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Seek Oneness First And All Else Will Be Added To You!

HillaryPike1 Full Side Portrait010512I received this from my father after he went through a very challenging human experience and then merged into oneness of Spirit. I found this message so inspirational that I wanted to share it with The Daily Love community. The message is similar to what I have been reading in A Course in Miracles, even though he has never read that book. I found this to be one of the most powerful enlightening pieces of writing I have ever read. In the moment I received it, I was not fully open. After a week of reading A Course In Miracles, Kundalini meditations and listening nonstop to Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now on YouTube, I now fully feel the truth in the words. Everything comes from Oneness. All the peace, love and joy you can imagine are in Oneness with being. Releasing the ego mind illusions and stepping into your truth. “God is ALL in all, in a very literal sense.” – A Course in Miracles. My father mostly used the word God but you can replace that with Uni-verse/Spirit/Being, whatever you connect with. He said:

“My identity as a human with the roller coaster life I have lived is gone. I have no identity other than the spirit I am. All of the experiences were just that, experiences. They have nothing to do with me as a spirit being.

Turn off the mind and worldly thoughts. Don’t pay attention to worldly drama. Let go and merge back into the spirit world where we are created and we live in eternity. Nothing else matters.

With the power of the creator flowing through us, we are in heaven on earth. What else matters? Will more money or possessions make this feeling any better? Does anything need to be added to this? The treasure is the spirit. Nothing can compare. We are reconnected to our spirit selves. We are reconnected to whom we truly are and are again feeling oneness with The Uni-verse, because we are one.

God wants us to seek him and his love as all there is. God does not answer prayers that are for his goodies, (material things). God knows that material things do not make us happy (my thought), so if we seek God for material benefit our prayers will be denied. God wants us to be one with him as a family and then he will gladly give us all the material things in the world if we don’t attach to the material things and don’t move from the oneness.

Remember in The Bible it says, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and then all things will be added to you.’ We can’t seek things from God. Seek God. Seek serenity first, success will naturally follow. Too many times we feel betrayed by God/Spirit for not answering our worldly prayers. God/Spirit is not our magic genies. Spirit knows our happiness only comes from connection to our source. The more we desire and seek outside of Spirit, the further we go from the Source.

Just trust in Spirit and only ask for oneness. All else will be added without us asking or even desiring it.

If you seek and desire material wealth, fame, a proud ego, all those bring ourselves is temporary highs followed by emptiness, if we disconnect from Spirit. If we are one with Spirit and we receive material wealth or fame, it won’t change us. We will use the material gain to help others and live a stress free dream life with all the thanks to God. We all want to see we are loved for us, not for what we can give. Once we know that then we gladly give. All success comes from serenity – oneness. Everything else is not real and won’t last no matter how much you do of it. That is the supreme message of this earth and even all religions. Seek oneness as the only goal.

The Spirit will guide you from there in all that you do, and we can only do well with the creator and knower of all guiding us.

This is the number one most important truth in the world. Please stay on your constant path to oneness. Only pray for that in deep meditation and you will break through. The only trick going forward is to stay in oneness even when the ego wants to take credit for all that you will create with Spirit. With the oneness, the Spirit will guide you in the right directions, so you will always know what to do and say. The right opportunities will appear like magic. We can shut off the mind and relax.

Go out and look at the sun and merge with the light. You will become light. Go with me into the light today and I will meet you there.”

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and is a meditation instructor.

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