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My #1 tip to get more done.

I’m here in Bali right now writing book #2. At the same time, my business is operating back in the States.

I’ve figured out how to get more of what matters to me done. I’ve discovered something awesome; you could almost call it magical, that allows me to get more done each day.

Here’s why it’s awesome. This power is available to everyone who is alive and breathing today.

That means this power is available to you.

Before you try to get more productive, schedule another appointment, make another to do list or try to squeeze more into your day, I highly suggest you find out what this awesome, and magical power is.

Hint: you already possess it, you’re just not using it.

I call this power – my #1 tip to get more done.

You have a big heart and want to serve other people. But if you’re bogged down, at the whim of life’s interruptions – you’ll never be able to make the impact that you were born to make.

I’m super lit up about teaching you my #1 tip to get more done, because I know that you will use it, not only to improve your life, but because when your life improves – you are going to use that energy to help others.

Because that’s who you are. My mission is to inspire you to improve your life, love yourself and then pour that love out into the world.

Reality check: this is not possible if you’re not productive.

Let me teach you my #1 tip to get more done.

It’s my great honor and pleasure to serve you each week.

Thank you for allowing me in.

Thank you for watching my free Claim Your Power TV.

Thank you for being a positive influence for others.

Thank you for your search to become more.

You inspire me.

Make it a great week and let’s get more done, together.

Here’s to serving others with this knowledge!

Much love,


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Hey there and welcome to Claim Your Power TV with your host Mastin Kipp, where each week I will guide you to live your purpose with passion! This week I’m going to teach you my #1 tip to get more things done.

What would life be like if you could be more productive?

Think about this. Getting more done with your purpose. Getting more done with taking care of yourself. Getting more done with your family and your friends and your business and your work or whatever it might be. What would life be like? How awesome would that be? Think about it. If you could be more productive, 5 or 10 times more productive, is that the type of life you would want? Yes or no? C’mon – yes or no? Which one? Of course it is!

So the question becomes are you really willing to do the #1 thing it takes to be more productive?

What do you think it is? Think it might be a new meditation? Do you think it might be a goal list or to-do list? No. That’s not my #1 tip to get more things done. Here’s what it is. Get ready. Drumroll please…

Say no… a lot more.

You’ve got to learn to say no a lot more. Whenever I talk to people who say they don’t have enough time, that always – and I very rarely use a word like always – but it always means they are not very good at setting priorities for themselves. They’ve outsourced their power to their boss, to their kids, to somebody else other than themselves and they feel bogged down. They feel this sense of drained energy. And they come to me and they say, “Mastin, you don’t understand. I’m so overwhelmed.” Right?

If you’re overwhelmed, we’ve got to have a frank conversation. Can we be honest, you and me? Can we be real right now? You have created overwhelm as a safe haven preventing you from growing. Think about that. The truth is you create your own reality. You are 100% responsible for your circumstances. When we can start to take personal accountability and personal responsibility for our life, that is how we claim our power to transform our circumstance. If you are blaming other people for what you’re going through, you have given them your power.

Do you want your power back?

Yes or no? Of course you do! So let’s start to take personal responsibility and say, you know what, Mastin?  That’s true. I’ve created overwhelm in my life and I’ve created the sense of feeling stressed out because there is something I know I’ve got to do and I’m scared to do it. There is something I know I’ve got to do but I’m scare to do it and I haven’t valued my workout time. I haven’t really valued the food that I’m eating. I haven’t valued the business I want to start. I haven’t valued the creative product I want to start. I haven’t valued myself, my inspiration and therefore my Creator enough to create more time for myself.

So the #1 way to be more productive is to say no. And guess what? If you’re a parent – I’m not a parent, but have lots of clients who are parents – you teach your kids through what you do not through what you say. So if you make your creativity, your passion, your purpose a priority, you will teach them by example. Please do not hide your purpose behind your kids. That’s not a fair thing to do for you or for them.

Where do you need to set boundaries in your life? Where do you need to stand up for yourself?

For me, I have non-negotiables: exercise, I prepare my water the night before, I prepare my food, I take care of myself, I mark out time to write and record videos like this. It’s a non-negotiable for me. But it didn’t use to be and that created this feeling of feeling down. If I wasn’t creating all the time, I’d feel stressed and full of anxiety and overwhelmed as well. But the truth is it’s safer for us to stay overwhelmed than it is for us to set boundaries because we’re scared that someone’s going to try to guilt trip us out of our purpose or they’re going to shame us or that we’re going to let other people down. But it’s all about valuing yourself.

And some people when I teach this they’ll say, “Mastin, you’re teaching selfishness.” That’s not true. Selfishness is when you make a choice that’s only for the benefit of you and nobody else. But I know you. That’s not who you are. When you’re exercising, when you’re taking care of your foods and drinking your water and doing your creativity, it’s so you can show up better for other people, of course. Of course that’s why you want to do it, right? So it’s not a selfish thing to take care of yourself so that you can make a greater impact on the world. And anyone who says that it’s a selfish choice, you might want to reconsider whether or not that’s really a relationship that you want to have in your life.

So the question then becomes this. Look at the relationships in your life. Who do you have a hard time saying no to? And then ask yourself, and be honest, does this relationship drain me of energy or provide me energy? Because to be more productive we have to clear out all the relationships that drain us. You can think of it as this parasitic energy where the parasite sucks the energy from the host. Who are you letting drain your energy? You are letting this happen. They are not doing it to you. You are allowing it. So who can you set boundaries with and who could you start to reframe and remove from your life?

The two things I’m suggesting here, saying ‘no’ more and removing these people from your life, are simple tasks. They are not easy. Otherwise you would have done them already. So I’m here to support you. I’m here to encourage you. There is certainly no way you can live your purpose when your energy is drained and you’re making other people more important and you’re walking around stressed out and tired and overwhelmed. If you’re stressed out and tired and overwhelmed, there is hope. You can take your power back by taking responsibility for your circumstances by starting to renegotiate your relationships and by saying no more.

Setting boundaries and saying no is my #1 tip to be more productive.

Now you might be watching this video over on YouTube or over on Facebook. I invite you to come on over to and below this video leave a comment and let me know who are you going to say no to more? And what relationships in your life drain you and what relationships in your life energize you? And what choices are you going to make so that you can free yourself up to take care of yourself, to love yourself, to be healthy, to be inspired, to be creative, to be motivated? The choice is yours, my friend.

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