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Rediscover your feminine

OMG! It’s Daily Love TV day.

Today’s topic is red hot. It might be confronting.

It might make you angry. It make you happy. I might make you think. Either way, my hope is that you come to today’s topic with an open mind. And if you find yourself getting mad, triggered or in anyway offended – try to keep a child’s mind. A new mind. The topic: reclaiming your feminine.

This is for men and women. Gay and straight.

There’s SO much confusion around this topic and it’s messing up the love lives of millions of people all over the world.

Get clear.

In the comments in below please let me know how you are going to reclaim your feminine.

And please keep it classy in the comments. Remember, we are here for growth. And growth requires a new perspective. OK!   Have a great day!

And remember, take action and make it real!

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P.S. Take what resonates in this blog and leave the rest.

[Begin Transcript]

Mastin: Hey and welcome to Daily Love TV. I’m your host Mastin Kipp Founder of and you may have remember a couple of months ago we had our Dear friend Dylan on who, well he didn’t give the best advice. So he has been doing the training and we wanted to invite him back onto Daily Love TV to talk about our topic today which is all about the confusion between masculine and feminine roles in our society so I would like to welcome Dylan. Dylan come on in man take it away.

Dylan: Thank you. Well I’m happy to be back, thank you Mastin.  Well this week I want to clear up some confusion about the masculine vs feminine. From a guy’s perspective, you know, often times we have this confusion of why am I not attracting my soul mate? Why is this woman that I want she’s not in my life? Well I have this tip for you men and a big tip is have her pay a dinner, give her the check. Show her that’s ok for her to pay. And really just sit back and you know, let her come to you.

Mastin: You have a long way to go my friend, a long way to go.

Dylan: What do you mean?

Mastin: That’s just, we’ll talk later again my friend. Well talk, ok?

Dylan: Sure.

Mastin: That advice, that’s not what I told you to say.

Dylan: Sure.

Mastin: Yeah, that’s why it’s not working. You know what I mean? That’s what I’m saying right?

Ok, let’s go to it. Let go to it? Who says that?

Mastin: Hey this is Mastin Kipp Founder of The Daily Love, and welcome to The Daily Love TV. Today I would like to talk about a topic that has a lot of confusion. You know I’ve done events ALL over the world from Bali, to Sydney Australia, to London England, to Hamburg Germany, in New York, Miami, LA, Vancouver all over the world. And this topic has equal confusion everywhere I go. Now before I dive into today’s topic, I just want to invite you to come with this content, come at this information with a child’s mind a new mind. You may have heard certain stuff around this topic before. What I say may trigger you or it might upset you if it does, just notice that, because there actually could be a really powerful lesson in that. So what I want to talk about today is the role of the Mas vs the role of the Fem. Now when we hear masculine and feminine we tend to think that those are genders like male and female, that’s not actually true. A male person like me, who is a male, has both masculine and fem energy inside of them inside us. Same thing is true for women or female. Women have masculine and feminine energy. And so what I want to talk about today is mostly for feminine people, not just women but anyone who is in the feminine, which is this sort of trend that I’m seeing and the trend is this; You’re look for your soul mate, You’re look for romance, and for some reason you either can’t seem to keep a mas partner.

