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So you say you want balance, huh?

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I was watching an awesome Tony Robbins video last week (love this man) and he said something pretty funny. He was talking about how most people’s idea of ‘balance’ is a flat-lined life. Not too many ups or downs. Just a good and balanced flat-lined life.

Tony goes on to say that if you’re in the hospital and you flat-line – that means you’re DEAD!

We are afraid to let life go up and down because we are scared of the ups and are TERRIFIED and will do almost ANYTHING to avoid the downswings in life.

BUT – this is what life is! A series of ups and downs. It will ALWAYS happen. No matter what. You could do nothing and life will still be awesome and sad sometimes.

Heck, even a broken watch is right twice a day.

So, if the waves of life are going to come, no matter what – what are we to do? We have three options. The first one is to fight the waves of change. Fight life. Fight The Uni-verse. Resist it. Not give in.

The other option is to not care. Just detach. Live a flat-lined life. Mostly apathetic.

The other option and the one I prefer is to learn how to SURF the waves.

If the waves of life are inevitable, why not learn to surf them? Sure – you might and probably will wipe out – but you can get back up. You see, failure is only truly failure if you give up – otherwise it’s just a result. And when you learn to surf, sure you can get pushed around and fall off. It’s just a HECK of a lot more fun than resisting the waves or not caring about them.

The energy of life is harnessed by working WITH life, not against. By understanding and riding the waves instead of cursing them.

This is the path of mastery.

So, where in your life are you either resisting what is, or playing it cool and not caring? Do you have what it takes to dive in and learn how to surf? Are you willing to fall off a thousand times and get up back 1,001 times? Are you willing to love and risk your heart being broken again, instead of shutting it down forever? As always, the action happens in the comments below; leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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