My revelation around weight loss!

mk_treesOne of the reasons why I put myself in personal growth environments consistently is because I believe growth never stops. I ‘m privileged enough to be able to live my life in service where I’m either helping someone improve his or her life or learning how to improve mine.

This is by design. Think about it like going to the gym – you don’t go to the gym for a weekend, a week, or a month and think that you’re done with your health. If you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle, then exercise or the gym is probably a daily or almost daily routine for you.

That’s how I view personal growth.

As you might know, I spent last weekend with 30 friends at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar. It was my fourth time walking on fire. I’m not a self-help junkie any more than I’m a fitness junkie or a writing junkie. Personal growth has become part of my lifestyle.

I had a HUGE aha moment this weekend and discovered a limiting belief that I’ve been holding onto all my life. This belief is directly responsible for ALL of the excess weight on my body. This belief is also partially responsible for many of the things I feel that I have missed out on in my life. And thank the Uni-verse that Jenna, the TDL community, my parents and my friends have loved me in spite of having this belief.

It’s gonna sound simple when I share with you what it is, and perhaps even obvious that it’s not true, but what I’ve found in both being a client and having clients is that once we become aware of the limits that hold us back – they are usually silly old simple stories that we unconsciously acquired at God knows when in our life.

Here’s the sucker that’s been holding me back: “It doesn’t matter what food you eat, there are no consequences for what you put in your body.”


I know it sounds so simple and so obvious, and actually so silly, but this belief has been holding me back all of my life.

It was such a profound awakening for me that I plan on getting the two word mantra “it matters” tattooed on my arm where I can see it every day.

As I come to think about it, this belief was also partially responsible for me starting my drug addiction because I didn’t believe it mattered, and there are no consequences – so of course it’s easy to take drugs or drink to excess.

The timing is perfect, considering the proactive action I’m taking around my health.

The new question I ask myself whenever a piece of food comes to my mouth is this: “If it mattered what food you put in your body and that food has a direct relationship to how healthy you are, what choice would you make about this food right now? ”

I’m excited to find out how this new awareness will change my life over the coming months and years.

And as I type these words, I’m aware of a deeper truth, which is not only does it matter, but I matter. I know that must sound kinda silly and maybe it is, but if I really got that I mattered, what would I do? I don’t know the answer to that question but I’m excited to share with you what I figure out.

So, my dear Reader, if you mattered and it REALLY mattered what you ate, what would you do?

As always, the action happens in the comments below. Leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!




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  • sharon feanny

    Mastin you got it!! It does matter and especially when you view the body as THE TEMPLE OF THE DIVINE, then you really only want to put into it what is serving the DIVINE AND YOUR HIGHEST PURPOSE. Thank you thank you thank you for inspiring me every day. Shakti love from Jamaica, Sharon

  • It’s so great that you wrote this. I literally just read an article which had tips on how to stop complicating your life. The one that struck me said: Stop doing immoral things just because you can. It’s so simple, but I never even considered that I might be thinking that way. I didn’t think about how I was giving myself permission to do things that harm me in the long run. So, how do I change that? I no longer give myself permission. It’s along the same lines of what you discovered. As long as we are telling ourselves that it doesn’t matter what happens to us, we can continue to abuse ourselves. I’m now realizing that if I place a value on my life and my happiness, it does matter what I do. In this world, I don’t control how others view me or how they treat me. I do control how I treat myself. So, shouldn’t I, of all people, treat myself with kindness, respect, and unconditional love? I matter. Thank you for another great post, Mastin.

    • emnemn

      Dyanne, thanks for sharing that tip and your thoughts. Very insightful. You made a difference in my life, and that’s the best gift anyone can give another person.

      • Thank you. I am so happy to hear it. Thank you for taking the time to write a reply.

  • Linda

    Intuit it, before you chew it. 🙂

  • Maya Lila

    Fascinating, the word ‘matter’ – meaning ‘to be important’ in this case, but it’s got a few other meanings: 1. physical matter, dense matter- something that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses; a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole. 2. a subject of concern, feeling or action (matters of the heart) 3. trouble or difficulty (what’s the matter?).

