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My Contract

KathleenChelquist12813My life in this past month has been beyond the scope of imagination. A story that must be told when the details can be conveyed and the timing is right. With humble conviction, a screen writer for the most suspenseful, action packed movie couldn’t even begin to make this magic up. Any doubts I have had about the power of love have completely vanished. In one month, I have experienced mind blowing events. The serendipities, the miracles, the encouragement, the unconditional love, the anger, the sadness, the patience, the discipline, the confusion, the judgement… the CONTRACT.

As a child I remembered many things about my life’s contract-the spiritual agreement we make before we enter earth school to forget the Power Of The Heart, given the choice to return to love by going through the painful veil of our ego’s illusion. Or not.  Forgiving the unforgivable, loving the unlovable, and being what we want to see is our purpose. Loving with our arms wide open while shouting silently (or loudly) from the mountain tops of every breathtaking pinnacle in the world. But will we choose to take the greatest adventure on and truly LIVE our life? What does it all mean??? Will we lose our friends, family, and loved ones?

It is the devil we do not know, so we continue to suffer with a dull ache reverberating through our cells, longing for something more as we trudge along with our heads hung, rarely looking at our fellow awakening beings in the eye for more than 10 seconds. We are suffering. But, our tolerance is so high with our we are “ONLY” human rationale that we continue to go along to get along with the societal model of competition, comparison, and the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ rules of written and implied words. Programmed robots we have become, but our heart continues to whisper something is off. VERY OFF. Our soul knows; our mind’s ‘think’ we know. We ‘believe’ we are happy enough, but we KNOW something is missing. Instead of allowing that “something” to surface and claim, we go fishing for answers outside of ourselves. “It’s his fault, her fault, the President’s fault, the world’s fault. Kill Them All says our judgmental and irrational ego as we puff out our chests and ‘think’ we are a fighting bad ass. Rather…we are far from courageous; we are playing small and squirming in fear as we weakly cry out…”help.” No one seems to be listening. Our mind’s want to blame and be a victim or at least a survivor of our circumstances. We ‘feel’ there is no other option. Feelings and emotions change, and the practice is to NOT buy into them.

Our spiritual practice is to go IN and listen to the one and only truth: LOVE.

It will give you all the information you need. No dogma or rule; it often won’t make sense and could even seem wrong. It’s not. People will often persecute and misunderstand you. Our job is to care but not mind. (Tweet-worthy!) People will adore you and say to keep going because they have forgotten that they are the same divine light that could also take life by its balls and scream, “NO MORE!” Our job is to care but not mind. We see everyone’s innocence because we finally see our own.

This I now know for sure.

To be continued as I leave you with a poem by the 13th century mystic poet, Rumi…

Love comes with a knife, not some
shy question, and not with fears
for its reputation! I say
these things disinterestedly. Accept them
in kind. Love is a madman
working his wild schemes, tearing off his clothes,
running through the mountains, drinking poison,
and now quietly choosing annihilation.
A tiny spider tries to wrap an enormous wasp.
Think of the spiderweb woven across the cave
where Mohammad slept! There are love stories,
and there is obliteration into love.
You’ve been walking the ocean’s edge,
holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under and deeper under,
a thousand times deeper! Love flows down.
The ground submits to the sky and suffers
what comes. Tell me, is the earth worse
for giving in like that?
Don’t put blankets over the drum!
Open completely. Let your spirit-ear
listen to the green dome’s passionate murmur.
Let the cords of your robe be untied.
Shiver in this new love beyond all
above and below. The sun rises, but which way
does night go? I have no more words.
Let soul speak with the silent
articulation of a face.”

~ Jelalludin Rumi
(1207 – 1273)

With all my heart,



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