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Dream Big And Trust Divine Timing!

As we go through life even the smallest of actions can leave a powerful effect on our days. One single smile can ignite an even bigger smile and the domino affect of love begins. One single thought can begin a complete transformation.

What you project into the Uni-verse will often come right back to you. The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool in life that truly must be understood. I live by this rule daily. When we water our positive affirmations daily, this little seed will grow and eventually what we are projecting we quite possibly can attract. These affirmations help to rewire our daily thought patterns and help us begin to see life through a different perspective.

Through life we will receive the most incredible gifts at our ‘divine time.’ For me, I am quite impatient, but have had to learn that life’s greatest gifts will arrive at the right time that is meant to happen. Whether this has been through a breakup or my trip to Africa, these moments like many others in my life have occurred for a special reason. We often have to work to get to where we need to be, which means growing as people. Even though we all face obstacles, we can choose to attract by what we radiate.

Positive affirmations are essential in my daily life. When I wake up I always try and begin my day by reminding myself what I am thankful for. “I am thankful for my health, family, friends and my journey…”  Each word carries positive energy that will work in creating a happier life.

About two years ago I had a vision board with a blank book on it. Something within me was tempted to write a book, but I had no experience in this; it just became an idea in my head – an idea that I began to really think about often as my days would go by. People would always reply with what I perceived as a negative voice, asking what I would even have to say. This was discouraging, but that voice within me kept whispering to keep this idea present.

As life went by I truly believe I began to attract this thought that would soon become my reality. A year ago I started writing a book without even having any publisher behind me; after a week I stopped and, as life often does for many of us, I became swept up and distracted in many ways.

Rewind to about June of this year. The idea of a book was still bouncing in my head and I couldn’t figure out why. I then noticed on Twitter one day a publishing company was following me by the name of Jolly Fish Press, and right then and there I knew this was a ‘divine time.’ Something within me just knew and felt that this had come into my life for a reason and a bigger purpose.

After reaching out to them, they gave me their contact info and I set up a conference call with them. With a pitch and plenty of time to ponder this book idea, I discussed the idea with the publishing company, and I am not even kidding, within a few days we had signed the contract to begin this new journey. To that point I had obviously never written a book, but something within me pushed me to trust in this vision.

I learned that what we begin to trust within ourselves will help it become a reality. My situation came naturally and I know because of what I was projecting. I truly believe that my thoughts I would wake up to contributed to helping attract this new relationship with my publishing company. Never be discouraged by others when you voice your vision. Trust in your calling so deeply and you will surprise yourself with the outcome. Trust me, a writer is the last thing I thought I would end up being, but as time has unraveled it’s the direction that life has put me.

Dream big, you lovely people, but then dream bigger!

Share with me in the comments below where you have witnessed your ‘divine time’ in life!



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Joey Parker is Editor-In-Chief of The Joey Parker Movement and contributing writer for MTV Act. Passionate about ending human trafficking & creating a brighter future.