So you say you want balance, huh?

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I was watching an awesome Tony Robbins video last week (love this man) and he said something pretty funny. He was talking about how most people’s idea of ‘balance’ is a flat-lined life. Not too many ups or downs. Just a good and balanced flat-lined life.

Tony goes on to say that if you’re in the hospital and you flat-line – that means you’re DEAD!

We are afraid to let life go up and down because we are scared of the ups and are TERRIFIED and will do almost ANYTHING to avoid the downswings in life.

BUT – this is what life is! A series of ups and downs. It will ALWAYS happen. No matter what. You could do nothing and life will still be awesome and sad sometimes.

Heck, even a broken watch is right twice a day.

So, if the waves of life are going to come, no matter what – what are we to do? We have three options. The first one is to fight the waves of change. Fight life. Fight The Uni-verse. Resist it. Not give in.

The other option is to not care. Just detach. Live a flat-lined life. Mostly apathetic.

The other option and the one I prefer is to learn how to SURF the waves.

If the waves of life are inevitable, why not learn to surf them? Sure – you might and probably will wipe out – but you can get back up. You see, failure is only truly failure if you give up – otherwise it’s just a result. And when you learn to surf, sure you can get pushed around and fall off. It’s just a HECK of a lot more fun than resisting the waves or not caring about them.

The energy of life is harnessed by working WITH life, not against. By understanding and riding the waves instead of cursing them.

This is the path of mastery.

So, where in your life are you either resisting what is, or playing it cool and not caring? Do you have what it takes to dive in and learn how to surf? Are you willing to fall off a thousand times and get up back 1,001 times? Are you willing to love and risk your heart being broken again, instead of shutting it down forever? As always, the action happens in the comments below; leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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  • Dirish Shaktidas

    Interesting blog entry. For me its about Measure of balance. You can have balance but thats giving you 50/50. When you divide the pie and add Measure you have time for everything because you have distributed equally. I have riden the waves on the crazy oceans, fallen back and got back up again.. The more we can learn the lessons as quick as we can through our daily practice we can keep our head over water and surf with ease.. 

  • Maya Northen

    I love the line that in a hospital, if you flat line you’re dead. As someone who deals with a mood cycling condition, I actually find it much scarier when I feel flat lined- as you say, apathetic, detached, etc. It’s such a foreign feeling to me to not feel so much emotion. Perhaps it’s just because cycling is my “normal” way of life. While I wouldn’t wish that drastic of ups and downs on anyone, it’s nice to have the idea reconfirmed that you can have balance and still have ups and downs, highs and lows. Thanks for this post, as always! 

    • yes Maya! Up and down moods are normal! We are HUMAN after all!

  • Melanie

    Good morning! Great stuff, as usual Mastin.
    What comes to mind when you say “surf” is the notion of control.
    The tighter we hold onto life and try to control
    What is, the more likely we are to get off
    Balance and fall off our surf board. But, as
    In swimming, a cold learning to swim soon learns
    That the key to floating is not to flap your arms wildly, but to rather RELAX and let the
    Water carry you. Balance is not fighting what is; the good waves and the bad waves!

  • Mastin, I just LOVE waking up to your notes each day…big love and thanks! AND this post really spoke to me. I feel in my cells that something big is coming for my business…but I am finding myself retreating behind the computer, cancelling networking events, even being fearful of any future planning.  It’s so much easier that way, but each day, I push through in little ways to “surf” the waves” and break free from the fear.  Step by step knowing that the Uni-verse has my back. 

  • Taraleigh

    Mastin…I’m not sure that you know this, but you are in my bed with me each morning.  I start each day with a joy party in my bed.  I listen and sing to songs, watch funny youtube videos, do morning pages, write in my gratitude journal, jump on my bed , meditate, listen to the audio version of your daily blogs and then dance and make the bed.  

    I love today’s analogy of surfing the wave of life and how we might fall off and face plant into a wave, but as long as we get back on we are never losing.  I invited my friends to virtually surf the wave of life with me.  Another part that stuck out to me was that a broken watch still gets the time right twice a day.  So true.  I used to be a broken watch.

    I recently changed the direction of my business.  I changed surfboards.  This board I’m on now is bright and sparkly and so much easier for me to balance on.  I have lots of people joy surfing right along with me.  I still fall off sometimes, but that part is kind fun in it’s own way too.  I have myself and all my friends around to make sure I don’t drown.  

    Thank you for joining me in my bed.  Love you!!!

    Love and light,


  • Kathleen Chelquist

    I am resisting just how powerful I am. How powerful we ALL are. Marianne Williamson writes it perfectly, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  This would have been just words for me if I hadn’t experienced first-hand what being BIG and POWERFUL really is through my mentor, Cinnamon Lofton. I am an AVID watcher of Super Soul Sunday. I know the difference between the talk and the walk. I have been given this example through Cinnamon, and I know I am responsible to carry the torch. My blog is about MY WALK. My husband reminds me that most people (including him) are not going to get it. My addiction to being understood and validated-still looms. Often, I feel I am on an island who sees the rescue ship not visible to the human eye. I can look crazy. I know I am saner than most.  Can I really be as BIG as I know Cinnamon is?  The answer is “Yes!”  She is my face in the mirror who has come to remind me of who I REALLY am. Who WE ALL REALLY ARE:100% LOVE. Marianne once mentioned on the Oprah Show that it will be a very small group of people who are doing this EXTREME work. Not easy to be uncommon. I remind myself of a poem I copied, framed on my desk,” I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”  Robert Frost 

  • Love the watch joke! Wonderful image: ride the wave. Love it!

  • I loved thin

  • Tilldog23

    Superb! One of the greatest compliments I ever receive is that I always appear happy. I know that my conditions are not always great, but if I appear to always be happy, I’m doing something to not mind what happens and ride the wave. Seeing everything as a gift and working to not judge anything as good or bad is the key!

  • Xueyinggan

    Willing to love and risk your heart is like swimming across the river fill with crocodiles. 

  • Aldys

    This reminds to keep pushing.! You will always encounter resistance but you just have to push through that bitch!!!!!!

  • Survivor2012

    I wish I could say I read this blog and had that light bulb moment that helped me to change my thinking. I love what you say here, but find it so difficult to live it–be it, daily. I’ve had a series of unfortunate experiences in the past few years (losing a very close loved one, a break-up with someone I love dearly -now twice, and a cancer diagnosis). Growing up and even up until a year or so ago, I developed a belief that if you are a good person, try to be kind and good to others, that you would have a good life without much strife. I could not have been more wrong. As I went through each of the down swings I mentioned earlier– the most recent being a break-up–it challenged that long held belief for me. Right now I’m at this point where I’m finding it difficult to learn how to enjoy and appreciate life knowing that something bad can potentially always happen. That makes me feel so unsettled and frankly makes me sad. I read this and see that I am the person who wants the “flat-line” type of life with out all the ups and downs, frankly because I don’t feel I handle them very well. And while I know that is no life at all, I can’t help but feel anxious considering the alternative. :-/ I do, however, continue to try to look to the future with less fear and trust that God will see me through this roller-coaster that is my life. Though, some days I admit, it is more challenging that others.