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So You Say You Want A Soulmate? Read This First!

I’m writing this blog on Saturday morning – you will be getting this blog on Sunday. Last night was the opening evening of Marianne Williamson’s awesome workshop called “The Enchanted Love Workshop” here in Los Angeles!

I can’t believe that I get to learn about Love and Romance from Marianne. I consider her to be a living master and someone who is and has been one of the most influential people on the planet when it comes to bringing Love and transformation to the planet.

Last night, Marianne opened with a discussion about Love and Romance from the perspective of “A Course In Miracles“.

One of the interesting things that Marianne talked about was this idea that relationships are assignments for spiritual growth for both partners. Which sounds nice and dandy – who wouldn’t want a “spiritual partner”? Doesn’t that sound nice? Yeah, I think it does, too.

Until we remember that growing spiritually means facing our darkness, our shadow and confronting parts of ourselves that we’d rather leave alone.

So another way to think about this is that your soulmate is going to bring all your crap to the surface, and so will you for them. It’s actually a gnarly thing to have a soulmate. People don’t live happily ever after without spiritual growth.

Marianne talked last night about how “Love brings up anything that is unlike itself – which means that in romantic partnership, part of the deal is that anything or any part of you that isn’t “loving”. So that means all the anger, all the sadness, all the wounds will come up. And the idea is that in a spiritual/soulmate situation, they don’t come up so that you judge them or that you make that part of yourself or your partner wrong; instead, we begin to love that part of ourselves and our partner just the way that it is. Understanding that it is by accepting, loving and embrace our darkside and the darkside of our partner that we come closer to Love.

Marianne also said something else that I haven’t fully processed yet, but I am spending a lot of time thinking about, which is that when we first fall in Love and experience the ecstasy and the joy that comes with that, is that we experience temporary “enlightenment”. It’s not that we are temporarily crazy, but instead that we are temporarily sane. And we get caught up because we think that it’s the other person’s job to meet all our needs how WE see fit, instead of taking our eyes off just the other person and realizing that the true source of our Happiness is The Uni-verse.

Instead of thinking that what we felt, the joy, the elation, the sense of happiness was a temporary thing, Marianne says that it’s a temporary gift from The Uni-verse showing us what is possible with spiritual growth. It’s almost like The Uni-verse is giving us a feeling place reference point, so that we know it’s possible, especially if we have never felt that kind of elation before.

The goal is not to replace or make the other person The Uni-verse. No one can Love us as perfectly as The Uni-verse does and to expect that from someone else is a setup for disaster.

There was so much that she covered in such a short amount of time, I wish I could cover it all in this blog. But there is one more thing I want to write about.

Marianne said that when we are looking to others to fill us up with Love instead of remembering our source, which is The Uni-verse, that we “accumulate hunger for the Love that we are not giving”. This is a big one. When we look out into the world with resentment or the feeling that I am not enough and that my needs are not going to be met, we tend to see what is missing.

What if it were the case that the reason that you see what’s missing is because it is your job to bring what you see is missing from the world – to the world? What if that’s why you see things missing? Because you have a gift and that gift needs to be given to the world. Where the world’s need and your gift meet – there lays your success.

Where can you give your gift and can you give yourself the Love you need to let your darkness come up to be understood and Loved? And can you hold that space for others that you Love? Let me know, send us an email [email protected] or feel free to leave a comment.



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