Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world!

(Note: There is not audio blog today due to technical difficulties related to Hurricane Sandy.)

Wow! I am writing to you from a friend’s apartment here in Upper Manhattan.

Yesterday and the day before were certainly ones to remember. Hurricane Sandy hit the city and it wasn’t kind. About 6:30pm on Monday night our power went out and took out the power from all of lower Manhattan below 39th street. Last I read power would be out for 4 – 10 days.

Folks have died and massive damage has been done, all the while there is a ton of silver lining in my experience of Sandy. First of all, Chris Assaad, Jenna and I are all okay. Also, there was SUCH an outpouring of LOVE from the TDL Community and my friends on Twitter and Facebook, I can’t believe how much love was sent in our direction.

What I’m present to in the moment as I write this blog is that there is so much in life that I take for granted. Something as simple as power, for instance. When I came to NYC, I was thinking about both my talks at RHH Live and my talk at Hay House this coming weekend. I was nervous, scared and worried about how I was going to look. I was all in my head and trying to calm myself down.

After RHH Live is when Sandy really came and hit NYC hard. When the power went out, when I saw the face of a building a half block from us on the ground, when I saw the crane that snapped, when I saw Atlantic City under water, when I saw Battery Park flooded and the World Trade Center location flooded, all I could think about was the gratitude that I and my loved ones were OK. Then, my next thought was on survival.

I needed to find a place with power, with heat, with a working fridge. All things that I take for granted. So Jenna, Chris and I packed up and headed to my friend’s place on 48th Street to gather our thoughts and charge up. All the while, I was getting updated on Twitter about the latest damage, power outages and seeing how my friends are doing.

All the while, all my fears and worries about looking good on stage, about what I was going to say, about if it would be awesome or not – GONE. And I haven’t thought about them since. I’ve been focused on how grateful I am to have a roof over my head, a hot shower and power. I’ve been focused on how grateful I am to have a fridge for food that has food in it. I’ve been focused on how grateful I am that my friends are OK and that my loved ones are safe.

And in this place of gratitude, I feel abundant, joyful and alive. I’m excited to speak this weekend at Hay House, but I’ve gotten a HUGE reality check. Thoughts of insecurity have been replaced for now with thoughts of service and gratitude. And thoughts of not being enough have been replaced with the awareness of how Loved and taken care of I am.

Can you see this in your life today? You may not have been through a hurricane, or maybe you have. Either way, what basic amazing needs can you be grateful for today?

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  • Mastin, I am so with you on this!  Whenever I want to feel abundant, I remind myself of what I have and I realize that I need no more than what I already have to BE abundant.  I have all my basic needs met AND a fab job.  I have a wonderful boyfriend and a handful of amazing friends.  I love this reminder too…in the U.S.  because we can have our very basic needs met, we are richer than 75% of the world’s population! 
    Love and light,

  • Eilish Bouchier

    They say NYC never sleeps never truer than last night. It’s such an amazing place full of creative, resilient and passionate often eccentric people living both small and larger than life lives. Again it has faced and survived its challenges as have its inhabitants. 
    Great post Mastin! 
    I can feel the energy and the love and the gratitude. 
    Crisis is the worst and best of times within the fear and devastation we see the beauty of humanity. 
    So good to hear everyone is well. Bon chance for your Hay House talk it will be even more potent now. x eilish

  • Kathleen Frati

    My life changed dramatically when I learned how to live with an “attitude of gratitude”. For years I have been able to experience regular intervals pure bliss, deal with serious life challenges with true grace, and put myself in the fortunate position of teaching girls aged 18-25 this message. It’s a message for all of us and truly one of life’s greatest secrets to happiness, as you now know. Keep it going, Mastin!

  • Lori

    Wow!! So glad you are all ok! You are definitely like family now. Take care, hope you make it out soon.

  • Praying Mantisii2

    This attitude of grattitude is something that is exceptionally relevant to me as I prepare to start a new job after 5mos of unemployment. I am a single mother of two young children. After loosing my job I was denied unemployment insurance because I was a mere 100hrs short then denied social assistance because of a small lump of money I received last year that was, at that point, long since gone. Things felt pretty bleak. I can attest that when we push through hopelessness and work hard to do what we need to to try and improve our situation, we will be taken care of! I can’t even tell you the number of blessings that have been poured out upon my chidren and I in the last several months. There is no such thing as chance. Synchronicity truly is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

  • Amandadenstendesigns

    Yes I completely agree & applaud your attitude of gratitude 🙂 I’m also glad you, Mastin & loved ones, are safe in NYC. I work in NYC but travel from South Jersey by train, which is obviously not going to happen for awhile. With this storm, which has damaged my parent’s shore house (which still haven’t seen the damage yet), I am still grateful for the house I am in now and lucky to still have power. I am going to attempt to get to my job by car tomorrow but for now grateful to just have power, food, etc. 

