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Seriously, Celebrate Yourself!!

Do you celebrate yourself everyday, or do you dim that bright light of yours so you won’t blind anyone? Well, hopefully it’s not the latter. It’s not your fault if people forget to wear their sunglasses. In moments of toning down our brilliance or turning down our energetic volume to make others more comfortable, we decide to do this based purely on the mental movie we’re watching in our heads. The dialogue we entertain with our ego may go something like this:

“You shouldn’t get too dressed up because you don’t wanna make her jealous.”

“You shouldn’t talk about the promotion you just got because you don’t want him to think you didn’t deserve it.”

“You shouldn’t compliment your own body like that because you don’t want them to think you’re full of yourself.”

“You shouldn’t ask him for another favor because you should be able to do this project on your own.”

“You shouldn’t email, text or call her because she’s so busy and you’ll probably be bothering her.”

None of the above thoughts are empowering.  They instead create a limiting belief that you need to be less than what you intrinsically are to make others more comfortable. Not only does this kind of mind chatter prevent you from thriving on all levels, you’re also giving energy to the possibility that others aren’t able to celebrate themselves. Since we’re all reflections of each other, if you dim the light that shines from within you, the only light you’ll see from them will be just as muted. Borrrrrrrring!

Instead of making up head stories about what’s going on inside of everyone else, take the opportunity to inspire people to be an even better version of themselves. Every experience, opportunity or possibility that comes to you is purely from your energetic ability to manifest it. You most certainly deserve every ounce of amazinginess that you encounter. Limits exist only in your noggin.

My biggest lesson in “Self-Celebration 101” happened at the ripe age of 23.  My vision for guiding people through the trenches of impossibilities began when I became a Pilates Plus instructor and personal trainer. I’d been teaching for only a couple months before I was hired to train Ben Stiller on location in New York and Vancouver for the movie “A Night At The Museum” for three months.

I was excited to undertake what seemed like a massive project (he was my first private client), and I knew I’d get him in the best shape of his life. Instead of telling everyone in my life about this job with an ear-to-ear smile, I only told a few. I was worried that my peers would be jealous or doubt my ability as a new trainer. Those were all head stories that I created all on my own, and they muted my energy. I toned down the very thing that attracted the job to me.

I packed my bags and filled them with my work clothes: Lululemon threads and Nike kicks. I hopped on a plane and embarked on the next chapter of my life. I was ready for what I knew would change everything for me. I trained Ben for an hour just 5 or 6 days a week, so all of the other hours in the day consisted of whatever I wanted. I was thankful for the generous amount of alone time so I could experience myself in a whole new way. I was so used to being surrounded by a lot of people. I read some incredible books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and began to understand that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Working in New York City allowed me to walk everywhere (which I loved!) and I met some really incredible people. One very handsome young man, in particular, asked me out on a date and I said yes without considering our leveled height factor – we were both 5’10” without shoes. When I was getting ready for our night on the town I realized I’d be towering over him in my 4-inch heels. I didn’t have time to shop for a pair of dressy flats, so out the door in stilettos I went. We had an amazing time and he didn’t mention the height difference once, until my subconscious head story changed my demeanor. We were standing before each other on the subway and I started to lower my height to be more eye level with him. He smiled, grabbed my shoulders and pulled my entire being straight up while he said, “don’t EVER slouch for anyone.” That moment changed everything for me.

At the end of the three months that I spent sculpting Ben Stiller’s body, we were having dinner in Vancouver with some of the crew and cast members. Everyone was engaged in a conversation with someone sitting close to them, but Ben decided to make an announcement and called for the attention of the entire table. He went on to say how fun it had been filming this movie and that he was thankful for everyone’s hard work. Then he said, “and Jenna, you’ve gotten me in the best shape of my life.” My heart smiled in that moment.

Believe in yourself, have your mind be attached to no outcome, keep your heart open and remember that your ONLY obligation is to keep being the best version of YOU at any given moment.  Wear your tallest shoes. Let your singing voice be heard. Paint the town any color you want. Flirt with life. You don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. Be amazing and love every square inch of yourself. ♥

Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is the CEO of company Mission Possible™. Her mission is to guide people towards what is possible with a positive mindset and Self Love. Follow her on Twitter and be inspired!