Non – Judgment!

We are judged from the day we are born by our skin color, weight, our facial features and we don’t even know who we are yet. As we start to identify with being a human, we start to judge ourselves. As begin to judge ourselves, we also start judging others. On the spiritual path we learn that there is only light. If we are all truly light, then why do we judge the forms that the light comes in? This is an important question to ask. We are almost trained to judge- that comes from an ego mind space that is constantly trying to compare and decide whether we are better or worse. This is almost funny because there is no better or worse, there are just different forms of the same source energy.

I was talking to my father last night and he told me how he used to get upset when he felt like people he cared about were not experiencing life or living in negativity. Then he realized that it doesn’t matter. We are here to experience that which does not exist outside of being a human. It took pressure off of him when he came to understand that no matter what someone is undergoing in this particular lifetime, they are learning and growing from it on a soul level. When they go back to Uni-versal oneness, it will make no difference. There is no point in judging their experience. They are pure, whole and learning what their soul wants to learn in this lifetime. No situation is good or bad – it all depends on how your view it and how your mind labels it.

No matter what you or anyone else is experiencing at this time, you are learning and growing from that experience. We are here to expand our consciousness. You are successfully living as a human being and learning what your soul wanted to master in this lifetime. Non- judgment opens to you to the vastness of experience. Observing life as it is without the need to label it.

A Course in Miracles says: “You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and your brothers totally without judgment. When you recognize what you are and what your brothers are, you will realize that judging them in anyway is without meaning.” It goes on to say, “It is possible to look on reality without judgment and merely know that it is there.”

We are all going through a mass healing and now is the time to accept and see the light in each other. Judging only strengthens the ego mind. Notice when you are comparing yourself to others, tell yourself: we are all of the same light.
When you choose the path of the light, you illuminate this human experience and can see it for what it truly is. Life is one big play in which the creator is dressed up in many different costumes. There is no reason to judge the form – it is all one.

Breathe deep and completely relax, imagine that you are pure love and light. If you can see the light in yourself, you can open to seeing it in others. When you know that all is light dressed up in different ways, you drop the judgment. Feel the light that you are and know that there is no reason to judge anything.

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and is a meditation instructor.

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  • Diane

    Wow! Love this! I’ve been working on judgement for a while now and it’s so ingrained that it’s hard to stop, but this post is just what I needed. I love it that your younger generation is coming up with all this inspiration…I’m 67…!!!

    • Thank you Diane! The key to allowing people and things to be as they are is presence. When you are present you see the truth of reality and know that there is nothing to judge.  It is all light.

  • <3

    This is incredible. Just be there for people without judgment. Just show up thinking of how to be of service rather than wanting to be entertained or made to feel happy and positive through someone else. Thank you for this! <3 and light to you!

  • Jjprana

    Thank you for the article! It’s so hard for me to live in complete non judgement. Even as we grow spiritually we may start judging on deeper levels. I need to remember that all thoughts of judgement are just thoughts and I can choose not to identify with that or force that identity on others. Thanks for your inspiration and for continuing to push your message even in times like these when so many have given up. Namaste!

    • What you said about “even as we grow spiritually, we may start judging on deeper levels,” struck a chord with me.  It’s true!  I’ve noticed that within myself.  I feel I’ve definitely grown spiritually.  But I also find myself MORE judgmental now than I was when I was younger.  Why is this?  Maybe because I feel like I’ve grown and “know better” so why haven’t others?  Why do others still choose to make “bad” choices or be hurtful or inconsiderate?  I need to remind myself that they’re on their OWN path.  Still, it’s odd to me that often people (aka, me) make such an effort to grow spiritually and be better people, yet can become more judgmental.  This thread is a reminder that I need to work on this with myself. 


      • Jjprana

        I fully understand how you feel. This is something I battle with more than I’d like to. These are great tests of our spiritual integrity. It allows us to see how unconditional our love really is. We must be like a mountain at the core. Unmovable and unchangeable. When we live our highest truths the reality and people around us shift as well. There is a song by the band yes called I’ve seen all good people and when I keep those lyrics in my mind I just happen to run into smiling faces.

