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Remember…We ALWAYS Have A Choice!

Robin Lee burgandy102411Every night on Facebook and Twitter I hold Gratitude Parties.

Oftentimes people will comment that they have nothing to be grateful for.

A few months back I was referred a client from a doctor. His patient was being tortured with an extreme case of depression. They had tried every type of medicine under the moon-and-back — and nothing seemed to work past three or four weeks. The doctor had read about my work on my website and “had a feeling” I could help her. I told him I would love to set up a session with her and see what I could find.

As we sat on the phone together, my heart sank listening to her story. I couldn’t help but wonder how she was still getting out of bed in the morning. As I listened to her through her tears, I asked her a simple question, “What makes you get out of bed in the morning?”

Her response was very profound. She said to me, “I don’t have a choice.”

We took a couple deep breaths together and I told her that we always have a choice. I told her that she could choose to never get out of bed again and have other people take care of her. She seemed perplexed by this thought.

I asked her to get a glass of water to sip on from the kitchen and come back to the phone. Often when I work I ask people to get up and move around or do something positive for themselves to help integrate change. Upon her return from the kitchen with her cup of water, she seemed kind of angry and stand off-ish.

I asked her to take a sip of water and asked her what she was feeling. She told me she put a lot of faith in our session and felt like she was getting ripped off. She was upset that I told her she always had a choice. She began raising her voice and told me that nobody would ever choose to live like she was and I was just another airy-fairy healer.

I took a few deep breaths, looked at the clock, and told her we had about a half hour left in our session. It seemed a little early to me that she was giving up as quickly as she was. I asked her if she wanted to end the session early or if she wanted to see what else we could come up with in our session. I said it “was her choice.” She said she wanted to continue with her session.

I invited her to consider that perhaps she wanted to get out of the bed in the morning so she could experience some beautiful things in her life. I shared with her that she could choose to stay laying around all day or she could choose to get up because there were things she was loving in her life and she didn’t want to miss out on them. I told her how inspired I was by her that she chose to get up even though she didn’t feel like it. I spoke to her a bit about the power of focusing on Gratitude and the gifts that we have in our lives. I asked her to make a list of things that she actually liked in her life. She grumbled and began making a list as we sat on the phone. I told her to keep working on the list. I asked her to write five things down every morning and night before she got out of or went to bed that was worth seeing/experiencing/having in her life that day. We spoke of making some easy dietary changes, adding in a couple of supplements, and working together every two weeks for two months so we could get some of these positive habits in place.

Before I would commit to having another session with her I told her I needed her to commit to texting or emailing me five times a day a simple affirmation. Her affirmation, ” I commit to make choices in my life that make me feel good. I deserve to feel good.” She agreed and we worked together for two months.

I hadn’t heard back from her for several weeks and I decided to send her an email because she had been on my mind. She was thrilled to hear from me and shared that the medication she was on seemed to “click”. She had kept consistent with the dietary changes, taking the supplements, and focusing on the five positive things morning and night. She said she was experiencing feeling excited about life quite often. I asked her what she felt was making the most difference. She said it was understanding that she had a choice. SO much had happened in her life that she didn’t want to have happen, she somehow forgot that how she dealt with what had happened was what was making her depressed. She kept feeling sorry for herself and focusing on what she didn’t want to have happen — even though it had already happened. She never realized that life just happens and what we do with it, how we perceive it, makes all the difference in our world. As she focused on the negative she kept recreating what she didn’t want to experience. She said that on her bathroom mirror was taped a little paper that said, “I commit to making choices in my life that make me feel good. I deserve to feel good.” She said everyday she looks into the mirror and states her affirmation with confidence. She told me she doesn’t know what will happen during her day, but what she does know is that she is committed to making the most out of it now.

It’s truly remarkable what a balanced diet, a few supplements, and a shift in perspective can do in ones life. I share this with you so that you may feel inspired with whatever you are going through in your life. Just because something happened that you didn’t like in your life doesn’t mean it has to continue to impact you in a negative way. Everything happens for a reason. It really does. When we focus on the blessings before us, the reasons things happen begin to reveal themselves. Do the best you can to take a deep breath, stand up tall, put your face to the sun, and look for something to be grateful for in every moment, in every situation. Gratitude truly does heal.

What three things are you most grateful for right now? I am most grateful for being able to listen to the Counting Crows as I write this blog, being able to see the purple flowers outside by the Buddha fountain, and happy guinea pigs eating their breakfast . 🙂

Have the most wonderful day today!

In Health and Love,



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