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So you say you have FAITH, huh?

We don’t always know what’s going to unfold next. In fact, we never REALLY know what’s going to happen next. Every human being on the planet has a need for certainty in their lives. If we didn’t have some degree of certainty that our water would turn on when we need it, or that our car will work when we need it, or that our money will be in our bank account when we need it, things can go crazy. Life – to be sustainable – needs some degree of certainty.

But, too much certainty can stunt our growth.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. As TDL grows, in order for us to keep growing and innovating, I have to take risks. And that is scary because my deep fear is that I will mess up or destroy what has been built so far. And that fear has held me back a lot, not just with TDL, but my life in general.

As I progress and gain more experience and learn about the different needs we humans have, I’ve been pondering this concept of certainty and where do we REALLY get certainty from? The verse “Faith without works is dead” comes to mind. This short little sentence is packed with A LOT of wisdom.

First, there is that very important and sometimes misunderstood word – FAITH. Faith in what? Well, this proverb comes from the Christian teaching, but I would like to expand it, slightly, here: Faith in anything that is a higher power. That could be an idea that is greater than you, or an inspired vision, The Uni-verse, or in yourself. We have to have Faith. Another word for Faith is Trust.

The byproduct of Faith and Trust is what? You guessed it – certainty. Bang.

All of a sudden this frees us up. It frees me up. Instead of getting certainty from what we think the outcome will be, or that we will get it perfectly perfect, we can have Faith in ourselves, in an idea, in a cause or in The Uni-verse and TRUST that we are being guided to the perfect solution and outcome. Faith isn’t a religious concept. It’s something that helps us step outside of our comfort zones and GROW.

Without that avid and passionate Faith and Trust in ourselves, in The Uni-verse, cause or vision – we are stagnant. Faith and Trust help us create a better life. It gives us hope that the future will be better than the present and that we CAN create it, no matter what our current circumstance is.

But – the other part of the proverb is “works”. Faith without “works” is dead. That means that just having Faith isn’t enough. And if you think about it, if we don’t act on our Faith and our Trust, then it’s safe to say that we don’t really have Faith in the first place. It can only be Faith and Trust if we don’t know the outcome and ACT anyway. Our actions PROVE that we have Faith and Trust. Otherwise, it’s just a mental construct.

One other thing… I believe the reverse of this proverb is also true. “Works without Faith is dead.” If all our action is based in fear and scarcity consciousness, we are not setting ourselves up for an awesome outcome. Just doing isn’t enough either. We must BELIEVE in something – ourselves, an idea, a cause or The Uni-verse. That belief in something greater than our fear helps put us on a magical kind of Path that begins to be FILLED with synchronicity.

Faith without works is dead – so let’s get busy acting on what we believe in and get certainty from our Faith that we are being guided perfectly.

Works without Faith is dead – let us no longer run the rat race. Let us put our actions towards something meaningful rather than just chasing our tails.

So – where can you have more Faith today? AND – what action can you take based on that Faith? If you say you have Faith, how can you prove it to yourself? Let me know, leave a comment on the BLOG and let’s discuss!

Love & trust,


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