    I can’t help but thinking of your body as the physical matter that your divine consciousness creates with your thoughts and beliefs… it matters on this material plane, not on the eternal spiritual plane! And the root of the word matter is mother… creation, nurturing…

    • Tresa

      <3 YES!!! LOVE your insightful awareness! Thank you for sharing! <3

  • Deirdre

    I think you’re doing it. Daily.

  • Excellent distinctions Mastin! Especially the connection to “I matter”…very powerful! I love that you were at UPW last weekend!!! Life will NEVER be the same again!!!! STEP UP!!!! Will we see you at DWD in December??

  • anneig

    You Matter! That is the bottom line. You matter, not because you are helping me this morning, but because you are a sacred little being. This is a lesson that I am still trying to feel on the cellular level. You matter…….you sacred person.

  • amarie

    If only we all really understood that I truly matter and that you matter just the same. This is mind changing, life changing and world changing. What a world we would live in…. Thanks for the reminder today.

  • Pauline

    I LOVE “silly” when it shows up as simply profound. You’ve said a mouthful ;-)))) What goes in and what comes out, MATTERS. Your insight incites a deeper wisdom to the simple phrase “Food for thought.” In my world of knowing Oneness (unity consciousness), this is both figuratively and literally true,…what we eat and how we feel about it effects our thoughts and beliefs and thus our actions. Freedom is getting off that home-made cross of “I don’t matter.”
    Thanks for your sacred vigilance Divine One and penning your Last Supper Holy Communion TRUTH…the real meaning of the changing of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ…the fuel for our personal transubstantiation into BEING DAILY LOVE
    Bright Blessings illuminate this Good Friday sharing.

    • Wow! Love this message, Pauline. The bread and wine becoming my body and blood! That is profound!

  • Sandi Mac

    Hey Mastin,

    A big part of self-love is honoring the need to eat clean nutritious foods because everything we put into our body “does matter” and making small positive choices will get you on the path to greater health and feeling good about your body for the rest of your life. If you have never heard of Tosca Reno or read about her “Eat Clean Diet” or “Just TheRules” I suggest you check out her website and blogs. Why not start your own “21Day Challenge” making weekly goals of smarter food choices and yes having a“treat” now and then.

    “Just as cars do not operate properly on dirty gas, the human body does not function well on poor fuel.”

    “The greatest thing we can do to strengthen our immune systems is to “eat clean”

    “Anything processed causes cancer and disease throughout the entire body”
    Tosca Reno

    You matter and you rock with love!


  • Love this post, Mastin. You’re right, though…the simple a ha moments tend to be the most profound a ha moments in our lives. I went through a similar ah ha moment this week. I noticed that I’ve been eating more at night and it was starting to bother me. I wasn’t binging…but definitely eating mindlessly instead of mindFULLy. My ah ha moment came on Sunday, while watching Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Brene said something so simple…”You gotta reach out and talk to people.” UM, DUH.

    Instead of outing myself, I was feeling shame. And shame feeds shame. So, I was continuing to night eat. I was trying to eat away my shame. So, I called my dear friend Jenn and outed myself. I then realized that this behavior is something I associate with family and good times. My dad is CHRONIC night time binger. When he and I have an evening at home together chilling on the couch, he eats and eats and eats. It’s always been this way. And I never thought anything of it…until now. It’s not the way I want to live my life and just because he does it, doesn’t mean that I have to and doesn’t mean that I won’t have his love.

    So, that was a big breakthrough for me! I’m pumped to say that I’ve been eating mindFULLy for a full week now and it has been awesome.

  • Most times when you write about food, I notice my resistance.Today is no different. Because I am continually following my daily whisper to comment, I will choose to go through my fear. We are on our way to Dr Char’s office in San Fransisco for my Eye Cancer check-up, and we just finished eating breaky at The Marriott. As I noticed all the white food on my plate, and our son’scereal bowl overflowing with his favorite vacation cereal (Fruit Loops), I observed my guilt. Guilt is the BIGGEST cop-out to not change. I know this intellectually, but I haven’t seemed to change my ways with food. My mind comes in, “but it tastes so good, stop being such a health nut, a little crappy food won’t kill you.” My heart knows otherwise. Love is a choice. And, that is a fact jack.
    The Daily Commenter,
    Kathleen Chelquist

  • Carola

    WOW! That hit home. What a revelation. Thank you.

