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Remedies For Discouragement

Being true to yourself is not always easy. For fear of not being accepted, we tailor our personality, mince our words, and carve our opinions to fit in. It takes courage to be real… and it takes stamina because if you want the best out of life, it will demand the best of you, time and time again.

When you choose to be real, there will likely be tough choices and 11th hour changes. There will be misunderstandings, uncomfortable silences, and sometimes, there will be isolation.

When do you feel like giving up? What discourages you, or tempts you to doubt that sweetness is on the way? Now, write down three remedies for discouragement… lunch with your best friend; a visit to church; dusting off your diplomas, re-reading a love letter, swimming twenty laps; warm soup eaten in silence.

My three most regularly practiced remedies for discouragement:
1. Call Candis. She will say something so country-wise and lovely that I’ll either laugh or cry, and either outcome is great.
2. Rose hip clay face masks, preferably Eminence. Sometimes exfoliating your face also takes the slough off your spirit.
3. Review my body of work (go back to grade school stories if I have to) and remember that I have an agent who’s waiting for me to deliver.
4. Bonus remedy: I read some Abraham Hicks. It’s the ultimate woo woo that is usually bang on with my cosmic sensibilities. The basic message: you are exactly where you are supposed to be and all is well. Have fun.

Now practice just one of your remedies this week to keep your stamina strong. A little preventive soul love is mighty powerful.




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