One of the BEST ways to heal!

mk_treesHealing is a big deal in our world. No matter what you are healing from, a dis-ease, a broken heart or an addiction.

Healing is why TDL exists.

There are so many different ways to heal, depending on what needs healing. Now, I’m not a doctor, so don’t just take my word for it, please listen to your medical professional, but consider this a second opinion.

No matter what you are healing from, no matter what you are going through, there is one strategy that will help you get back to health faster.

Hang out with people who have already healed from what you have.

It’s SO important that we get information from people who have produced the result that we want to create in our life. They know what it’s like. They’ve been there. And they’ve come through on the other side.

I went to see a purely Western doctor a few months ago about pain my low back. He told me I had compressed disks. I asked him why and he said, “You’re getting older.” And then I asked him if there was anything I could do to reverse it and he said, “No.”

I’ve been having low back pain for a couple years. I want to make sure this doesn’t get worse.

I knew from that moment forward, this man would no longer be my doctor.

I needed to find someone who believed in me, who believed I could get better.

I called my friend Tommy Rosen who had a similar but worse problem, all the doctors told him he would have to get surgery. Tommy never got surgery and healed his back.

Tommy sent me to his healer Guru Prem, who has been helping me get back into alignment.

I’ve also started Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaworks, which means I will be doing a lot of yoga every week.

I’ve also been working out in the gym in a way that doesn’t affect my back.

I’m also experimenting with being a vegetarian, because I want to make my body as alkaline as possible. An acidic body doesn’t heal as well as a PH balanced body. So cutting the meat out has been important recently.

I haven’t had ANY low back pain since starting this process.

I feel better. I’m doing yoga poses that a year or two ago would REALLY have hurt. It’s slow and steady progress.

I’m not against Western doctors. I believe in Western Medicine. But I also believe that it’s SO important to get the whole picture, a HOLISTIC – well rounded picture from people who BELIEVE that you can get better.

I now have an amazing Western doctor who is also HOLISTIC and uses not just western medicine, but Chinese medicine and muscle testing to help diagnose and make my body healthier. His name is Dr. Soram and I feel SO blessed to have him in my life.

So – no matter what you are going through or need healing from, who are the BEST people in the world who have been through what you’ve been through and came out ok? Who BELIEVES that you can get better? Can you reach out and find them?

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  • This is a great post and another great reminder. I’m realizing that the mind is a powerful thing. You really have to be careful what you feed it. If you are surrounded by people who don’t believe you can accomplish anything, it can affect your belief in yourself. It’s especially true when it comes to medical issues. I thought being around people who suffered from what I had was enough support. But, it’s not. A pessimist in your midst doesn’t help even if they understand your pain. Now, I understand that you just need someone who believes things will always get better. I’m that person for many people. I need to find some people who will lift me up and remind me of my power when I’m feeling weak. It seems there is a book or blog for everything so I am always in good company.

  • Lara

    Great advice Mastin. As a 20 year veteran massage therapist I have seen miracles first hand. Myofacial Release may also assist you on your healing journey. Your post reminded me of how important it is to gang with people who we admire. Watching our influences is an important part of living a happy life. I am so glad you found a great doctor. Blessings.


  • momoko

    Dear Mastin, thank you so much for your daily dose of inspiration and advice! this post really resonated with me and i thought i’d also share a very inspiring video that i saw recently – the transformative and healing power of yoga is truly amazing!

    with much love and gratitude

  • esh

    Right now I’m going through a parasitic infection. It’s literally all over my body, including my face and body. I am terrified. I went to the doctors and ER who curtly dismissed me because they keep insisting that it is not possible, since I exhibit no major symptoms. But they are there and everyday I wake up to crackling and popping joises plus movement in my face. I’ve even seen some in my boogers. I don’t know what to do amymore. No one around me seems to understand. If I heal my mind how could i possibly heal these parasites which are multilying? The only thought that keeps me sane is that we are going to pass away anyways.

