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Mindful Smack: Why Meditate?

Why meditate? Meditation helps me to respond with elegance instead of react. Sitting regularly helps me see that I host tension in my body, and helps me be more easeful in my skin. Meditation keeps me kind, more patient, more sweet with everyone around me, and helps me remember that a more relaxed internal state is better for everyone around me. May we all feel the healing calm of our practice.

Mindful Smack: Why Meditate? – Elena Brower for TheDailyLove.com from Elena Brower on Vimeo.




Elena Brower is the founder and co-owner of VIRAYOGA in NYC. Elena’s writings and teaching schedule can be found at her website www.elenabrower.com.  For information on her new yoga workbook Art of Attention, check out the site here.