love my friends! Thank you so much for seeing the real me! I love you! I am incredibly grateful to have such amazing people in my life who really do care about me. You’re so pretty Sara! Thought that the 1st time I met you! XoXo, LoVe <3

  • Catmcdonnell

    This is a great article and a good reminder to all about taking care of yourselves (that does mean eating, and moving!). Really glad to see you write something that can relate to everyone, regardless of different shapes and sizes. Hey, if we all looked the same that would be pretty boring!


    • Thanks for commenting Cat! “Eating and Moving!” It’s not only healthy, but it’s natural! <3

  • Great article! 
    I’m a model. I’m skinny. I’m fit. And I’m HEALTHY!!! 😀 
    I think I’ve met both kinds of models, some that are healthy and some that aren’t.
    It’s really good that Sarah is sharing her healthy ways too keeping her body feeling and looking good.
    What she sais it’s true, the number one questing I get is, -How are u that skinny? When I answer, I eat a healthy diet and work out on a regular basis,  a lot of ppl are skeptic but it’s complected true.  No I don’t eat fast food, and I don’t eat tones of cakes and sweets everyday, it just doesn’t make me feel good.  I do prefer a fruit salad.
    The thing is when u change your diet, it might be hard a first, but your body get’s used to it, and after a while you won’t even want to eat fries and cheep fats. And yeah it’s OK to do ones in while, (also there are some yummy and healthy cakes and treats u can make or buy),  but just look at the western society, there is way to many overweight and unhealthily ppl out there. 
    I’m looking forward to reading this blog and getting more tips on how to be even healthy and taking care of my body!

    • Thanks for commenting Monika! “I’m skinny. I’m fit. And, I’m HEALTHY!!!” Healthy! When we seek health, we think healthy thoughts, we make healthy choices, we do healthy things… X <3 X <3, SarahDeAnna

  • Lisa

    Sarah!  What an incredible blog – I can’t wait for future posts.  You are full of love and light and it shines through in your writing.  The journey toward self-awareness and self-love takes a personal path but we all need positive advice and encouraging mentors along the way.  I find your message fresh and truly inspirational.  Thank you for such a unique and uplifting perspective on a timeless issue.  I can’t wait to learn more!  Love to you and BRAVA for your amazing work and beautiful voice!!!  XO, Lisa

  • So happy to see you here Sarah!! Love this post and the light you bring to all of us!
    love love love

    • I H E <3 R T Y O U T E R R I! Beautiful, Amazing Woman! L <3 V E

  • Angel McCord

    Well done Sarah. I appreciate your light-hearted and truthful approach. With all of the sensationalism around models and their coke and smoking habits, its refreshing to see someone representing the other 99% of us “thin” people. We’re all born the way we are, what we do with what we’ve been given is what determines our quality of life, not our height or body type. This is something I preach constantly. I’m one of three “skinny” sisters. We’ve been criticized for years, by complete strangers, those who love us, and more recently in the press. “Eat a cheeseburger” they say, I always liked to yell back, “eat a carrot”! Ha! That solves very little. The fact is, I can eat whatever I like (Thanks God!), I don’t have to exercise to be thin, and at this time in my life (I’m 26) you would never know by seeing me in a bathing suit! I exercise because I want to. I make better choices in my diet because I notice the difference when I eat well. I sleep and avoid stress because I am investing in long-term health!We’re fed so much negativity about being thin. Scrutinized for being thin, just as many are for being obese. Reverse discrimination is a real issue. Eating like a thin (or skinny) person really is they key. Thin people tend to “graze” on food throughout the day. Mostly due to our inability to eat a lot in one sitting. It’s actually believed to be a much healthier existence. I know it’s great for my metabolism, personally. Another thing I believe in, eating WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY, and not until, and STOP eating when you’re satisfied. Do NOT clear your plate of food as you’ve been taught, eat until you’re satisfied. Eating more than your body requires is not healthy, and for some, over time, this will cause obesity. This change alone will change your life immensely, if you suffer from being over weight. Well Sarah, sorry for the long delineation and vent session! I guess the comment chain proves what an issue this truly is!  Forgive the naysayers, their bitterness, jealousy, and lack of educated understanding and experience cripple them from improvement. I look forward to the book and am super proud of you for setting the record straight. Those of us who are naturally thin, are made that way. Those who are beautifully voluptuous are gifted with their womanly curves. We’re all women, we’re all incredible. Here’s to you, your forthcoming book, and living the dream(with a dream body of course)!Angel McCordRegards,

  • Janine Francolini

    the best – love your blog – you are a fab speaker and writer………….Woooweeeeeee – Flawless!

  • love this! my dad stressed good posture from the time I was able to sit up! I definitely agree. 🙂 

  • many people WANT the modeling industry to be negative because it is full of beautiful, successful women/men who seem to have “the life”.  so, because it is something that others don’t have, it must come from a place of cheating the system, bad behavior etc.  Sarah is showing that beautiful things don’t have to come from negativity, that they actually come from a positive place and that the person who wants to have this inner love and strength and beauty CAN create that from within themselves– it doesn’t have to be all smoke and mirrors and photoshop. Its attainable. attainable doesn’t mean you’re going to transform to 5’11 and 115, it just means you can attain the optimum beauty, weight, health and life for YOUR body’s purpose. 

  • Whiggywatson

    Wow! I was amazed to see the amount of comments this blog has inspired – and, for anyone who has met Sarah, they know that that is what she is all about. Inspiration. There are a lot of negative posts out there but, gladly, the positive outweighs them because that’s her message. Positivity. You succeed when you believe in yourself. And, believe it or not, Sarah believes in you. Cause, that’s just Sarah. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful, smart and genuinely nice. Love you, Sarah.

  • Stefanieg114

    Cant wait for the next blog!

  • Jessica Versace

    SO excited for the book and great first bog entry!  (And congrats on your first public speaking engagement – I’m SURE you rocked it)  xoxo

  • Meagan Brown

    those links don’t work 🙁

  • Odnettie

    I must agree, looking forward to the next segment.

  • Cathy Lanzalotti

    Thank you Kelly. You are very insightful!

  • Clover1555

    Perhaps this will help those of us going through peri menopause with sleepless nights and excess weight. It’s us who have to starve ourselves to keep the weight off, with hormones all over the place, damn near impossible. I am however; open to hear what this is all about.

  • Jessica Sutton

    I am really excited to read your posts!  Yesterday I was thinking that I would love to make 2013 about living a healthier life and your blog came across my path.  I already exercise regularly but I am not really losing weight like I would like and I know there’s something missing.  Can’t wait to read your tips!  Thank you!