    But i know that the Universe is benevolent at the core, and that everything that happens to us is the best thing that could happen to us in our spiritual growth … But do I have to live in fear and helplessness anymore? No one around me suffered a case like mines, how could I possibly find someone who has gone through it? Thanks Mastin for this piece, but I don’t know if its even possible for me

    • Get rid of those parasite…get the Harmonic Quad…it’s a zapper and it works full time. Plug it in and it kills them within 1100 ft. radius. You can also hold onto the hand-holds and zap 7 minutes on 20 minutes off 7 minutes on. My daughter has MS and this is one of the ways we killed off the parasites in her brain. There are other ways. We do para-cleanses regularly because we have animals. Good luck to you.

    • Truth is

      Check this lady out….she recommended that I go to a holistic dr after relating my issues to her:

  • Amy Turon

    Mastin, I encourage you to continue on your path to recovery from back pain. I am 59 years old and spent my entire life going regularly to chiropractors for back adjustments. I lived with back pain all those years, sometimes for weeks in bed. Since I got into a recovery program 4 years ago and started taking care of myself, everything has changed. Doing Yoga, going to the gym, taking care of my emotional health and physical health have brought complete healing to my back! I have not had any more back pain, and no my visits to the chiropractor. I could never have believed that this would be possible! I am so grateful for recovery and learning to take care of myself.

  • Sol Survivor in Idaho

    Tonight I will be hosting a Sol Survivor meeting for people in Idaho who’ve had a melanoma diagnosis. We come together monthly and share and learn and support one another — it’s been an unexpected way to meet some amazing new people and has been both healing and rewarding! Thanks for your blog — I too believe that the best healing comes from those who’ve walked in the same moccasins 🙂 Lisa

  • Hi Mastin, thank you so much for this post. It’s amazing how timely it is for me, because just this past weekend I decided to stop seeing my chiropractor because my pain has only been getting worse. I realized that chiropractic treatment is not for me at this time. So I’m wondering: do you have any suggestions for finding a healer or other types of holistic practitioners of Eastern medicine? I’m at a total loss in regards to where I should start, so any pointers would be very helpful! Thanks again.

  • Truth is

    I recently started seeing a holistic dr also. My big plight is why insurance does not want to cover holistic drs? It speak volumes of healthcare in the US.

  • Since I have been on my “healing mission,” this is what I have come to know: LETTING GO…is the key to EVERYTHING. The more I have let go, the more people keep flooding into my life for me to help myself and our son (who has Sensory Processing Disorder). It is TRULY mind-blowing (spiritually, that’s a good thing…LOL). I am NOT someone who researches…ANYTHING. I have found that when I simply LET GO, Trust, listen, and be present to a message (from my heart or often from a stranger)… the Divine will give me answers, people, and ABUNDANCE. Even finding TDL was a TOTAL gift from The Uni-verse. I did not research and look for a site called TDL, so I could courageously call myself, “The Daily Commenter.” No, I am simply not that clever, and the personality, “Kathleen,” does not deserve the credit. The story is too long too tell, but I am not a computer person who would EVER dedicate myself to reading a blog daily. And commenting daily? Forget about it. I have a kid to get to school. But, my heart continues to whisper from the ethers of infinity and beyond…to continue. So here I sit, in front of my computer…until I am directed otherwise.
    The Daily Commenter,

  • michellesears

    Reaching out to others who have healed from what you want to heal from is the best advice you can get. I did just that when I was diagnosed with MS a few short months ago and the experience has been amazing. I’ve met women from all over the world who have done what I want to do – heal from MS. I’m well on my way with a huge support system of women who have done just that. Great advice Mastin. Seriously. I highly recommend that for lots of things related to health, wealth, wisdom, spiritual, etc.

  • Sadie Little Lady

    Good Morning Mastin! So very excited that you are writing about this subject!!! I was raised in a holistic family, and back in the 70`s and 80`s we were thought of as quacks! I am so very grateful for all of the health values my parents taught my and my sister. Keep an open mind and heart when it comes to your health. I too believe that western medicine is very valuable, but everything needs balance. It is so exciting for me to watch this new generation embrace natural and holistic methods of health!!! Thank you for sharing Mastin…….also a second peice of unsolicited advise….ask Dr. Soram about drinking Meso Soup base to balance your body`s PH….EXCELLENT and inexpensive treatment.
    Hugs and Love,

