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Are you being patient or procrastinating? How to tell the difference.

Patience is a virtue - but when does patience turn into procrastination? It can be hard to tell the difference. And … Continue reading →

How to find Grace in setbacks.

Stuck. Been there? Life was cruising along just fine and then BAM, out of the blue life interrupts you. And … Continue reading →

How to find yourself again after heartbreak.

Heartbreak. It happens. Sometimes we never see it coming. Sometimes we stay in a relationship far longer than our higher … Continue reading →

This is how to listen to your Heart.

Do you have a hard time telling the difference between your head and your Heart? Or - maybe you've "followed your … Continue reading →

How to create the best version of your body.

Weight loss that never sticks. Body image issues. Fitness confusion. Getting in shape and losing it. An adversarial … Continue reading →

Here’s how to break the cycle of addiction.

The fact that you are reading this blog tells me that there is a high likelihood that you, or someone you know has … Continue reading →

Procrastinating? How to live your best life, now.

Do you put off your ideal life until sometime in the future? Do you ever think in, "If, then" type of thinking? Or … Continue reading →

Develop a positive relationship with money.

I hope you are having a great weekend. This week we talk about a hot topic, a topic that everyone can relate to and … Continue reading →

How to stop dating emotionally unavailable people.

It's time to get your emotional needs met in a romantic relationship. It's time to receive the love that you've … Continue reading →

How to move forward when you feel stuck.

I'm writing to you today from the dreamland island of Bali. Just a few short years ago, creating international … Continue reading →