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Recharge! Give Yourself A Break!

Robin Lee burgandy102411How many of us go through intense change and keep expecting ourselves to function on the same level as before the change occurred?

How many have had a baby, gone through divorce, illness, a loved ones death, or financial stress — and expected to be able to function on overdrive?

I invite you all to step back for a moment today and take a big deep breath and give yourself permission to rest and unplug for five minutes. Instead of saying over and again how stressed you are, step back and allow yourself to deep breathe. You may think that five minutes doesn’t make a difference, that you need to take a week long vacation to rejuvenate. I have some cool news for you. If you take five minutes for yourself three times a day, over time, it will make a tremendous impact on your overall state of health and mind.

This blog is being inspired as I worked with a woman yesterday who wanted me to “help fix” her anxiety. She had been a nervous wreck — exhausted and battling insomnia for a few months. The body doesn’t just feel like this for no reason. She kept telling me that she needed to find out what was wrong with her and wanted me to help her fix it. As I began speaking to her and listening to the last year of her life, I found myself in awe that she couldn’t figure out why she felt the way she did.

A year and a half ago she got divorced, her oldest child went away to college — and about 6 months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only was she diagnosed with cancer — she is currently in treatment for cancer AND working full-time. She was coming to me for insight about helping find out “what was wrong with her.” All I could think was she was so fortunate she wasn’t more out of balance!

I am a Medical Intuitive and am often given little flashes or visions of what people’s childhoods were like and the stresses/traumas that have been internalized that create belief systems that need to be transformed. I asked her if she ever felt pressured by her dad. She burst into tears as she said he would always tell her that people who sat around were lazy and he had no respect for them. He would tell her that when she would say something was hard he would just tell her to deal with it.

Working with her my eyes filled with tears. I could feel her pain inside. I asked for insight on how to best support her and felt inspired to gently tell her the following: “You must find the courage to give yourself permission to rest and allow your body to heal. You have to define for yourself what resting means. When you give to everyone and never stop, even the most incredible battery will eventually fade.” She spent the rest of the session in tears. I shared with her that just one of those changes in her life would be enough to create anxiety and tension, but all of them together was incredibly overwhelming to her body. It was now time to embrace that she mattered and needed to take some time for herself.

I have been thinking of her often since our time shared together. I work with so many people battling health issues and struggling to find joy in their lives. One of the first things I share with people is the importance of giving oneself permission to rest so the body can rejuvenate. The body has the ability to heal on its own, but it needs a battery supply to be able to do so. We don’t expect our laptop to charge on its own day-after-day, why do we expect ourselves to?

Emails. Phone calls. Texts. To-Do lists. Does it ever seem like there is a constant tap on the shoulder for your attention? Pressure here. Pressure there. Pressure everywhere. Do you ever feel like your nerves feel fried beyond imagination? Do you feel the battery inside of you just being drained?

Let’s take a moment today to stop and acknowledge how far we have come in our lives. Each day we have lived, learned, made choices, and had a variety of experiences. Sometimes these experiences have created incredible joy and sometimes they have created intense sorrow.

Let’s take a moment today to stop pushing ourselves and instead embrace the idea that maybe, for just one moment, we need to focus on all that we have done and all that our body has supported us to do. Let’s give ourselves five minutes, take some breaths, and give ourselves a few minutes to rest. Just for one moment declare out-loud, “I give myself permission to rest.”

Resting doesn’t mean that we are lazy. Allowing ourselves to rest means that we acknowledge we are human, have needs, are affected by situations and people around us. Giving ourselves permission to rest is a way of taking responsibility for ourselves.

Let’s take a moment today to declare that we must choose to make ourselves a priority if we want to enjoy this beautiful life we were given to live — and help our bodies stay balanced and healthy. If we don’t take the time our bodies need to rejuvenate and rest — our bodies have a funny way of making sure that one day we will.

In closing, I wanted to tell you — I heard from that client I mentioned today. She decided to give notice at her job and apply for disability. Gratefully, she is on her road to recovery and healing!

Sending huge love and hugs to every one of you reading this who forget to give yourselves a break.
Here’s to a gentle reminder.

In Health and Love,
Robin Lee

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Robin Lee is a Medical Intuitive and Healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.