Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy is an amazing opportunity to remember and reconnect with who you really are but forgot.

What you are most jealous of in another is actually a GIFT.

It shows you what you have disowned in yourself.

It shows you what you need to embrace more of.

It shows you aspects of yourself that you get to make peace with.

It can even show you what you really want deep down but have not acknowledged.

Ultimately, jealousy is not about other people.

It is about you.

When you experience jealousy, you are forgetting who you really are.

Instead of getting caught up in a game of comparison…

That someone is more successful.

More beautiful.

More worthy.

More intelligent.

More on purpose with their life’s mission.

What you are most jealous of in another person shows you a part of yourself that can be tremendously powerful for you to own.

When someone else is succeeding, on any level, it can sometimes trigger a feeling of jealousy. Or perhaps your romantic partner looks at someone else.

In that moment of jealousy, we contract a feeling that we are not enough. We are focused on who we think we are not. We forget the truth of who we really are inside and our true value. We are focused outside of ourselves for validation.

The more you focus on what you don’t have, what’s not enough about you, and focus on what others do have, the more jealous you will feel.

Jealousy is a signal that a part of you needs to refocus on you rather than externally. It’s a signal that a part of you needs your own love, attention and validation. It’s a signal to give yourself the acknowledgment that you seek.

So remember who you really are. You are whole, perfect and complete. There will never be another like you. In fact you are so unique that you have no competition. As you embrace your own awesomeness, the more self-assured and at peace you will feel within. The more you embrace your magnificence, the more you will be able to embrace and celebrate the same in others.

In turn, the more you are willing to embrace the magnificence in others the more you also begin owning more of that within yourself. When you see the magnificence in another you are able to because it is in you already, not because it is lacking.

Dare to own your amazingness!

When you remember who you are and own your magnificence jealousy falls away.

There is nothing humble about playing small and hiding your light.

There is nothing humble about not living your purpose and expressing your deepest gifts.

There is nothing humble about seeing someone else’s beauty but not your own.

What if real humility was to embrace the true magnificence of your soul?

When you do this, you realize that the smallness of your ego is not real. And that jealousy is actually based on a misperception of who you really are. When you know who you are then you know who everyone else is. In essence we are all connected and at the deepest level we are one.

So when another person succeeds, so do you. When another person shines and expresses their light, so do you. When another person is radiating beauty, so are you. They are that aspect of yourself reminding you of who you really are!

Embrace the gift of jealousy and then let it go!

Own your true magnificence.

Set yourself FREE!




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  • Teresa

    This is awesome Kute!!! I love your Vlogs. Your energy is contagious:-)

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for spreading the love to Kute and his fantastic vlog 🙂 -Team TDL

  • Jealous Jean

    I am so jealous it makes me cry. I am so sad and feel weak and ashamed. I will try to give away the attention and love that I so crave and continue to give it to myself. I want to give my man a surprise birthday party but am afraid his friends will hire some young chick to dance and I will feel humiliated. I want our relationship to be valued not some chick turning men on. I don’t watch tv because of the sexually exploited and half naked or naked woman …even in movies. I guess I want to be valued more than slutty dressed or pretty woman. I was single for 10 years and dated alot of guys and felt powerful but now in a relationship I feel vulnerable to not being pretty enough. I am getting older and now its often worse. Just thinking of another woman getting attention makes me sick and pissed off. Just sick and tired of thinking about this for my whole life. What do I have to do to feel loved and valued? Honored? I work on myself all the time. Everyday I project having to see a pretty woman when I am out with my man and it horrifies me or if someone has to mention how beautiful this or that woman is makes me sick. Cant you honor me or bring up my beauty? What is wrong with these people? Cant you see this man wants to be with me and not these other chicks?

    • The Daily Love

      Jean, we’re so happy you’re working on yourself. Trust that you’re doing the best you can with dealing with your jealousy. You have to realize how special and beautiful and absolutely wonderful you are! It is perfectly okay that sexual exploitation makes you uncomfortable, and every woman has the right to make her own choices in how she presents herself. Know that if your partner loves you, he doesn’t want to be with anyone but you! If his comments are truly bothering you, then maybe you need to speak up about it! Thank you so much for commenting, and we’re wishing you the best! -Team TDL

  • Talya Price

    Everything you said is absolutely true and helpful. Thank you for this.

  • I know that this is an older posting from December, and I wanted to thank you for your spiritual explanation of jeoulosy. I’ve followed Kute on YouTube since i started my spiritual journey last year and have found my life and relationships become more and more enriched as I take the leap into uncertainty and begin applying some of these lessons. Jealousy is probably one of my greatest challenges to overcome within myself as i learn to provide my own degree of self-worth/love and not seek it from others, and by doing so, it is not a threat to see my partner extend love/attention/admiration to others since all of these are unlimited resources. I’m still working on not letting my insecurities rule me, but rather listen to them and let them guide me into uncovering my true authentic self. This video is one of my favorites! Thank you Kute!
    P.S. I really love the connection you make to the sun/moon and the flowers 🙂