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So you say you can create reality, huh?

I know that The Daily Love is an international publication and blog. But, here in the US tomorrow is an important day – it’s Election Day.

I consciously keep my political views off of TDL because this is a platform that is not about that. This platform is about personal growth, Love and spirituality.

There’s a great big BUT though. While I will not discuss my political beliefs here, there is something that is over a Love-based, personal growth and spiritual nature that relates to the political conversation.

And that is this… It is folks like us who read TDL and are dedicated to a personal growth path that are helping to transform the world. We are transforming the business world with conscious capitalism; we are transforming the food industry with more awareness around what’s healthy to eat and kind treatment of animals; we are transforming the health and wellness space by connecting body, mind and soul; we are transforming our personal and intimate relationships and realizing that they are containers for our growth – and yet we tend to believe that politics is something that we can’t touch.

I’ve heard it all. Some people say that the candidates aren’t loving enough, and if they were more loving, they would care. Or I’ve heard people say that the system is broken and so there’s no point. I’ve heard people say that they feel like they don’t matter, so what’s the point.

And it all sums up to me to hear that what people are basically saying when it comes to politics (which effects our food, our business, our health, our relationships and every area of our life) is that for whatever reason (insert the reason HERE), it’s too hard, too painful and perhaps not spiritual enough to engage.

And this really turns my stomach upside down. I don’t care who you support. I don’t care what you believe. But what I do care about is that you PARTICIPATE.

It is exactly those of us who are on this path that MUST engage so that we transform this area of life as well. We have created a “conscious capitalism” movement. We have created a health and wellness movement. We have created a relationship movement. We have created a food revolution.


Politics is next.


We need inspired leaders. We need Love-based principles where people and our inalienable rights come before profit. We need leadership that understands that we are not only a United States, but rapidly becoming a united world. We need YOU to stand up and fight for this. Yes, fight. Because some things aren’t going to come easy.

If you are on the spiritual path and care about what you put in your body, how you make a living that is on purpose, if you meditate, if you do yoga, if you are into personal growth on every level and want to turn away from politics – then this is your new spiritual practice.


Tomorrow is a big day. Get out, vote, engage and let your voice be heard.


And if you REALLY want to be a part of the new conversation join Marianne Williamson, me and bunch of other people November 11th and 12th in L.A. or on Livestream at Sister Giant.

If you believe that you create your own reality, then are you ready to apply it to the hardest part of reality for many of us to engage in?

As always, the action happens in the comments below. Leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!

Join us!