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See yourself and Keep GOING!!

Sunday was my birthday and instead of my usual morning meditation routine that I start with a prayer and then sit with closed eyes on my special cushion, I felt an inner calling to do something else. I was inwardly guided to sit directly in front of my mirror and look into my own eyes. I’ve done this before, but never for as long or as deeply as I did yesterday. I began with one of my favorite prayers, “Uni-verse support me in seeing myself the way you see me and seeing others the way you see them.” As I looked into my own eyes, there were first very ego-based thoughts about my outward appearance but once I began to sink into my prayer and look deeper, I experienced an unbelievable amount of compassion and unconditional love.

It was often tempting to look away, but the more that I stayed with myself, the more I began to see through the eyes of my soul. I saw myself incredibly connected to the Uni-verse and to everyone else. Although I was “alone” there was no loneliness present. And as I continued to look deeper, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being born and for my human experience. I saw that EVERYTHING I have gone through was absolutely necessary for the lessons I am here to learn. My heart opened even more as tears streamed down my face.

Giving me the gift of really seeing myself reminded me of how much I have grown in my awareness of the LOVE that we ALL are. I’ve been awake to being on a spiritual path for about 12 years now and there are things that have shifted inside of me that in the past I never thought I would be free of.

One of the many amazing gifts of the human experience is that we have EVERYTHING we need inside to transform any pain or suffering into love. Transformation is ALWAYS possible for everyone no matter what. Many of my clients and workshop participants come with deep hurts, traumas, fears or belief systems that they thought they could never expose, heal or be free of. They often express doubt that they could ever let go of what was holding them back. They are not sure the internal change they are longing for is possible. But I have seen in my own life and in the lives of thousands I’ve been blessed to witness that returning to the Love that we are is not only our birthright, it is our destiny. What stands in our way more than anything else is our fear that we won’t be able to drop our issues, limiting beliefs, and hurts.

But you absolutely can!! Often the biggest obstacle to transformation is not changing what we believe about being able to change.

My message to you today is that if you are longing for some kind of change in your life, KEEP GOING. No matter what has happened to you, transformation and healing is possible. Yes, even if there is something in your life that you think is so huge you can never break free of it, I promise that you can and you will. We all can heal even our most challenging issues as long as we have a clear intention and are willing to go through a transformational process.

We cannot go around the things we want to be different inside of us by only looking externally at what we want next or mentally analyzing ourselves to death. We cannot keep repressing or avoiding things by focusing on something or someone else, or numbing ourselves with addictions to food, drugs, work or any other distraction. So if you feel stuck or held back in anyway, ask yourself if you truly believe it is possible to transform your life from the inside out. If your answer is no, that is the main reason you feel stuck. If your answer is yes, then take another small step today on your personal growth path.

Sit down in front of your mirror and look into your own eyes. SEE YOURSELF the way the Uni-verse sees you: as whole, complete, enough, deserving and absolutely beautiful exactly the way you are.

Set clear intentions and be willing to face your deepest fears in service to your freedom. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear. It is allowing the fear to be there and moving forward anyway. And reach out for support. You don’t have to do everything on your own! Find resources, programs, communities, coaches, or workshops to help guide your way.

And transformation does not always occur in a moment, as growth is a process not an event. Sometimes you may feel like you are taking steps backwards, that does not mean change is not occurring. You may take ten steps forward and then eight steps back. But as long as you stay committed to your own personal transformation, the next time you will take eleven steps forward and only seven steps back. Whatever you do, just keep going. You will get to the other side. Believe in your true Self more than your perceived limitations. Transformation could be just around the corner. I believe in you. I believe in transformation. Do you?


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“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” – Unknown

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