  • Renae Hoidysz

    thank you for your daily love mastin!

    It is so true, your body, mind and soul are all connected so you must take care of each one of them.The body is your temple and you only get this one
    so nourish it!

  • It matters not only for you, but for our fellow earthlings and the planet. That’s why fresh, whole, plant-based foods are best, and why more and more people are transitioning toward a vegan diet!

  • As with many of your messages this one hits home for me. I share your struggles with addiction as well as the belief on some level that I didn’t/don’t truly matter. When I started cleaning up “my street” the truth about my value began to surface. However, my final remaining unhealthy relationship with food is holding in place the belief that I don’t matter….well, at least not enough to myself that is. You’re right, Mastin. It does matter. You matter. I matter. We all matter. Thank you for sharing who you are. Because of your willingness to share we all gain greater insight into our own struggles and can see that it’s ok to open-up and allow the light in.

  • Elisa

    Congratualtions Mastin on this revelation! I have been sober for 12 years but it took me 7 to start realizing that EVERYTHING that I put in my body and my mind matters. Of course we know the obvious that drugs and alcohol will kill us but food can be just as dangerous. I have spent the last 6 years educating myself about food. In my using years I was a professional chef now that I am sober I am an herbalist and nutritionist. I did a lot of damage to my body and I decided to take my power back, learn how to get sober, get healthy and now I live a life of service helping others learn about good nutrition, organic fruits and veggies, healthy herbs and supplements, and a healthy mind. I encourage people to “look outside the box” This country has a huge problem with food. The obesity rate is out of control. Even little kids are overweight, that’s not normal! Start by watching movies like Forks over knives or Food INc, you can rent them on Netflix. And thanks Mastin for all that you write. I really look forward to reading your blog everyday. You are amazing!

  • A therapist of mine used to confront me every time I use the word “it.” She would always ask “what is the ‘it'”. It (she) drove me crazy with that question. I would often say “it” doesn’t matter. So what is the “it” in that sentence? Yep. “I”. Moral to the story “it” does matter because “I” matter. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Mastin — I wish you more than luck — I wish you blessings and peace and much love along your journey here, which is all a part of the journey of self-love. Like you, I’d much rather choose to help another than help myself. Helping others gives me pure joy, while trying to help myself conjures up a completely different mix of emotions. I struggle taking care of me and my body also … truth be told I’ve been abusing my body with the wrong food choices and inadequate for exercise for my entire live. Yet, I know that Divine love is there for me and all I have to do is ask for help and it will be given.
    My wish for you Mastin, is that you’ll love yourself a lot on this journey, because Mastin you really, deeply, truly deserve it!

  • This is such a great insight at the perfect time. I agree with your views on personal growth as a way of life. I was meditating on day 12 of may cause miracles, and to forgive myself. One of my resentments was my feelings around food and perceived lack of control. Being in the moment, being aware, knowing that “it” matters, that I matter and releasing my resentment and fear and choosing love… that is my focus. Thanks for the insight. I am really excited to be reminded, and to share with my health and wellness group that I am leading 🙂

  • Auj

    One of the last food related hurdles I’m going through now is withdrawing from sugar…I’m in good shape, exercise and eat well for the most part, but the sweet-tooth is hard to kick-years of conditioning for the all mighty desserts. :-0 I’m noticing now when I eat something processed, I experience pain or discomfort of some sort, so that’s a good sign. Any tips from anyone about kicking the sugar cravings? Thanks.

  • Osage Dior

    I will not order the pizza

  • YOU MATTER!! Omg, you have to tell yourself that every single day! And find the event/thought process that made you think you don’t/didn’t and pluck it right out of there! Update it to what is real: “You are important, your actions matter, your thoughts create, your presence changes everything.” But if you don’t matter to YOU first and foremost, you will never believe you matter to anyone else! It starts with you!

