Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want!

Marie_Forleo_Photo-071912-288x300I’ve got an important question for you today.

Do you have a fear of success? Even if you don’t think so, stick with me for minute.

Do you ever feel ready to take it to the next level, and yet sometimes find yourself behaving in ways that directly conflict with what you say you want?

Maybe you dream of financial freedom and running a small business that will help you get there, but when it comes to pulling the trigger, you find yourself frozen in action.

Or maybe you dream of having the energy and confidence that comes from taking better care of your body, and yet you still eat crap food and never make time to work out.

If you suspect a limiting belief may be holding you back, pay close attention.

Because your beliefs drive your behavior.

It doesn’t matter how much you say you want success, if you believe somewhere deep inside that success equals some kind of pain (loss of freedom, loss of time with your family, loss of love, rejection, embarrassment, vulnerability or shame), you will NOT let yourself do what it takes to succeed.

The great news is – I’ve got your fix.

You’re about to learn a simple, yet highly effective, five-step process for reprogramming your subconscious mind so that your conscious goals are fully in alignment with your deeply held beliefs.

This work is life changing, so don’t miss it.

In the comments below I want to know-

Have you ever had a fear of success and overcome it? What exactly did you do?

What subconscious beliefs do you think may be getting in the way of your success and how can this process help you right now?

With love,


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  • This post is in such divine order because there have been moments when i have actually caught myself sabotaging myself if that makes sense. Its crazy. I find myself saying one thing and doing the complete opposite of what my intention was. I have been working on it including doing some EFT on it and the more i get in alignment with my true self the easier it gets. I really believe that there is power in knowing yourself because as soon as i was aware of what i was doing i was then able to change it.

  • Carlos Pineda

    One of the best videos I have seen so far, thank you!

  • Samantha

    Hi Marie. An issue I’m dealing with right now is eating disorder recovery. I had an eating disorder for a couple years that I have been recovering from since 2010 and in that process I have gained too much weight. This September I finally went to a nutritionist and am doing my best to truly eat healthy again, but sometimes I get too scared to eat perfectly in fear that my eating disorder will come back. I am so afraid of spiraling back into the negative thoughts and the feeling of never being skinny enough no matter how skinny I get. I understand that I have this fear, but I also don’t want to stay overweight and unhealthy because that’s not good for me either. Does anyone else struggle with this?  I feel like I keep trying and trying to eat healthy and then go on a mini- binge of some sort to sabotage my self. Help :/

    • Faith

      hi there! few thoughts….have you determined and worked through the underlying issue/fear that created the eating disorder?  If you fear it could come back then my guess is that it is still there.  Maybe you need to dig a little deeper?

      I feel you though as I have struggled with weight/body and food obsession for years.  Finding balance for me has been about clearing and healing the underlying issues…what is food, or lack of food aka the control, being used for? to deny feeling certain emotions? to attempt to fulfill certain unmet needs?   there are various reasons. To me balance is eating healthy nourishing food 80% of the time and allowing treats and flexibility the rest of the 20%.  So it is about letting go of the rigidity, not having anything completely off limits, allowing food to be pleasurable and at the same time showing your body love by making healthy choices most of the time.   For me, the whole thing was/is about self-love at its root.

      hope this helps some! =)

    • Sweinstein19

      Whoa, I can so relate to your comment Samantha and the thing that made me do a double-whoa is that my name is Samantha! Your comment actually  gave me insight as to my relationship with food. I too had an eating disorder in high school and I love to eat healthy but I too often sabotage my efforts. I know better so I beat myself up over it and wonder why I am doing this to myself. I finally have an answer. It is because I associate truly healthy eating with rigidity and in the throws of my disorder I was so rigid with my meals that I’m afraid of falling back into those same patterns. I eat junk to prove to myself that food doesn’t scare me anymore, but in that act I’m not doing my body any favors or feeling any real accomplishment in how far I’ve come. I think that recognizing the root of your self-sabotaging behavior is key and I think we both need to take the video above to heart and really do the work to finally release our negative associations with food. Cheers to the good fight and truly honoring our bodies!

  • Paloma

    Superlative video. Just brilliant, clear, concise, informative… Oh I love it so much when there is no endless fill-in waffle…. !

    Truly helpful, thank you both so much.


  • Amy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful video – its appeared at the perfect time. What fantastic insights and advice, this is definitely life changing for me, I can finally move fast a self-sabotaging pattern that has ruled my life. Thank you

  • Mark B

    This is great. My wife and I have just discovered Marie and she is a breath of fresh air.  I recently sold my stake in a business I built with two partners which just wasn’t making me happy, due to trust issues etc.

    I have been plagued with self-doubt and unworthiness for years, and I would sabotage relationships if people got too close to me.  I ask myself why? What is my fear? What am I afraid of? It comes down to trust, and people who have been put in positions of responsibility when I was a young boy but betrayed that trust, the result being severe emotional trauma for me.

    I met my (now) wife, who is amazing, and we are true soul mates. We are working on these issues, and this video is a fantastic start point as my subconscious is my biggest enemy at time.

    Look forward to learning and growing more.

    Thanks for this.

  • Stellalally

    Great TV today.  Cathy was amazing and I want to use her strategies in my life.  However, I think I’m going to need to watch this video clip a few more times.  Does Cathy have any books published?

  • Melissa

    Love this NLP stuff! Thank you!

  • Vaneszaf

    This is so perfect for me to come across this right now!  Thank you!   I am about to take on a 2nd acupuncture practice and I have been doubting myself with all the negative self critic chatter inside me.    My fear is getting in the way…. one of the fears I realized I have from watching the video, is that it will take time away from my kids.     How simple and awesome is that to  promise myself if this happens I will make a change if it does and not allow this to happen.   That has given me freedom and insight to move forward more trusting myself! 
    Many thanks ladies!!

  • Lesley

    I am seeing that behind my fear of success is the fear of losing love. I have this ridiculous idea of an all-consuming love with my beloved, and my concern is that being successful in my business and being consumed by my clients will kill the love! Plus now I’m also seeing there is probably something there around losing love from friends and family as my success grows. 

    What I am creating newly is success brings love 🙂
    Thank you!!!!