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Open To Feeling Loved And Supported!

There is just something so yummy about allowing your spiritual practice to be a place where you simply receive light and connect to Uni-versal love. I love manifestation techniques and setting your intentions to create your desires. If you always use your spiritual practice as a means to create something you want in your life, then you are still working when you should be receiving! You are one with everything. Taking time to release your own form and just be in that ONE loving vibration of consciousness – feels so good. Let go any ideas of who you are as an individual and take time to feel the connection to the whole.

Those of us on a spiritual path are blessed with the ability to connect with spirit and divine love on this earthly plane. Take time in your yoga or meditation practice to let yourself to fully unite with divine love. Allow your fears and worries to wash away, clearing your subconscious and opening your heart to pure love. We chose to walk the path of light, which leads us to inner peace.

You are a unique expression of the creator and always will be, but in that moment of meditation just allow yourself to be one. This opens room for spirit to create through you. Release all desires and expectations. Tap into the pure bliss of this present moment and you will find so much love waiting there for you. As they say, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Enjoy being human – love yourself just as you are. In this human experience, you feel the illusion of being separate. You are blessed with the ability to go within and be brought back the oneness that is your true form. When you step into this space of oneness and divine love it helps you to clear any ideas that you are not good enough or that you do not have enough. You are good enough and you do have enough. You are one with all the goodness and abundance there is. During these times of doubt it is important to allow support in. Sometimes you think you need so many things to be happy, when what you really need is to feel loved and supported.


Get comfortable and begin deep breathing. Bring your energy to your third eye point in between your eyebrows.

I know that nothing in this room is solid – everything is energy. I release all form and open myself to feel the vibration of love that is within and all around me. I let go of any ideas of separation. I know that I AM pure love. I ask divine love to heal every cell in my body. I ask that my eyes see love, my heart feel love, my mind perceive love, my voice speak of love, and my touch give love. There is only love; I ask to become a higher source of love.

Feel your heart opening as you completely melt into the vibration of pure love. Close your eyes and stay here as long as you like.

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and meditation Instructor.

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