Mindful Smack: Work Backwards!

Elena Brower Headshot Dec082012Now that January is coming to a close, here are three super useful reminders about your resolutions and how to make them stick, with love.

1. Work backwards. From the perspective of December 2013, what happened this year? What were you proud of? What was accomplished?

2. Tell EVERYONE: Post, friends, family, everyone. Let them expect greatness!

3. Make your resolution(s) FUN, but also SCARY. That combination of fear and excitement will keep you in your heart.


Elena Brower is the founder and co-owner of VIRAYOGA in NYC; her writings and teaching schedule can be found at her recently updated website www.elenabrower.com.  For information on her new yoga workbook Art of Attention, check out the site here.


  • Elisabeth – The Tender Foodie

    simple and effective 😉  I love.

  • Thank you Elena.  I like how simple these steps are.  The third one has been a recurring theme this last week.  I just saw a video where Robin Sharma was saying, if you are not scared a little bit, you are not growing.   I believe it’s true.

    It is like when we are babies and we are learning to walk.  You can see it in a baby’s eyes when they take that first step.  They are terrified and yet, they have the biggest grin because they are doing something they could not do before.  Awesome, isn’t it?