    Storm Sandy, has definitely brought into my mind’s eye the big picture and what really matters not just now, but ALL THE TIME. 

    <3 With Much Love, from a fellow New Jerseyan & fellow worker in NYC

  • SuzySoro

    This post reminds me that we really are lucky to have all that we have, even though it may not look like much at the time. 

  • Mel

    I agree, simple but powerful message.

    Thanks for the reminder!


  • Theresa

    I am glad to hear that all of you are safe. This sits with me  well, at first I was thinking about how I was not going to be able to attend Ignite. Something I had been sooo excited about, but then I saw the devastation. I checked myself! My heart goes out to the people that have lost their loved ones, and all that they have had, it made me think of all the things we take for granted. I changed my thoughts, and started to be thankful for all the things I have. 

  • WOW! What an experience for you and a gift to remember what really matters. I am sick today and have been resisting it. So grateful to have a HOT cup of tea, a cozy couch, food, and a flip of the switch fire-place.  Thanks for putting my day into perspective.  Happy to hear you are safe. Your Daily Commenter, Kathleen 

  • Nora

    Dear Mastin!

    I’m so gald to read that you’re all okay. I follow the news and pray that people survive and I wish they had your attitude. You are so amazing for being this positive in a situation like this. We are lucky to have you! Keep safe!

    Much love to you all!

  • Hi Mastin,

    Your words really spoke to me today.  Gratitude, is such a healing medicine, but it’s something that I forget to practice all of the time.  I have my rituals for empowerment and action, but gratitude doesn’t always make the cut. 
    Thank you for reminding me that gratitude IS life!  You can’t fully embrace life without feeling grateful for what you already have, and we have so much.
    So today I am grateful for my mother.
    I am grateful for consciousness and the ability to feel love.
    I am grateful for my apartment and for a quiet space to think and exist.
    I am grateful for my friends and my family. 
    I am grateful for the breath that I breathe and the ability to come back to it anytime I need to. 

    I am grateful for you and your words.  Thank you. 

    with love, 


  • This shift of perception is so powerful!

  • Black Kameleon

    I cried myself to sleep last night with thoughts of the past and the pain of ‘not being supported’
    As always, you point me towards the silver lining and encourage me to change my perception and look past the pain.
    Between Christine, Danielle and yourself today, the tears of last night have been washed away with tears of gratitude and joy.
    for every person that has ‘disappointed’ me – there has been another that has stepped up and supported and loved me unconditionally.
    I am grateful to my sister who opened her home and allowed me to take anything and everything I needed to furnish mine. I am grateful to my mother who sent me an envelope stuffed with cash to pay my bills. I am grateful to my flatmate who stayed up till midnight and cleaned and arranged my kitchen with all my ‘new stuff’
    I am grateful to my friends that push and support me and make me look deep within, so that I can recognize my beauty and greatness.
    I am grateful to YOU, Mastin for being a CONSTANT source of support. DAILY. Knowing that I have a ‘friend’ to turn to in my darkest and lightest hour

  • Cindyd45

    I feel the same way! Pre- Sandy I was so focused on other miscellaneous crap that is so small. Post-Sandy, I also feel a renewed sense of gratitude and of being supported by the Universe. To this I simply say, Thank You!!

  • Yo Gi

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences of shifts with us! So nice that you saw the difference when your thoughts moved to thoughts of “service and gratitude” and would share that very special and significant awareness with us. I wish this would be the same for more people in the city at this time. I find myself flooded with compassion and in prayer for NY and NJ and for those who need their neighbours, friends, coworkers, relatives, strangers to just reach out a hand to let them know all will be ok. I truly believe, there is a lesson to learn in every event in our lives and in events such as the Hurricane which affected entire states. It’s a collective lesson  of Love which apparently we needed as a ppl. Let’s all pray that we’ll all learn our lessons well from this event as you have so beautifully demonstrated in your lovely writing here. Your being here was certainly not by chance. You have such a lovely role of sharing your heart openings with everyone in order to open theirs. May God bless you as you continue your important God given assignment. xo