Oh…the things that could be!

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I think that many times our hopes and dreams get shot down by well-intended people who are trying to love us the best way that they can. I don’t want to demonize, or make your friends and family wrong. I will say that many times it is our friends and family, our “tribe” if you will – that can determine how far in life we will go.

If you have friends and family who support your dream – consider yourself BLESSED! If your friends and family think your dream isn’t going to work out, then listen up!

I have BOTH in my family. I think my success in life is mostly due to having world-class parents. Both my mom and dad told me I could do anything, be anything, and I was crazy enough to believe them. With that being said, there are other people in my family who don’t really agree with or understand what I’m doing with The Daily Love.

I remember one time, a few years ago, a member of my family said to me, “You know Mastin, I think you are a hard worker, a great guy and talented. But I’m not sure The Daily Love is going to be how it happens for you.”

Luckily I thrive by proving people wrong! I love to be the doubted one, the underdog, the one that’s an outlier who simply and quietly does his thing. I thought about this advice for a while and part of me believed it. It was that fearful “wrong” voice within me that thinks I’m not enough and don’t deserve to be loved because I’m not enough.

I also heard this advice when I was still in my “couch surfing” years, so it was particularly hard to hear at that time because there was SO much uncertainty in my future that it felt like another reason to give up or quit.

But I kept my mind focused on this outcome. I kept looking to people who had created success and followed their footsteps. I kept hearing what my family member said to me, but over time it got more and more distant. And what’s crazy…. even though I am going to be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this weekend, there is STILL a part of me that believes my family member. It’s like we can never truly get rid of that part of ourselves that doubts or thinks we aren’t enough.

And yet, we MUST move forward anyway. We MUST keep going. We MUST allow ourselves to learn to harness the power of our hearts and intuition, and over time let them guide our minds and limiting doubts into the garden of revelation.

It’s AMAZING what would happen over a lifetime if we truly followed our hearts and intuition. I’m reminded of what Jesus said, “Even the least among ye can do greater things than this!”

If we but have the courage and the audacity to wield the power of our own soul and its calling.

So, do you hear a doubtful voice? If so, what can you do today to let your heart win? To let your intuition win? To take action towards your dreams rather than your fear?

As always, the action happens in the comments below. Leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



  • Kathie Hempel

    I looked this up knowing about the Oprah gig and wondering about you Mastin in particular. Thank you. Today my husband and I go to court to see after two years, if anyone is going to stand up and pay over $750,000 worth of medical bills after a texting someone crossed his path. About 8 weeks in hospital, 2 years of therapy to get up to walker speed and yet…this has been the most blessed time of our lives. In our early sixties we have had the privilege to understand truly what manna but for this day means and to experience God’s faithfulness in that believing that faith is believing in the ultimate good of God’s plan for our life when all evidence is to the contrary.
    How wonderful to have such an articulate young voice out there saying the same thing.
    Look forward to seeing your introduction to many more, who will be blessed by your perseverance Sunday. 

    • Ferran

      All the best for you and your husband, I pray justice will be done today.

  • Mastin,
    What a powerful message.
    So many of us give up once we’re given this kind of advice, or experience the kind of non-enthusiastic response that really smacks of jealousy.
    Just wanted to say, I love your Underdog self and it takes one to know one
    Woo hoo!! ūüôā

  • Catt

    For me it’s also important (as you demonstrated in the quotes in the email) that you don’t take the positive support from people either, as sometimes you lose your resolve to act because you think it’s already there..or if the positive comments others say about you do affect you a lot, if your goal happens to take a detour or turns out to work in a different way or you change paths, you could end up feeling guilty or like you owed that person something.
    It took me a long time to recognize that the positive comments I was receiving was almost more damaging than the negative comments I received.

  • Andrea

    I have no one in my family that supports my beliefs and dreams and hopes towards becoming a spiritual teacher but I refuse to give up and I am sure that the universe will meet me somewhere to help with the dream. I don’t think I agree with Catt, I have yet to have one single *positive* comment towards my dream from my family, I wouldn’t mind some encouragement.

  • Guest

    Sometimes we build mechanisms that serve us with such a mismatch of items, and have a great and highly beneficial purpose! Reading what you’ve said about being someone that enjoys proving people wrong, perhaps that person in your family serves as a challenge, but also support.
    You say you like to be challenged, and desire support and through the varying presences of people in your family you receive that. From your parents, you get the unconditional Love and support, and from that family member that doesn’t support your choice in entirety, you get motivation, you get inspiration, and in a sense even more committed to your dream, and your choice, method, route of getting there… Sometimes I love those people who tell me no, or something which contrasts with what I’ve chosen, simply because it’s encourages me, it enables me to get clearer about what it is I’m choosing, doing, being, or even to understand another way, and sometimes that other way can be incorporated… not everything is either/or, some things can be many different shades of things, all inclusive.
    I think that family member is showing you Love, in a different way, but the way that they’ve chosen, strengthens your commitment to the Daily Love, in much the same way your parents have..¬†
    It’s all Love.. !

  • Mwiseman8

    I too come from a family of supporters.  I was always told I could do anything, be anything, as long as I set my mind to it and worked for it.  So, the doubtful voices come from my own head. It is an exhausting challenge to acknowledge those voices and move forward anyway. One step IS to listen to the voices, let them know they are heard, thank them for their voice, and calmly explain while they are being acknowledged, I am choosing another voice-intuition to follow today, right now. 

  • Shannon

    I just want to thank you for putting out such an amazing blog. I am going through a tough time right now and your daily words make things easier for me. It helps me to stay positive when the going gets rough and there is always wisdom in what you say. So thank you for that.