        • “We must be like a mountain at the core. Unmovable and unchangeable.” I love that! Thank you brother. As you live your truth the reality does shift around you. Keep spreading your light!!!

      • Thank you for your honesty and I am glad to see that you and Jjprana are connecting on this subject! I have noticed a similar experience in myself. Know that it is diversity that makes this world so beautiful and interesting. You have raised your consciouness and in that you are an example of love and kindness in this world. If you do not feel it reflected back to you it is because the person you are dealing with is unconscious. We are all one in the Uni-versal spirit. Our being is the same light. A lot of people are still sleeping and have not yet become conscious and that is okay. You are conscious and aware of your light and that is what matters. You have the Uni-versal spirit to provide you with unconditional love and if you seek only to be one, you no longer attach to the illusion of unconsciousness in others. Try not to judge the judgment or others it is all just oneness experiencing different levels of consciousness. Lots of love and light to you!

  • Yvettenii

    To never judge is to live in truth- thank you Miss sunshine

  • Nikki<3

    I love this! Some people just need to turn on their light and turn off their negative
    judgement. I will keep this in mind all the time, this is a beautiful thing
    to live by. Thank you Hillary, you angel light! <3

    • You just have to focus on the the light within others. Love them for their being, I see your light and love you Nikki!

  • Theresa Bierek

    This is so increibly beautiful Hillary. We are all love and light, and the more we connect to our own light, and can embrace our own light and truth, the more we can embrace it in others. You are such a true light of God and a source for us all to heal and to help see our own inner light and truth. Thank you so much for this beautiful article! I want to share it with the world!!

  • Love and light to you! It is about being of service! Seeing the light within someone else opens them to seeing it within themselves and the energy keeps expanding to more and more. 

  • Awww, thank you! Yes when you can be present and see the truth of your being without judgement you feel no need to judge anyone else. We are all brothers and children of God. Blessed our those who uplift and love God’s children. 

  • Jandismukes

    Thank you Hillary!  I can really SEE through your writing.  It always seems like you write about just what we all need to hear, right when we need to hear it.  You are beautiful!<3

  • Lilswift85

    Love this! It’s so true, wish everyone went by this. In a perfect world. Thanks for sharing!! <3<3

  • Adina Latorre

    After reading your article it made me realize that my life is where it is supposed to be, the new experiences of being married and having a baby are right for me. I have been questioning this drastic lifestyle change and it is still a difficult transition. Not everything in life comes easily, things we need to work at don’t mean they aren’t worth working for.

    • It is almost as though the ego mind tries to convince to you that your old way of living is what was satisfying you. The truth is that your new life is filled with so much more depth and love, it is truly a blessing. When you can be in the moment and see the love that you created and know this moment is where you are suppose to be, then you are living in your being. Through Yoga, Meditation, Breathing and being consciously aware you can be in that moment of pure joy that is your life now. I am so happy for you.

  • Omar D.

    Such beautiful words from such a wonderful soul. Everyone can benefit from being open minded and maintaining a positive energy about them. Thinking this way helps us nurture ourselves and the people around us that matter most. Living in the moment is the key! And yes we are such pure beings and we must think about the totality of the circumstances because we will eventually attain universal oneness! This passage is the epitome of beautiful energy and spiritual harmony. 

    • Yes is divine presence there is no judgment of circumstances or other beings of life. Thank you for your beautiful comment, Omar. 

  • Kielandersen

    Hillary- this is truly a beautiful post! It wasn’t until recently that I started seeing life this way and I must tell you that it’s so refreshing to my soul. Though a tragic event led me on this path of looking at life, I do believe that it happened for a reason which is the journey I’m now embracing! Thank you for this amazing post!

    • The tragic events provide a big opportunity for awakening. You life and consciousness is perceived in a new way after and during the grieving process. Sending you many blessings during your healing awakening process Kiel. Love.