Sell The Goat!

JUDITH LASATER, a wonderful yoga teacher and writer, tells a story about “selling the goat.”

It’s a metaphor for taking a step back and gaining perspective on your life when a situation is troublesome or stressful and it’d be helpful to see it with a new pair of eyes. She suggests, “selling the goat” – which simply means, to let go of your fixed, fearful hold on things and see the situation from a more accurate perspective.


I’m taking her idea one step further. To me, “the goat” represents not only our conditioned way of thinking about things and our habituated response from a negative, limited-view way of thinking, but also, it represents the multitude of distractions in our lives.

You know the ones…

Unsupportive friends. Negative lovers. Disrespectful agents. Toxic relationships. Two-timing partners. Mean managers. Horrible bosses.

These people are not helping or being supportive with where you want to go in life.

Sell it. Get rid of it. Recycle it. Cash it in. Pack your bags. Change your zip code.

Life is too short.

And the things that you are truly wanting are waiting to be experienced but you have to make room for them. That’s impossible if you keep tending to your nice little goat farm you’ve got going there.

We end up expending so much wasted energy on things (i.e. Drama!) that don’t hasten our growth. That don’t nurture our talent. That make us question and doubt ourselves. That make us feel unworthy and untalented. That support our incorrect belief that we don’t deserve any better.

When you get distracted by such energy-suckers, make this your new mantra:

“I don’t have that kind of time!”

We don’t, people. No one does.

So simply, effortlessly – Sell. The. Goat. And watch what will happen.

“We say we waste time. But really, we waste ourselves.”  – Alice Bloch

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Anthony Meindl is an award-winning writer/director/producer/teacher and Artistic Director of Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop – where the “right brain rules” – in Los Angeles and New York. He is endlessly inspired by his students’ fearless creativity and is tireless in discovering new ways to help us all get out of our own way a little bit more each day. He just finished writing/directing his first feature film, Birds of A Feather.

Twitter –  @AnthonyMeindl

  • Jrphillips75

    Damn! I needed this right now! I’m selling the goat as we speak because I don’t have time for this garbage!

  • Anthonymeindl

    Haha. Yes! Do it! It can be very liberating! Let me know what happens. 

  • Great article, Anthony! Totally relates to my life right now. I’m also in the process of selling the goat. Quitting a solid full-time office job to explore life? Yep. I’m on that crazy path, and no one can stop me (except maybe myself…dang it!) I was a theatre major in college, and when I finally got the lead in a community production, I had a blast. But did the empty feeling inside disappear as I thought it would when I got a lead part? What a shocker…..a big fat NO! I was just as insecure, jealous, and confused as before. But I was challenged, and THAT was the kicker. The challenge of trying something new, ANYTHING new, being afraid and kicking that fear in the patootie!

    I’ve used acting and other dreams as a “if I just did this, then I’d be happy.” Thing is, it’s up to ME to change my mindset. It’s up to ME to create the happiness I seek. It’s up to ME to be kinder to myself. Through that process, I can more fully love others and challenge myself to grow as a human being.
    Even taking the step to leave a mind-numbing, but solid-paying, job was a big one for me, and you know what, the universe immediately started showing signs that it was the right decision.

    I want to do anything and everything. At 25, I have no idea where to go from here, or what my true calling is. But I have realized that staying in a mumbo-jumbo of life unhappiness just because it’s “safe” will never work.
    Again, thanks for your insights, Anthony. You’ve inspired me tremendously. 🙂