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Daily Share – Thankful For Recovery


I stumbled upon this website and wish I would have thought of this, lol. I love to help others and encourage and I do … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: The Uni-verse Will Support You


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Daily Share – A Tough Love Lesson


We have an adopted daughter who left with the assistance of my mother-in-law and sister in law on her 18th birthday. … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: To Love Ourselves We Must Not Judge Ourselves


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Are you choosing romantic partners who cause you pain? Here’s how to stop.


If, for some strange reason, you have or still keep attracting lovers who only end up causing you pain, today's words … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Set Your Mind On An Outcome Of Thriving


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Daily Share – How Do I Get Over The Fear Of Disapproval


School's back in session and for those of us wearing our free will "big boy" pants, it's a choice that is easier said … Continue reading →

Daily Share – What Works For You?


Hello, I have been reading the Daily Love for months now. After the devastating loss of a loved one (my younger brother … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Every Emotion Has A Purpose


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Daily Share – Why Am I Not Taking Action…Ever?


I keep on repeating in my mind your motto "Take action and make it real", but the thing is that I am not taking action … Continue reading →