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Send Your Thoughts On Vacation

Dana Curry“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ” ~Shakespeare

Yesterday, after listening to a bit of Esther Hicks, I wrote about the Law of Attraction, and its connection to emotions and thoughts:

We can watch with detachment our emotions like a guidance system. We also can listen (with detachment) to our thoughts, which are our vibration–the point of attraction.

If we want to attract something different in our lives, the place to start is by changing our thoughts! And, if we are having resistant thoughts, we can change them from resisting to allowing.

When I actually listen to my thoughts and believe them–especially when they are negative or self-critical, or they have to do with my past or worry about my future . . . they get bigger, and BIGGER, and BIGGER . . . until I feel like they’re in charge of me, until they literally take over!

I have to remember that I am in charge of my own thoughts and beliefs, and my perceptions of the outside world are nothing more than projections of my inner experience–my fears, doubts, struggles, my own dark spots. Luckily, I’m learning that these are under my control. Whew!

I am learning to DETACH from my own thoughts and  OBSERVATIONS of the world around me; I’m trying to practice observing without attaching judgment or expectation about what I want something to look like, smell like, or act like. I’m taking my thoughts out of the driver’s seat ‘cuz sometimes it feels like MY THOUGHTS ARE THINKING ME! (and not the other way around).

“You are not your mind, your emotions or the circumstances of your life.

You are the peaceful observer of your mind and emotions

that allows life circumstances to pass through and around you

for your evolution to finally come to a place of total acceptance of all that is.

Only the peaceful observer remains after all else fades away.

Only the peaceful observer in total acceptance of what is

can take action towards effectively changing anything.

You are only this peaceful observer–

everything else is as fleeting as the blink of an eye,

choose happiness and don’t buy into it.”

– Jackson Kiddard


Our state of wellness is always available to us because we can choose pleasant feeling states; contentment and peace are our responsibility ‘cuz ultimately we choose our own thoughts, our own beliefs, and our interpretation of our own life events. If we are too busy focusing our time and energy on what is wrong, we may be putting our attention to the wrong stuff and drawing more of the yuck back to us (LAW OF ATTRACTION!).

When we choose to see the many incredible things that take place every day in our world across the world, our amazing relationships in our lives. And, when we choose to accept all THAT IS, we can be at peace.

Which brings me back to (of course! you guessed it!)


So, to get myself out of my brain and thoughts, I am going to meditate and begin a gratitude practice by silently saying thank you to all that is in my day–as if it the very best for me and I trust the Uni-verse.




Dana Lynne Curry, Ph.D., has been teaching middle school English (with no low bun) for over 23 years. She is a grateful writer, storyteller, teacher and student. Find Dana at funfreeME and on Twitter @funfreeMe1.