Or if you are in a relationship with a masculine partner you don’t respect the masculine partner. And in many ways, maybe you’re roommates, maybe its passionless, there’s no sex, there’s no connection, no intimacy, and you kind of just occupy the same space. I’ve seen this trend, now this trend applies not only to straight relationships but to gay, and lesbian, and bi relationships so it doesn’t discriminate against your sexual preference, but there is a reason why this happens and it’s basically a lack of polarity. “A Lack of Polarity.”  What what does this mean? Its means that we have to have both masculine and feminine energies, and when you have both the masculine and feminine those opposites attract it creates friction. It creates that sense of intimacy and passion that we yearn for in a relationship. And here’s what’s happened we have a whole generation of feminine folks who have been raised on to not rely on the masculine, not count on the masculine, to not trust the masculine and to do it themselves. And many of these people are women and they have done a great job of becoming very successful in the workplace, maybe they are high 5 or 6 figure maybe 7 figure earners, they are rocking their own business, they are making it happen, financially they are crushing it they are doing a great job but when they get home at night and they put their pillow on their bed that little girl comes out and she is like “Where’s mine? Where is my guy? Where is my presence?” right? And not like presents, as like gifts, but like physical presence of the masculine. And then this continues. And then we have folks who are in the same way, in the same feminine presence but they come home and they are in their relationship but it’s like roommates. It’s like passionless, they might as well be best friends, or co-occupying the same space. And why has this has happened? Here is why this has happened; we have had a lot of women become very powerful, which I am all for and which I believe the Dalai Lama was correct when he said “The World Will Be Save By The Western Woman.” I believe that to be 100% true, The Daily Love is read by 93% of women I am a huge fan of you know empowered women but here is the rub. An empowered woman is not a female acting like a male or acting like a masculine force. There is a time and a place to use masculine energy, to you know cut off emotion and make it happen, to drive through, to push through, to achieve, to go, that’s a masculine trait both men and women can do it. But here is the problem most women, if you have the Bell Curve, most women have a feminine core. That is on the inside they are feminine, they want that vulnerability, they have emotions, their ups and downs, their flowings, there is all kinds of movement internally with women. But what they’ve done is masked it. They put on a masculine mask, and are acting masculine both at work and in their relationships. So what’s happening basically instead of having a masculine and a feminine force, you have two masculine forces which repel each other. And so how do we go about unraveling this?

Well I want to tell you that an empowered woman, is a woman who understands the power of the feminine. (Click to tweet) We are scared of the feminine in our culture.  We are scared of the vulnerability.  We are scared of the compassion and the empathy because we equate it with weakness, but that’s not true. Renee Brown reminds us that when you lead with vulnerability it’s a very powerful thing. In fact not just in our personal lives, but also managers who lead with vulnerability who say “You know what? I have this problem, and I can’t figure it out on my own. Can you help me? Can you help me with this vulnerability?” get more stuff done, create better working environments, create better products and you know better outcomes. So here is my invitation today, look at your life and feel this idea of the masculine. The masculine is driving, the masculine is tension, the masculine is about achieving and that’s necessary in life we need that in you know when I’m here filming, doing Daily Love stuff I’m fully in my masculine. When you’re working, when you’re building your business or you’re going to that work. Whatever you’re doing you’re fully in the masculine, but if you’re a feminine being can you take time to switch so when you get home you step into more of a feminine role? Can you take 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour to take some time to decompress to let that feminine part of you back out, vulnerable part of you back out? Because here is the reality “We are attracted in a partner what we are NOT.” So the masculine is attracted to the feminine because the masculine is tense and the feminine is flowy and intuitive. When the masculine is so tense when they see that beautiful, passionate, empathetic, flowing feminine we are attracted to it. And the same thing is true with the feminine, the feminine is attracted to more masculine things and that’s what creates that passion.

So if you’re having a hard time you know, keeping the respect in the relationship, or you’re not respecting your partner, see if you can actually let them lead, see if you can actually let them open the door. This isn’t some 1950’s patriarchal B.S., it’s just that when the masculine partner opens the door literally the testosterone increases, the oxytocin increases in the feminine partner that creates biochemistry for passion right? We know that you can open the door, but it’s not about that. We know that you could pay for the meal, but it’s not really about that. It’s about getting back to our core, our dynamics. So if you’re a feminine person with all these masculine tendencies what could be some ways that you could allow yourself to slip back into the feminine? How could you lead with vulnerability? How could you lead with a little bit more compassion or empathy or tuition? Which are very powerful feminine traits.

Please let me know in the comments below how you’re going to embody more of the feminine and let it out so you can lead with the feminine, rather than always be with the masculine.

Also if this video has been inspiring please feel free to share it with family, friends, people that you care about to brighten their day. And also subscribe to us on YouTube so you get notified on our next update. As always here on Daily Love TV Take Action and Make It Real. I’ll see ya next time.

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