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Oh…the things that could be!

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I think that many times our hopes and dreams get shot down by well-intended people who are trying to love us the best way that they can. I don’t want to demonize, or make your friends and family wrong. I will say that many times it is our friends and family, our “tribe” if you will – that can determine how far in life we will go.

If you have friends and family who support your dream – consider yourself BLESSED! If your friends and family think your dream isn’t going to work out, then listen up!

I have BOTH in my family. I think my success in life is mostly due to having world-class parents. Both my mom and dad told me I could do anything, be anything, and I was crazy enough to believe them. With that being said, there are other people in my family who don’t really agree with or understand what I’m doing with The Daily Love.

I remember one time, a few years ago, a member of my family said to me, “You know Mastin, I think you are a hard worker, a great guy and talented. But I’m not sure The Daily Love is going to be how it happens for you.”

Luckily I thrive by proving people wrong! I love to be the doubted one, the underdog, the one that’s an outlier who simply and quietly does his thing. I thought about this advice for a while and part of me believed it. It was that fearful “wrong” voice within me that thinks I’m not enough and don’t deserve to be loved because I’m not enough.

I also heard this advice when I was still in my “couch surfing” years, so it was particularly hard to hear at that time because there was SO much uncertainty in my future that it felt like another reason to give up or quit.

But I kept my mind focused on this outcome. I kept looking to people who had created success and followed their footsteps. I kept hearing what my family member said to me, but over time it got more and more distant. And what’s crazy…. even though I am going to be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this weekend, there is STILL a part of me that believes my family member. It’s like we can never truly get rid of that part of ourselves that doubts or thinks we aren’t enough.

And yet, we MUST move forward anyway. We MUST keep going. We MUST allow ourselves to learn to harness the power of our hearts and intuition, and over time let them guide our minds and limiting doubts into the garden of revelation.

It’s AMAZING what would happen over a lifetime if we truly followed our hearts and intuition. I’m reminded of what Jesus said, “Even the least among ye can do greater things than this!”

If we but have the courage and the audacity to wield the power of our own soul and its calling.

So, do you hear a doubtful voice? If so, what can you do today to let your heart win? To let your intuition win? To take action towards your dreams rather than your fear?

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