    And can I just say what I found funny there? You now plan on ‘tattooing’ ‘it matters’ on your body – you are going to stick needles in your body and feed chemical ink under your skin (largest organ on the body) and mark it permanently to remind yourself how much your body matters and how important its health is. That smacks a bit contradictory to me. (sorry, not a tattoo fan, I appreciate the art, but not the act).

  • Yep, this is a tough one sometimes. I know what I put in my body matters, and at the moment I’m juicing and reading some of Kris Carr’s info, but there are times when I want to taste something that’s not on the “healthy” list. There are times that I feel this is part of our humaness and living on this planet, to experience things we can taste, touch, feel, etc. I wrestle with it all the time and sometimes I’m the champion and sometimes I’m not. But I do not beat myself up for it, I just move on, get back on track and do my best.

  • Roshini

    Mastin, this is SUPER cool! It’s so heartening to see your realization that what we eat, matters… I gave up a lot of unhealthy crap a long time ago (now atleast 80% of what I eat is healthy- and I limit my sugar intake to 10% or less) and a lot of people look at me like I’m nuts, but it makes no difference to me. I’m responsible for what I put in my body, and no amount of peer pressure is going to change that.

    I just wish more people knew how the food industry is promoting addictive (junk and sugar laden) foods on *purpose* because they know this will increase their profits. If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary ‘The men who made us fat’- this eye opening account describes how the food industry actually stopped newspapers and even the World Health Organisation from publishing incriminating reports on sugar!!! Solely because it was going to affect their profits.

    And so information was withheld from the public on PURPOSE- by the food industry. This is now causing lifestyle diseases like diabetes and quite frankly, what the food industry has done is unethical, immoral and unforgiveable. We need to vote with our wallets and let the food industry know that we’re not mere puppets for their profits, that we care about our health and start choosing food that we know is good for us- i.e. food without sugar.

  • Roshini

    p.s. Here is the first of the 3 part documentary entitled ‘The Men who made us Fat’. It is required watching for every man, woman and child, in my opinion! It will shock you no end… but the good news is, it will help you take back your power as a consumer.

  • Roshini

    p.s. Here is the link to the documentary, ‘The Men who made us Fat’:

  • Roshini

    Mastin, I am so inspired by what you’ve realised… I’ve included a link in the post below on a documentary about the food industry that is a must-see… it’s called ‘The Men Who made us Fat’ and it’s about how they have withheld information about sugar from the public, on *purpose*. It will shock you no end… and should be required watching for every man, woman and child.

  • Jessa P.

    Hi Daily Love,

    After being a daily follower for almost a year, my subconscious finally seeped in some of your wisdom. After a very trying few weeks with few difficult personalities, I was tired. I thought, I shouldn’t even say anything because what does it matter what I say? Then I realized that maybe these people are a mirror for the way I see myself. And how can I treat myself in a way that is both caring and effective? So I took a deep breath, took a step back and responded in love, kindness, and with forgiveness. And I’m happy to say it worked! Some major barriers have been opened. So not only does food matter. Words matter too.

    Thanks Mastin once again.

  • Anonymous

    I recently came across a similar revelation. Eat to fuel your body. Dont eat out of boredom or out of emotions, ect. Food should be used as a necessity not as a want. Eat foods that will be healthy for you. And definitely never starve youself. Thanks to this revelation I lost almost 20 pounds. Whats great about this way of eating healthy is no counting calories or following a diet plan that never works anyway and usually consists of foods that arent very healthy.

    • Kathy

      Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • I like giving myself fresh raspberries a couple of times per month. Not only is it a good snd healthy little berry but it also reminds me of my grandmother Hanna who used to make the best jams ever and always give me a jar if my own when we came to visit. She was the one person I really felt loved by growing up in other ways too.

  • “It was such a profound awakening for me that I plan on getting the two
    word mantra “it matters” tattooed on my arm where I can see it every
    At the risk of seeming to be impudent….. change it to “I matter” ….. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. falls into place after that and is something that I only learned a year or so ago after I uttered the dreadful words “it doesn’t matter” to a social worker who was helping me with the problems that I was experiencing at that time. She put me straight and reminded me in a very gentle and heartfelt way that *I* matter. 🙂
    With much love, light and brightest blessings.