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See Through The Illusion – All Is Love!

hillarypikephotoIf you could choose to see love through all would you? Or would you want to hold onto anger?

Some people like to hold onto a little bit of anger around what someone did to them in the past, feeling this anger may somehow protect themselves from it happening again. A story is created of why they are the way that they are. It is almost as if the anger they feel gives them some sense of identity. The idea that if this had not happened to me, I would not be this way.

It doesn’t feel good to live in that story and hold onto the anger it represents.

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.” – Buddha

Love yourself enough to forgive and let go. Do not continue to tell yourself a story that only hurts you.

The darkness is only an unconscious illusion- the light of your consciousness awakens the darkness into light. Darkness cannot last in light. Constantly remind yourself that love is the only reality, all else is just an illusion.

Through love you become One and in Oneness you have all. Love for The Uni-verse and love for all of Its creations. It is that simple. Jesus said LOVE is the only commandment by which all laws are satisfied.

There is only love – keep shining it! Once you love all, you are one with all.

On some level some people cannot fully surrender to love, because they feel they do not deserve it. You deserve love!

You can always remind yourself that with the unconditional love of Spirit inside, you have all. You are automatically one with the Uni-verse. Loving unconditionally means staying in a space of love, no matter what someone is doing or saying back. When someone else is in a space that does not feel loving, it is even more reason to shine love on them. Don’t you wish that if you were in an angry or sad mood that someone would be kind and loving to you? Yes, other people feel the same way, too! Offer a gentle reminder that underneath this earthy illusion is pure love- this can be done with just a smile.

Just be light and love and only radiate light and love no matter how people around you are acting. Love and light are not reactive.

Throughout your days, ask yourself, “Am I operating out of Uni-versal, unconditional love?” If yes, great – if not, pray and meditate to receive its full presence with you before you do anything else. Love can be your constant companion. Love is the key to enlightenment and bliss. Feel the love for all – it is divine!

When you spread love, you spread truth. By sending love you honor all of The Divine’s creations by seeing them as they truly are.

Conditional love is love given with some expectation of return. Unconditional love is seeing the light in all, no matter what is happening. It is being filled with Uni-versal love in your heart and being.

You have the opportunity to learn directly from The Uni-verse and Its Spirit. Spirit will teach you unconditional love. Just ask.

So many people know the truth and can recite it on demand, but they don’t have love in their hearts. Without love, you have nothing. Love is the number one commandment from Jesus, yet it is rarely talked about.

Love is the key to all joy. Love unconditionally and feel love for the Uni-verse and others in your heart.

As a pure divine extension of Spirit, you deserve unconditional love. You have permission to be the love that you are. All good will come from your love. See love through every illusion. Relax and receive love and light into your body, as you float in spirit.

Love from India <3 <3 <3


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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and is a meditation instructor.  Follow her on twitter.