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My Most Fav Spiritual Practices!

Jordana Jaffe portrait 052112February was one of the most life-changing months of my life – ever. I made a very big life decision, I helped birth my best friend’s baby, and I hosted my first telesummit ever. Check it out here. And with all changes (whether seen as “good” or “bad”) come the angst of something different and unknown being on the horizon.
What’s going to happen next?
How am I going to handle this?
Can I handle this?
Is this going to work out? 

These are just a few of the questions that circle our heads during times of big life changes. And when you’re an entrepreneur, especially in the first few years, lots of changes take place. So if you are currently experiencing an emotional earthquake of sorts – have no fear – this is completely normal. Even the best of changes in our lives can feel super scary — simply because they’re something that you have yet to experience.

With all of this in mind, I’ve found that one of the things that helps me keep my cool – and sanity – during these mega life shifts is developing a spiritual practice. Because, hey, when the day ends, we don’t really know what’s really going to come of the next chapter in our lives. So ultimately, it’s a matter of faith and trusting that it will all work out and that the Uni-verse is orchestrating the symphony of our lives with our best interest in mind. But how do you have faith? For me to just say, “have faith” would be leaving you in the dark – what does that look like? How can you become more faith-filled? 

Here are some of my most fav spiritual practices – take what feels good to you and leave the rest. 

1. Journal your heart out. My longest standing spiritual practice (before I even knew it was a “spiritual practice”) has been journaling. What I love about journaling is that it always, somehow or another, makes things feel better and more manageable. I have two particular exercises that have really helped up the faith factor in my life.

A. Fears and Solutions. On the left side of the journal, I title the page “fears” and on the right, I write, “solutions.” Then, I just dump every angst and worry that’s floating through my mind onto the paper. After I feel like I’ve gotten it all out, I move on to the right side and one by one, I start brainstorming solutions of how I can help myself feel better about each situation/current stress. Doing this exercise helps you realize that it really is all good and that there’s always something you can do to help you feel better, even if just by a little bit.

B. Letter to The Uni-verse. Sometimes, when the going is really getting tough, I decide to write to The Uni-verse. I release my worries onto the paper and then I pause and wait to hear the answer in my head. Some may call this woo woo, others may call it totally spot on, so try it if you like. I can tell you this much – it is a huge game changer for me, and helps me feel (a) much less alone and (b) that I’m being looked out for.

2. Use meditation cards. I recently started this one when one of my best friends gave me her Louise Hay card deck of affirmations. Ladies – this stuff is brilliant. It just feels good to look at them! I currently use Power Thought Cards, but Louise also has Wisdom Cards. I also recently bought the card deck of Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization. Take five minutes a day and shuffle through them – or pick one and meditate on it. 

3. Find proof. One of my first business coaches taught me about an exercise called, “Once Impossible, Now Easy.” The whole idea of it is that you write down all of the things that once felt super impossible to you, but now feel like cake. It makes you realize how much you’ve already achieved and overcome in your life, and gives you the self-belief and confidence that you have everything it takes and more to succeed moving forward. 

4. Look on the bright side. Write a list of everything that’s going great in your life right now. Challenge yourself to write a list of at least 50 things. It pushes you to realize that life is pretty awesome right now as is and that lots of things have been going great for you in your life. The Uni-verse isn’t going to go MIA on you at this point in the game. :) 

5. Dance on your coffee table. Throw on some Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry and just let loose. Dancing makes you feel better – and when you feel better, everything feels better. If dancing isn’t your thing, do anything that will make you feel better. Whether that’s a convo with a close friend, a hot shower, or a spinning class, bump it up to #1 on your list of priorities.

I would love to hear about your own spiritual practices and what works the most for you.



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