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Single: Got The Holiday Blues?

The holidays can be a bittersweet time for many folks, especially singles.

We live in a world that is forever preaching to us to be upbeat, optimistic and have positive thoughts.

I disagree.

Some times we have to allow ourselves to simply feel what we are feeling.

To deny, ignore, or suppress our true feelings doesn’t make these feelings go away and can actually make us sick on some level.

Here’s what I do when I am experiencing negative emotions.

First, identify the feeling. Is it sadness? anger? resentment? disappointment?

Then I give myself full permission, for 3 minutes, to completely dive into my thoughts and feelings and I do my best to stay totally focused on the emotion. (no happy thoughts allowed!)

Next, I take out my journal and write down in detail my experience, including a description of my expectations that aren’t currently being met.

I then check to see if there are any other feelings bubbling up that are asking to be felt, and if so, I repeat the process.

Finally, I make a gratitude list of all the things, large and small, that I am grateful for.
My list often begins with items such as:

“I am grateful for the fresh air I have to breath and clean water to drink.”

During this exercise, truly allow yourself to feel the depth of your gratitude.

Next week I will share with you a proven process to create a magical 2012 to magnetize new love into your life.

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