  • Hi Mastin,

    Of all the blog posts I subscribe to yours is the one I read most regularly, your voice comes through so clearly. Thanks for being a strong positive presence for so many of us.
    This post resonates particularly for me because I’m a Pilates teacher and many of my students have gone through the Western medical maze and been told there is nothing they can do about their particular pain or chronic condition. I know from coaching these people on their journey to less pain and more ease that there are many paths to healing. While it is natural for gravity to compress our spines as time marches on there is plenty we can do about it to create space and length. It is simpler than you might imagine to activate deep spinal muscles and the surrounding foundational muscles, core, or “powerhouse” as Joseph Pilates called it years ago. Simple Pilates exercises done daily can do wonders for creating better awareness of our tension patterns and greater strength and ease in our bodies, especially in this culture where we do too much sitting. I call it cross training for life or Pilates home practice.

    I applaud you for finding mentors, taking advice and continually seeking unorthodox solutions to your challenges. We all benefit from following your journey.

    With gratitude,

    Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech

  • sarena

    Mastin, this is truly amazing timing, because I just saw Dr. Soram for the first time today. He was not only caring & loving but he creates a clear plan of action. He understands the importance of taking short term action in addition to standing behind the long-term path to healing. He is a reminder to everyone that it’s important to have a Dr. who is committed finding answers – one with an impressive depth of knowledge – and yet also a Dr. who is a healer. (And if your Dr. is not a healer, it’s important to seek out healers who can assist you in the mean time, whether it’s an acupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, yoga teacher, or a friend who’s been through what you’re going through, as you mentioned!)

  • Jane McDermott

    Mastin! I love this blog post. I am well into the process of healing myself from Rheumatoid Arthritis a Chronic Autoimmune disease. While the doctors claim RA cannot be “cured” and here you must take all of these drugs to live pain free…. I chose not to listen, I found Facebook support groups for healing naturally and connected with others to find answers. EFT was a major part of my healing journey. As was food. I am a naturopathic nutritionist. I was inspired to write a comment on here today because I was concerned for you when I read you were going vegetarian. PLEASE Mastin do your research before becoming a vegetarian. You can achieve an alkaline state of body without cutting out meat, which is extremely nutrient dense and very supportive of healing chronic pain, especially bone broths which have helped me enormously as I travel through my healing process. I know “Every – Body” is different, just please tune into your body while you make this change and make sure it is right for you : )

    Thanks Mastin, Love your work!!

  • jen

    Mastin! As a recovering alcoholic AND a yoga teacher I say to you” that’s some truth”. Plain old truth. Thanks for puttin it down. So, when i rolled into AA there were butts in the seats. They had what i wanted and they showed me how to get it little by little. I humbled myself to them. When I rolled into teacher training there were Master teachers there who had what i wanted and they showed me how to get on their path. I humbled myself to them. When someone rolls into AA for the first time, my butt is in the seat and I humble myself again to the newcomer as I do to the student who comes to my yoga class. i continue to heal with these people, we do it together. Peace.Jen

  • Molly Hahn

    Beautifully said Mastin! It is so important to surround oneself with those who reflect your strength, love, and light. On the subject of healing…I just discovered EFT and bought Nick Ortner’s book, The Tapping Solution. Last night during my yoga practice, I started tapping on some things while in certain poses. The results were amazing, I felt shifts right away (I think the easiest is to tap while in seated positions, but you could do it in mountain pose too). Cheers! molly

  • Camille

    If you want to feel even better (and save ALL the animals), don’t stop at vegetarianism. Go vegan!

  • You are SO right on, Mastin. I believe there is a place for Western medicine, but it’s not anywhere close to having all the answers. In fact, the saddest thing, I believe, is that Western medicine is so controlled by PHARMA, that it more often chooses to ignore solutions that actually work. I remember speaking a few years ago with my Chinese doctor (an MD from China who specializes in acupuncture and herbal medicine) about this very thing. I said I wished we could find a way to incorporate more of Eastern medicine into our society. She said, “The difference between Western and Eastern doctors is that Western doctors are trained in cellular biology and specific areas of treatment, but they are not taught — nor do they have any concept — about how the entire human body works together as a single organism.” I would add that, for the most part, they have no concept of the power of the mind and belief.

    You are on the right track, my friend!