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One Step to Make Big Change In Your Life and Your Health

donnagatesMost of us relate to the world as it relates us.

We move through life like a series of chemical reactions, often feeling like a victim – almost always bouncing between extremes of joy, sadness, and anger.

We realize that we are magnets. We begin to see how our thoughts, feelings, and actions attract similar thoughts, feelings, and actions from others. Patterns reveal themselves: patterns in our thoughts, patterns in the drama, patterns in our relationships…

But even within this evolved frame of mind, we often still operate from the ego.

The ego frequently informs our perspective. It tells us that everything in life is a response to ME. The ego constructs both hard life lessons and happy coincidences. And – whether conscious or unconscious – it is the ego that creates both “positive” and “negative” knots in your energetic field.

These knots look something like:

I want–

I have–

This is my role–

I belong–

I don’t belong–

This is my fault–

Why me–

I am–

The ego works with identity. Even as humanity grows more conscious and more aware, the ego is still at work.

In my own work, I see many clients who are willing to use the power of the mind in their healing process – they understand that thoughts and feelings have a tangible effect in the physical body – but the ego often gets in the way of progress.

There is plenty of research on the link between stress and disease. Fluids, blood, muscle tissue and biochemical pulses all stagnate when we overload our system with stress. Often the ego is stuck in a specific definition of who we are, even if that definition revolves around illness.

The first step I recommend when committing to change is making health non-negotiable. Choose one source of living beneficial bacteria and commit to eating it each day for three weeks. Every day make a morning greens drink with a little kefir or have cultured vegetables with every meal.

The ego often protects itself by wanting things to stay the same, but introducing these special micro-warriors to your body via nutrient dense fermented foods, probiotic beverages, and fermented spirulina on a daily basis changes the inner ecosystem. When you renew your gut, you renew your brain.

You begin to feel better. Your perspective changes. Your digestion improves and your elimination of toxins increases. Your energy builds and moves out the stagnation. On a cellular level, you are reborn.

Once you overcome the inertia that the ego creates, your perspective begins to change and your desires can take flight.

Living from the ego limits your worldview. Living without the ego expands it.

What do you most identify with? What would you like to release? Please share in the comments below!




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