Our New Year’s Resolutions Might Shock You!

Oh hey, what’s up 2013?  We have a good feeling about you… but let’s start this thing right with some realistic resolutions.

Here’s the thing, every year most people make impossible-to-keep New Year’s Resolutions.  What happens is that they come up with super vague, long term goals (e.g. eat “better”, workout “more”), but leave out the whole actionable-steps part of the equation.

In other words, they focus on the “what” but leave out the “how”.  Sound familiar?

At HCC we are ALLL about the how.  For instance, in our online cooking program, we don’t just tell you what to cook, we truly teach you how to cook through a series of core videos that will teach you all the techniques you need to totally rock the kitchen.

We digress. Even though we both cook constantly, we are always on the quest to learn more about food, experiment with new techniques, try new ingredients and develop delicious recipes.  So this year, we came up with a couple (just a couple!) of little things that we want to accomplish in the kitchen.

Most of all, we want to hear from you!!!  What are YOUR New Year’s {Cooking} Resolutions?  What do you want to try?  What recipes have you been wanting to make?  What cooking goals do you have for yourself?

Please share in the comments below!!!

Wishing you nothing but love in 2013,

Robyn + Quinn


Robyn and Quinn started {Healthy} Cooking Camp to share recipes that are easy, fun and delicious.  They both went to the world’s leading nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where they were certified as Health Coaches. Rock the Kitchen with their quick & delicious recipes via their website and Facebook.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1389211724 Angela Miale

    I am going to try one new vegan recipe each week.  My go-to has usually either been getting things from the hot and cold bars at Whole Foods, or something really easy– like I get home from work and I roast the whole bag of brussels sprouts in the oven, or cut up a red and green pepper and grill on the stovetop.  80% of my “recipes” have one ingredient.  :) So once each week I will do a real recipe from healthy cooking class or Crazy Sexy Kitchen!

    • Robyn + Quinn

      Hi Angela! 

      We LOVE that you keep it so simple!  What a great way to get in the kitchen. It sounds like you’re really ready to explore and our recipes and our girl Kris Carr’s are definitely the way to go!  Let us know what you make and how it turns out!  And of course if you have any questions, we’ve got you covered!

      Robyn + Quinn

  • Jsche

    My husband and I fight over who’s going to cook and then we don’t bring anything out or plan anything and have “Catch as Catch Can” (whatever’s laying around).  OOOOew

    • Robyn + Quinn

      How fun!

  • http://www.facebook.com/roxana.nunez Roxana Nunez

    You two are just too cute.  And I have to admit, love eating, love cooking, don’t have a lot of time for it.  My resolution for this year is to finally conquer the organization required to make enough food the days I am off (three) in order to eat fresher all week long.
    The second resolution is to make a puertorrican recipe called pastelon and another one called alcapurrias.  I was born and raised on the island and I am ashamed to say, I make a great lasagna and I do very well on other areas but my own home cooking skills are non existent. 
    Those are my two.  Enjoy your braising and baking and defrosting.

    • Robyn + Quinn

      Thanks for sharing Roxana!  What great resolutions!  A little bit of planning and meal prep can go a looong way!  Our Quinoa and HCC Special Sauce are great recipes to make ahead and enjoy all week.  Good luck with the Puerto Rican recipes!  They sound super exciting!

      Robyn + Quinn

  • http://www.facebook.com/divineyoganista Caroline Frenette

    You are adorable!

    • Robyn + Quinn

      Thanks Caroline!  You made our day :)

      Robyn + Quinn

  • Dee

    Hi, I want to organize my kitchen so I can cook without hunting things down. Help!