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Mend A Broken Heart?

Robin Lee burgandy102411‘I think all of us have had our “Hearts Broken.”

I have a feeling that you know what I am talking about. The feeling where your Heart expands and seems to throb with every new moment, filled with dreams and ideas where everything seems possible with that perfect someone. Then one day — BAM! — everything seems to change gears and you are laying under the covers feeling depressed — wondering what the point of getting out of bed even is.

I have had this happen more than once!

When we have had these experiences, it is so easy to make subtle commitments inside to “never be so stupid again” — and we choose actions, beliefs, and ways of thinking that protect us from ever getting hurt again. We build these steel and brick walls up around our Hearts, thinking that’s the way to live our lives.

To be able to heal in our lives, we have to be willing to receive love. We are alive on the planet to have the experience of loving. If we keep our walls up to protect ourselves from what “might” happen, how will ever experience what “is really” happening?

When we build walls, we need to remember that the foundation of these walls is fear. Let us have the courage to take a breath and commit to allowing ourselves to let go of the fear so that we can receive love in our lives. We can’t expect to be happy and joyful in our lives if we are focused on giving the voice of fear a microphone and letting it control the quality of our lives.

We must commit to letting go of these walls of fear and allow ourselves to receive the love that is all around us. We have everything to lose if we don’t do this.

Not everyone will hurt us.
Relationships don’t suck.
Every situation is a new opportunity and experience.

Another day without feeling love, is that what you really want? If not, take a breath, take down the walls. and allow love in. (Tweet-worthy!)

Have the most amazing day today!

From my Heart to Yours,
Robin Lee


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.