    As for the topic at hand, I haven’t had many people believe in my dreams. But I do have one person in my life who always has believed in them and that’s my mother. She helps tremendously. No matter what anyone says though, I’m not the type to give up just because it gets hard. I’ll keep going until I reach my dreams!

  • Mimi

    Mastin, Thank you for your blog. It’s the first thing I read in the morning. My fear is anxiety. My doctor wants me to take medicine but I want to clam myself with meditation. In the meantime I have all this stress of money, family and weight loss that I’m dealing with. I know I should trust God and everything will work out, but i’m afraid..

  • Mastin, Thank you for being you and Thank you for the Daily Love. Sending you love <3

    Beloved Binh 

  • I have come to know that I have had only two people in my life up until meeting my mentor, Cinnamon Lofton, who have supported my dream. EVERY family member of mine growing up has teased, rolled their eyes, laughed, and told me point blank and energetically that my dreams are impossible FOR ME to achieve. AND, I have been “BLESSED” because of it. ¬†Sure, I would have preferred them to show up differently, and not have tape-recorded me singing-only to laugh over and over on how awful my voice was. I know it is our cosmic contract. A contract for me to remember that they came into this earth school to teach me to love myself despite their actions. A contract for me to “love the unlovable” and “forgive the unforgivable.” A contract for me to not only love myself fully, but to give them what they had forgotten-unconditional love. ¬†I now know they were coming from fear. In last night’s Cal Poly, Living Love Class, Cinnamon spoke about guidance vs orders. ¬†Parents often tell themselves they are giving guidance to their children when really-they are giving orders. The message to the child is…you are not good enough. This is NOT coming from the parent’s heart. It is coming from their smallness. From their fear. Remember…”They can only give what they’ve got.” ¬†So, “What can I do to let my heart win?” ¬†I can FULLY and TOTALLY (My fav word) FORGIVE, LET GO, and ¬†GIVE them the unconditional love they deserve! Yes, I said it…”DESERVE.” I KNOW we can get rid of our “not enough” story. I have witnessed it first hand through my mentor. It is possible. I will not allow my mind to think otherwise. Your Daily Commenter, Kathleen ¬†PS. LOVED your intro Mastin to the EXTRAVAGANZA…really connected with you. ¬†are-you-there-kathleen-its-me-god.blogspot.com/

  • mercedesmaidana

    Mastin, thank you for reminding us to always re-claim our power.
    Last week, a very close relative started questioning my new business (that I love and pour my heart on a daily basis). I told her that if she didn’t have anything supportive or not fearful based to say, to please keep it to herself.
    It took courage for me to step up and protect myself from other people’s fears, but the truth is, that I believe in my dream and I am living my life the way I intended to, so I will keep at it.
    These are opportunities to re-focus even stronger in our desires, and hold on to our trust and faith on the Universe.

  • Triot

    Your intro last night to the extravaganza, and this post today, is very encouraging during a time of uncertainty. Thank you for talking about your initial struggle with TDL, and thanks for continuing to be honest about your own self-doubts and struggles. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to be reminded that it’s okay to not know how it’ll get done (the dream). It’s even MORE okay to embrace the uncertainty and the unknown. Your posts about this particular subject push me more and more to take the risk to do the things I know allow me to express my true self. ¬†But my goodness. This shit is hard.¬†


  • Flow

    Thank You Mastin, I’ve followed you and your blog for quite sometime and made twitter a tool and not just for random thoughts. And because of all the random information from different sources, I stumbled over your site. This article makes me realize yes I need to cross over the line of fear within myself to admit I am creative, I am harvesting success and the seeds that I spread I am sowing with love and it’s all love! My family has supported me and yet I too feel that same way as if I am not enough, today I break the chain of thought that it isn’t possible because I truly have nothing to lose. It’s a scary silent place when the ego talks to you and you get closer to realizing “I’m this much closer to doing and being my dream!” Thank you so much. -Flow.

  • I did a guest post over at thebridgemaker.com recently that addressed what to do about the problem of non-supportive people in our lives. The Cliff Notes version is this:

    Let the people who are not serving you go (without judgment)
    Invite new supportive people into your life
    Inoculate yourself against those who won’t be going
    Take charge of your biggest critic/supporter: you!

    The long version can be read here: http://www.thebridgemaker.com/the-biggest-influence-in-your-life/

  • Trust your instincts!

  • Wow. ¬†Divine timing! ¬†Thank you for sharing so openly…I learn from and am inspired by others stories. ¬†I do believe that what I see strongly in World is a reflection of me, so when I share that my ex (the father of my children whom I have known half of my life) recently “ripped into me” this week about my spiritual beliefs and practices (that have been consistent, so are “nothing new”), I understand I must have had some internal residual doubt. ¬†But the venom within the words floored me, and I doubted my work and my way of life for about one day (it took me a bit to re-center). It is ultra-important to be surrounded by uplifting and enriching, no compromise.¬†

  • Mohumi Maswabi

    The weak voice is there to serve a purpose,
    maybe it’s meant to keep us on our toes, a reminder, I can’t imagine not having
    the weak voice, I could forget myself and think of myself as untouchable. People
    who care about us the most have been known to (unintentionally) stand in the
    way, the same way we are our biggest obstacles when it comes to success, this is
    why it is of the utmost importance that we learn how to think. After all, at
    the end of it all, everything material is based on perception of the mind.

  • Kathy

    Congratulations on the show this weekend Mastin!! I hope to be able to watch!