OK, I just had a MAJOR AHA moment! Check it out!

I was speaking with a client yesterday and we were talking about them stepping more into their purpose. And I noticed a pattern in my client that I’ve seen many times before, but I finally saw CLEARLY.

We learn from Tony Robbins that everyone’s core fear is that they are not enough, and that because they aren’t enough, they won’t get Love. And LOVE is the oxygen of the Soul.

This much we know already.

But then I thought about what made me successful and what made so many people I know successful and what I love about my favorite characters. And there was always something in common.

The imperfect person overcomes. It boils down to that.

So I had an “ah-ha!” on the phone with my client and I blurted out, “We become successful by admitting we are not perfect, rather than trying to be perfect and thinking that we’re not enough.”

And I think this about sums it up.

When we admit this, and admit our fears, doubts and insecurities, we connect with that part that resides in all humans. We know we are a work in progress, so of course we are going to feel like a fraud if we try to project some form or version of perfection.

The truth is, we are perfectly imperfect. And admitting this, talking about our fears, insecurities and doubts, and then also talking about what we are creating and stepping into and desire, THAT is what creates a connection between people.

We love the under dog. Why? Because on some level we are all under dogs. Even if we are successful, we all have insecurities. And we all have SOMETHING that we must overcome. NO ONE is exempt from this.

This isn’t to suggest that we shouldn’t at the same time also claim our greatness. Of COURSE we should! And as we do, we begin to shine and that inspires people. But what ELSE inspires people is when they know that they are not alone in their fears, doubts, worries and insecurities.

There’s more than one way to inspire.

I prefer to inspire through telling my truth. And my truth is that I am indeed powerful and a part of The Divine Uni-verse and, at the same time, I am a fallible, imperfect, sometimes rude human being who is still working out being totally scared of the unknown. Both are true at the same time.

When we admit this, when we tell on ourselves, when we tell the truth, not only do we create intimacy, we bond over what makes us human, rather than separate because we think we need to arrive somewhere.

What can you admit today?



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • Jacqi

    A greater gift could not be shared!!!  THANK YOU!!! 

  • Rob Wilcox

    Inspiration, and truthful. I think it’s something that takes a while to sink-in. Maybe saying it over, and over helps:

    “We become successful by admitting we are not perfect, rather than trying to be perfect and thinking that we’re not enough”

  • Mastin I love this! And it is so true! I have noticed that when I blog about issues I am working through and overcoming the response from my readers is so much greater and authentic than when I write about other inspirational but not so “real” issues. We are all looking for someone to relate too, thank you for pointing out that at the end of the day we are all perfectly imperfect. I am learning to be ok with that. Thank you!

  • HayesStaci

    Mastin, I’m so grateful for your daily missives. Every day I feel stronger to walk through the fear and try things I’d never thought possible.  My life earthquake feels more adventurous every day. Thank you!

  • Aberdeen Lane

    wabi sabi- the beauty of imperfection <3

  • Wow, I totally agree with you, 100%. Is just how I think and act most of the time, when I’m not afraid of telling my truth, thoughts and feelings. I like to be honest with myself and other in order to connect, to make them feel that it’s ok with me, I won’t judge them, I will do my best to understand them, because as they, I’m also imperfect and sometimes afraid. Most people are afraid of telling their truth or showing themselves just as they are, at least here in Catalunya, Spain :), and sometimes that makes me feel that “I’m way too much opened” or that I “risk” myself of being hurt, judged or else, so I start to think that my way of being is wrong, that I scared people, that I take them out of their comfort zone way too often. However, when I let myself go, I feel great, I feel that I could love everyone, do the best for them and tell them all the good things I feel and think about them without being afraid of being ignored. Is just as I send to the universe all my good feelings and thoughts, and the universe will do the rest.

    I think my main imperfection would be being too scared of not fitting into place, of not being accepted as I am, with all my energy and passion 🙂 However, as I grow up I’m starting to realize that nothing is wrong with me, that I’m more than enough 🙂 

    I just broke up with my bf and instead of feeling that maybe it was my fault because I have too much energy and passion, I feel that everything is ok. I’m ok, he is ok, there was a lesson to learn and that’s it. I feel ok with myself, all by myself, and it feels great. No more questioning if I have a problem, I’m just me. I feel successful, as you said, because I can admit that I made some mistakes, from which I have to learn and move on. This doesn’t make me feel that there was a problem in me, but instead, that there was a lesson to learn. Once I realized this I felt that everything was ok with me: mistakes are a part of life and a part of being human. So we have to feel good with them, because our imperfections, our mistakes, also makes us how we are, and we have to love ourselves above all 🙂

    Thank you so much for your words. As you, you have inspired me 🙂


    • a.

      Daniela, thank you for your honesty. I feel this way, and as a result, I tuck myself away. I dont interact with many people because I feel I scare people away with my honesty. I am very passionate about life. I love to share and get to know people. I say what I feel and hope they feel safe enough with me. Many people believe you have ulterior motors when you’re open because they don’t believe someone can interact with them with a pure heart. My intention is never to hurt any person. I’m usually the one that gets hurt but I will always be myself an keep trying. You’re right, when things don’t work out, there’s a lesson. The negative becomes a positive. I’m realizing we can’t expect people to be where we are, wish them a warm farewell and maybe we’ll cross paths again someday, or not. Either way it’s ok. It’s ok.

      • Thanks for your empathy and honesty, a.
        As you, I feel that sometimes people believe one has ulterior motors, and I used to feel bad because I thought that was the reason I wasn’t accepted by others. However, since we are not into others’ mind, we can’t really know what their thinking about what we honestly said to them. Maybe they feel good about it but they are not ready to be honest with us. Each person has his/her process in life, but if they’re looking for love, and true and to be honest to themselves, then they will let themselves tell their truth with compassion and honesty. Lets be ourselves, a. :), is the only way we are gonna met people like us. Don’t interacting with people, although we like it, would only make us feel alone and not giving our best. That’s not way of living, right? I’m starting to know people like me and if I come across with someone that doesn’t like my honesty, I don’t blame myself if I he/her doesn’t like me, I just observe who he/she is, and I respect.

        Just see, as I was honest in my comment, you’ve being honest with me, and now we’ve met and we feel less alone in this huge world 🙂 Lets have the courage to speak our truth, as my dear Marie Forleo says.


  • Sandi

    Brill, to my fellow underdogs : ))

  • AZ

    I just want to thank you for “The Daily Love.” I found your site through a post from a friend on facebook. You are providing me with some much needed inspiration. I wish I would have thought of it first!!! 🙂 Peace and blessings to you!