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Mindful Smack: BLESS MY ____.

For a long time I made fun of people who would use the word “Blessings” in their daily life. It felt empty and fake (because the word had no meaning to me), and now I’m seeing the vitality and importance of bestowing the simplest blessings.

This week, BLESS YOURSELF. Bless everything in your life. Nothing fancy, nothing particularly ritualized; just say a private, silent blessing on as many things/people in your life as possible and notice the difference in the ways in which you listen and see anything and everything. This is related to Gratitude, which will be a future Mindful Smack.

I’ve found that kids love to say blessings, and even naturally use their hands to do it, so if you’ve got kids around, involve them.

Ideas: bless your food, home, family, water, work, office, desk, computer (!), friends… it’s limitless. Notice how you feel, and most importantly, how you connect in a new way to that which you’re blessing.

Elena is a NY based Anusara Yoga teacher. To learn more please visit The Art of Attention and Vira Yoga.