Mindful Smack: Taking Things Personally

Recently I learned about “archetypes” from a dear friend who wanted to teach me how not to take things so personally. What a gift.

I’m only at the beginning of my understanding, but already there is a shift in the way I see everything.

Once you know, factually, about the planets and forces that predispose those closest to you to certain behaviors or assumptions, you can put some space between what they do or say – and your reaction to it.

Translated: once you know what motivates people viscerally, you won’t be taking everything so personally.

My friend told me I needed to know the impersonal about people, so I can take things less personally. This has been a huge shift already. As an example, for the ones in my life who have a lot of fire, I can bring more water, more flow, more fluidity, to the situation. This will be an ongoing exploration for me and I’ll be sure to share it here. It’s a complete shift in my life.

So, THANK YOU LEILA, my Goddess, for being one of those setting me and my child – and my whole family – free. I love you.

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Elena Brower is a Certified Anusara yoga teacher. She is the founder and co-owner of VIRAYOGA in NYC and her writing and schedule can be found on the Art of Attention.

  • I would like your knowledge of near and I wish to be a strong relationship with us

  • TK

    Could you please give an example of an archetype or situation you misread? This post would be much more helpful if readers had a clearer understanding of determining the difference between personal and impersonal.

  • Beth Wilson

    Hi Elena,

    I’ve heard about archetypes for years but never really understood how they impact me. How can I learn more? One of my greatest desires is to allow people to be where and who they are without my getting all wrapped around the axle about their behavior. What a universal universal gift this could be . . .and is!
    Many thanks,
    Beth Wilson/B Here Today

  • Thanks Elena. It reminds me of one of my favorites:

    “What other people think about me, is none of my business”

    Ok, one more: “Let it go, or get dragged”

    Love your writing and video. Is that you commenting at Lori’s LFI ?


  • Jennifer

    i really wish you would share more about this – any links you can provide? so interested in learning!

  • Can you give us a more concrete study–a book, a teacher, an example.
    I think it’s a good lesson to study–understanding the personalities of the people in our lives. I wouldn’t consider knowing my mother’s astroligical sign “factual information”, but knowing her tendencies, her personality, her upbringing might.