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Need Motivation? Maybe Not…!

Do you feel like you lack motivation? Like you just can’t seem to make things happen, whether it’s a job, a new project or something in your personal life? Possibly maybe you even feel a little lazy? Well, I hear you. I’ve been feeling a bit like this, too, for the past, oh, say four years. I had been judging myself for not being more of a go getter, for not “going out there and making it happen,” as lazy and lacking ambition (even though I knew deep down that that wasn’t true). Sure, I had been moving forward and doing what I could to create opportunities for myself, but until recently it felt like a struggle. It felt like I had to force myself to sit down and do the work- it didn’t feel creative, or joyful or peaceful.

And I was really judging myself for that.

Until last weekend. I was at a conference and the speaker said something that really resonated with me. He was talking about living our Truth, aka doing what we Truly love and are inspired to do from the depths of our soul, and he said something along the lines of, “We don’t ever need motivation. If we need motivation, it means we aren’t doing what is True for us, because if we are doing what is True for us, you are INSPIRED. If you are inspired, you do things because you can’t NOT do them. This doesn’t mean it will be easy or always fun, but it means you do it anyway because you can’t not.”

WOW. I sat there for a second, and in that instant, it all became very clear to me. When I am doing what is True for me, which in the present moment is pursuing my singing career and creating a new coaching practice, I don’t need to motivate myself. I have had so much momentum in the past four months with my singing, all because I am completely inspired. I don’t have to sit myself down for a few hours each day and say, “ok, now you are going to do X,Y, and Z to help move yourself forward,” because that “motivation” comes from inside- a calling and a pulling from deep within me that fuels me. I love to sing so much that I create opportunities and take steps forward simply because I listen to my intuition and follow my heart. I don’t have to think about it, or strategize or try because it isn’t something I must do, but rather something I can’t not do.

My judgments against myself lifted as I realized that I haven’t been lazy, or unmotivated, or lacking determination or any of the things I had, up til that moment, been judging myself for. I simply had been spending time trying to create things that weren’t my Truth. I was not living my Truth. Which is totally fine. But it definitely feels so much more fulfilling and purposeful to be doing so! And I get that we might not always be inspired 24/7, even if we are doing something we deeply love, yet there is a deeper current of drive that fuels us when we are living our Truth. And I know that feeling, as I am sure you do as well.

Are you living into that feeling now? Or are you needing motivation? If you need motivation, chances are you aren’t doing something you truly, from the inside out, love to do, something that you would do no matter what the risk, no matter if there was no money to be made, no matter what the circumstances. Mastin created this site because it was his Truth- he did it because he couldn’t not. Are you living that way? I ask you to get really honest with yourself, because I did and it shifted me entirely- it allowed me to forgive myself and lovingly let go of the things I had been trying to motivate myself to create. It might not be motivation that you need, but rather some redirection.

Living into your Truth feels powerful, exciting, liberating, freeing and inspiring. It also might feel scary, or hard, or huge or undoable. Do it anyway. I have lived from both ways and I can tell you that living into what is true for you, no matter how scary, feels 1,000x better than any external “prize.” In my opinion, we aren’t really living until we are living our Truth. So forget motivation and go for inspiration. Live from your heart and you won’t ever need to be motivated again.

So much Love,


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Erinn Alissa Selkis is a health and wellness counselor who compassionately supports her clients to improve all aspects of their lives through nutrition and personal growth.  She also works with women to help them discover and live into their femininity and sensuality. Check out her coaching website at